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scouts are Too Weak
17:51:13 May 20th 09 - Mr. Seth:

I constantly get a too weak to attack with a scout, this appears to make scouts totally useless for actually scouting.
Why is the single scout too weak? What is that compared against? The guardtowers? Walls, or troops, or all of the above.
How many troops should I send to make a decent scout? I dont want to have to send 100 out to do scouting, that seems wasteful

17:55:53 May 20th 09 - Mr. Luls:

18:02:27 May 20th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

usueally 5 lvl ones are able to scout out all cities. i tend to jsut send out 3 lvl 5s tho that works too or 5 lvl 3s

18:15:40 May 20th 09 - Mr. Seth:

What is it basing on though?

18:17:18 May 20th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

dunno all i know is that one or two lvl 1 troops are too weak to attack

18:21:30 May 20th 09 - Mr. Fuzz:

well cause they are but what i think he is saying is that they are to weak to see what is in the city as in troops so all he really needs is 2-3 lvl 1 troops but have a military science of level 5 that is your best bet

11:07:43 Jun 7th 09 - Mr. Billieboy:

If I'm not misstaken it's a comparision of their DP compared to your OP. So all troops, peasents, gt and walls - everything is counted.

02:25:46 Jul 6th 09 - Mr. Flamez:

Love the Waaaambulance lol, and ty guys, i learned something =)

21:14:25 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny II:

i don't think scouts are too weak, i took a city with 3 warlords.  Also, if you realy want to see what is inside a city, just EITS it or have an elf do it for you.

21:22:01 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Sandoran:

or you're a halfer, and your basic scout has no op, since it's only a farmer :)

00:56:14 Jul 13th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny II:

true, but it is also invisible so you can get through places much easier though you can't prep on cities.

03:11:54 Jul 13th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

i loooove invisible scouts, they make me happy :)

04:22:21 Jul 13th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny II:

i remember this one suggestion that was if you captured a city of another race you could train the troops of that race, invisable Nazzi scouts scare me!!!

05:37:23 Jul 13th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

hehe i wish zeta'd implement that :)

03:15:06 Jul 20th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

Yeah, it seems like a good enough idea... I mean, if you have all the enemies weapons, tools, and tactic plans why can't you train their troops? ^^

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