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questions and help requested
11:02:53 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Soul:


Oke i started this game 2 days ago i think
I am still in protection for 41 days = 60x41

I have read all the guides i can, i am now on the newbie world ^^.
I was just wondering a few things.

(made first city before reading guides so i had no clue homes will give me more peasants faster, correct me if this is wrong)

This is what i have in 30 hours or so, i know its not great or anything just showing my first time doing this.

I am using 3000 houses in the mining cities and as many mines as possible.
Same goes for the tree + farm city.

My next city is going to be 1000 houses and   5000 (first 1000) armories.

For some weird reason what ever i do i get a city of around 14000-15000 max.
my setup for my tree city is ( 3000 houses and then  1 farm per 3 woodcamps)

I screwed up on research(from top to botom 1/1/3/0/3/0).
I am playing human.

If you have any tips for me that i should know about please tell me thats why i am posting this.

I have a few questions:

1 I saw 1000 houses and 5000 armories give 50%

Does it give 50% discount and 50% faster because description does not say discount
(Lowers training time and makes you able to train more troops in your colony.)

what use does it have to have 15000 armories if 5000 will do the job,i think i am reading this totally wrong some clarification helps.

2 The stone to gold spell (lvl 4 i think) i saw if i use warehouses that i still think is a bit vague but thats just testing it out for me, how does that spell work thats what i am wondering.

3 Every unit costs 1 peasant right? (gaia if thats the unit does not i know that)

4 Like i explained before all my cities get 14000 can someone show me some pictures of setting up cities well for example 30000 and 50000 max.

5 A blocker city, i know what it does but what is in there i am wondering like how many magic towers and guard towers, i saw its personell preference but i have no clue how many i need (mostly magic towers) for crushing wall spell.

6 my moral has not gone down at all in my cities do caverns really do something?

thank you for reading this wall of text and thanks for the help,

I am trying to learn fast and as good as possible so i wont be a burden the a kingdom if i ever join one.

PS: is that 50 % rule not so easy to abuse if you know how to, just saying?

with my best wishes,


11:21:57 Jun 23rd 11 - Princess Aisha:

I havent played for couple of months but I will do my best to help :) here are some info you might want to learn;

You get small max amount of buildings most likely because you build close to something (forest, water, mountains), so when building try to find a place in the open where town can grow.

Ratio is 1-5, so 1k homes and 5k arms will give you may discount on training time, but will not make troops cheaper. You cant get cheaper troops, unless if admins change something in one of the next eras. If you have 1500 homes then you need 5500 armories to keep the discount. Having 7500 armories gives you full discount no matter what, so you can have 10k homes and 7.5k arms and it will still be max discount. Ratio is the same with resource buildings, 1-5

Stone to gold is casted to turn your stone to gold, from warehouses cause thats where all your stone would be, if you dont have warehouses then stone is distributed through all your cities, warehouses just keeps all resources at one place. Make sure your warehouses are somewhere deeep in your core, well defended city.

Yes, training means you train peasants to become soldiers, except Gaia.

Fourth question I explained, settle your cities somewhere in the walley, not close to resources like water, forest, mountain and other cities too... make sure town has enough space to expand!

For blocker cities, it really depends, from my experience its good to have armies, better then towers because when enemy comes you cant kill them with towers, armies are most important. Just have 2k towers in blocker to give you maximum line of sight, towers are important for magic protection and helps you cast magic too. Depending on how large is the city, but I would say having lots of homes its important cause you put your troops in blocker homes and dont have to pay upkeep for the armies.

Morale went down in cities? Do you mean production or morale? Dont know why morale would go down unless attacked by Orcs... You can always cast happyness on yourself if morale is low, but your morale shouldnt be low. Check that please.
Cavers dont help with morale, they help with mining, giving you mining bonus, more income, and having them in cities is good cause they provide protection against attack too.

11:31:11 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

Thanks and no moral did not go down i was just wondering what use the building has.
I know you get a bonus if your next to a resource i guess i need to build it further away and thanks for the help.

12:16:02 Jun 23rd 11 - Princess Aisha:

Oh I see, you said morale never went down, thats good... When morale is down I think production is not so good, troops with low morale are weaker, peasant growth is slower... So morale is important.
You mean Taverns, they keep mood up, its good to have some taverns in blockers if Orcs are attacking but you're right, Taverns are most useless building in the game, I never build them.

13:19:45 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

oke now making my armory hope it works out well, if this keeps up i will have a decent armory ready.

15:04:27 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

"Taverns are most useless building in the game, I never build them."

Not if you're human!

18:51:30 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

dont see the reason why humans are different or that was a joke.

19:09:36 Jun 23rd 11 - I am Legend:

Humans got an ability to do mobilize force. That ability lets a human player train his troops twice as fast. But the cost is that the morale of the city will lower.

So if you have taverns in your city and use mobilize force the morale wont drop or will drop really slow.

19:33:44 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

mmm but mobilize force will also kill some soldiers (whats the %?)

19:46:13 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Panic XII:

5%-ish... never actually calculated, but it never seemed that bad to me

19:59:19 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

Honestly, the speed bonus far outweighs the need to build some taverns and some losses, in my opinion. lol

and to build off what Legend says, even when it decays, if you turn off mobilize for a bit afterward, it'll bounce back faaaaaaaast, with taverns.

02:06:13 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

oke thanks any rec how many taverns go for **** homes 7500 armory?

02:13:33 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

some more questions if i do a blitz attack against someone and he does not
fight back at some point you have 2 times as many cities as him, then i cant
him anymore? (take over)

i can take over cities from other races right?

why are nazzies so powerful , 160/160 is much, now i need to look out for
regiments of orcs.

if want to create a city of 30k and i place it that way, it grows to the woods
and mines around it (that it was close against before)

will it get both the bonus or will i only get the biggest bonus?

02:37:38 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

I'm not exactly sure how the 50% protection worlds work, but I guess if he doesn't initiate an attack on any of your armies not already prepping, he might be safe, once you knock him to around half your land or less.

Yes, you can take towns from other races. 

Naz are powerful for one unit, but they also cost a fair penny for the stats they give. Awesome raid units and fast armies with them. So yes, never underestimate an orc army lightly. lol Drawback being that it takes a fair amount of time/plundering to get a decent army going with them. If not played right, orc can easily start lagging behind in power.

Yes, you'll get a bonus for both resources.

04:08:15 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

thanks again ^^.

by the way i have a city (armory)  1000 homes 7500 armories that are still building but for some reason the production does not go down, armories dont need 5 peasants per building then?

05:25:20 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

You'll get tax from the peasants, since it considers them employed, if you have five per armories. But no; armories, guard towers, warehouses, magic towers, and taverns all don't need peasants to keep production from dropping. 

That's why most will suggest not mixing up your armories and mines, in one town. So you can train in your armory/homes towns without fear of production drop. (low production makes your troops clump more towards the last days of training instead of more spread out)

05:39:05 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

thanks that helps a lot and making rainbow cities is never smart in any game :p

05:52:10 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

Well, it isn't a biggie if you mixed lumbermills, mines, and farms into one town, but yeah. :P

I just like to ramble; being ambiguous is a sin!

09:31:50 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

lol oh well you dont get the max out of your cities (most of them dont have 3 times a bonus^^)

15:05:13 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

Yup - but keep in mind. Your towns will get the bonus at certain sizes depending on how far it is from that resource. Though, once it gets to 90k size, it'll have all the bonuses no matter how far away it is from those resources. 

15:17:30 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

(by size, I mean building total, so over 78k buildings will do it)

^just in case the question comes up for small dwarven and elven towns. lol

16:33:36 Jun 24th 11 - Mr. Soul:

i made the mistake and build them to close 14400 oh well i am doing fine military wise.
and getting more cities wont be a big problem thoh 50% rule is gonna kill me most likely

06:26:29 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Soul:

Soul Hunter with 19685 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Soul...

Door is defended by 2 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. The city is also defended by 85100 peasants. And has 6220 guard stations.

Door has 1019 walls, which will increase our preparation time by 8 day(s).

Our strategists say that we currently have around 0% chance for a successful attack or 100% for a successful siege assault.

We have prepared 5 days for this attack. It will take another 12 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

will waiting reduce my losses or will it not?

06:50:42 Jun 27th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

It will increase your success, also the lower the dice rolls. the less troops you loss, So if u have a higher chance, the dice can roll in a wider arrange. So u can then win and loss a little

07:01:11 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Soul:

oke i get it now


07:02:51 Jun 27th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Put it this way, u want to attack at the highest percent if possible, its less losses.

07:39:54 Jun 27th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Zero % will get your army slaughtered. All you can do is seige, at the moment. Just keep that in mind. lol

16:45:47 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Soul:

ye first attack and lost 1000 units vs 0 and 2 towers how do you think that made me feel second attack i found out what i did wrong :P
even if i only get 70% i will just wait and let his peasants die.

Soul Hunter with 19685 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Soul...

Door is defended by 2 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. The city is also defended by 50953 peasants. And has 6900 guard stations.

Door has 1043 walls, which will increase our preparation time by 8 day(s).

Our strategists say that we currently have around 12% chance for a successful attack. The city is already under siege.

We have prepared 10 days for this attack. It will take another 7 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

19:17:57 Jun 28th 11 - Mr. Soul:

can someone explain me how moral works.
i know if you have 90% then your attack power will be around 90%

1 : if you have a army in a city and it has a moral of 100% and the city itself has 33 will it fight at 33  66 or 100?

2 : what will happen when moral gets to low because of a attack for example.
3 : does moral apply to guard towers?

20:22:27 Jun 28th 11 - Mr. Snoopy:

1: Soldiers inside a town (housed) will fight with the towns morale, those in an army, will fight at the armies morale.

2: Troops start deserting (the army starts to lose troops) Like when you're not able to pay the upkeep, your morale goes down until it reaches a point where they start deserting. 

3: I believe so, but you might want to get a second opinion on that. 

20:38:34 Jun 28th 11 - Mr. Soul:

4: how does moral decrease because i see some of my armies has 97% no battle even took place.

5: i got a 9 exp army right now if another army merges in that army
 will the exp be split or will it be 9 or 0.

20:55:08 Jun 28th 11 - Mr. Joe Cool:

4: Morale degrades naturally, while an army is moving on the field. Rate at which it degrades is based upon, a kingdom mate and I strongly believe, what tiers your army is made up of (higher tier, slower morale degradation)

5: I believe it halves it with merges. For transferring troops from a town into an army, I think it goes down by a small bit for every 1-10kish (been awhile, since I've dealt with Xp for advents though)

21:59:13 Jun 28th 11 - Mr. Soul:


19:17:06 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Soul:

i am wondering something, with swordmen i always got 0% attack then i do siege and then it increases even to 98%

with knights in my army the attack increases also even if i have not sieged the city can someone explain this to me? knights dont need siege to win?

19:29:16 Jun 29th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Nothing needs siege to win. Swordmen are weaker, there for need to prepare more. If you wait long enough and are strong enough the swords can take it without seige. The knights are stronger, so dont need to prep as much in order to get a good percent.

20:03:36 Jun 29th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Well, not completely true, Zond. 

When preparing on a town, not all of your army's OP is prepared on first tick. If you see "We have prepared 3 days for this attack. It will take another 7 days before our soldiers are fully prepared." it means 3/10ths(30%) of your OP is prepared so far (being counted for your % in winning and what will hit the enemy town) 

The more troops in your army, the more days of prep it'll need to prep all of its power, or you could say, the more it spreads out your power throughout a larger preptime.

Things that contribute to prep time are troop numbers, town size, and wall bonus. 

20:11:33 Jun 29th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

i didnt get to finish :p had to go. but u finished lol

21:07:16 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

From my experience Guard towers (GTs) are not affected by morale.

21:00:34 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Soul:

Combat spell :- Rain of Fire - kills troops and destroys lumbermills

is it worth going to magic 5 for it?

just to put it out there i have 20k mages how much damage would they do against a army of nazzies (3k) ?

lets just pretend its close enough that you will only lose 2-3% because of range.

23:19:00 Jul 2nd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Trying to remember max power for full effect, but rain of fire can kill up to 20% of the troops in one casting. 20k mages with magic five gives you 20k power exactly (.2 power per mu per magic level) and that should at least get you 10-15% deaths per a few castes. Would do some damage to some nazzies (and considering the cost of nazzies, it'd be ouchsome) But with rain of fire, you're not losing only such a small amount per cast though.

00:08:29 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

you're not losing only such a small amount per cast though.

so i lose a large amount of mages? (didn't get the sentence) per cast

00:14:50 Jul 3rd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Not a "huge" amount, but more than 2-3%, especially if it fails at all. Rain of fire ain't uber cheap, afterall. lol

Then again, 20% of an army taken out in one spell is considerable. 

00:20:00 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

oke i get it now

02:53:17 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

Taverne how does the morale increase thing work (how many do you need to make it effective (human)

03:30:34 Jul 3rd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Not something I've seen tested or tested myself yet, but I think town size, volume of spam, or a combination of factors, but I'd start with around 500 taverns and see how it works out. It won't stop decay from heavy spam for long durations, but it should make morale recovery rather quick when you stop for a few ticks

07:03:44 Jul 3rd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Note: by not tested, I mean I haven't gone in and tested exacts. I have tested that certain amounts of taverns counteract or lessen the decay.

11:48:11 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Soul:

oke thats good to hear.

12:21:25 Jul 4th 11 - Mr. Soul:

what is the minimal % so they dont revolt? morale

12:38:37 Jul 4th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Really, there is none. After you take a town from someone, there's a chance of it revolting for the next 1-15ish ticks is always there. High morale just means a lower chance, although I have seen a town revolt and over 80% morale.... somewhat of a freak occurrence for it to happen, but the chance is there. lol

You can prevent revolts by putting all pezz into training for so many ticks though. 
(99% sure)

13:01:00 Jul 4th 11 - Lady Venus Willia:

Yes, with no peasants in (due to training, you cannot take peasants out of cities with low morale), the city cannot revolt. Also I think Halfers cities rarely revolt, as a Halfer, I've only had a few cities (always peoples last city) revolt on me. While as orc, many revolted on me.

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