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returning cities
04:16:10 Mar 1st 10 - Mr. Basch:

Does the option still exist? or does it only work with original owners now? because another member of my kingdom took a city but then lost it, and then when I went to return the city, the option did not exist.

04:37:33 Mar 1st 10 - Ms. Cloud Strife:

If 'A' takes a city from 'B', then 'C' returns the city to 'B', 'D' can't return the city to 'A', as it has already been returned (to the original owner)

However, if 'A' takes a city from 'B', then 'C' takes the city for himself, 'D' can return the city to 'A'.

05:08:08 Mar 1st 10 - Mr. Basch:

nevermind. Forget it. I'm still just a bit rusty. What happened was knish took the city from chickenfries, but then chickenfries returned his own city back, making it so I had no option to return it to knish.

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