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take an era off
06:37:31 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Mad Maxx:

i want to take an era off, but i'd like to keep my account...can somebody tell what the best thing to do is...thanks

06:46:49 Feb 3rd 09 - Demonslayer John Berkeley:

...start on a world and then take an era off? Or pop on like once a week maybe...I forget the exact time you have before Zeta decides to remove your account.

06:53:36 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Prewett The Unreliable:

I think it's 21 days.

22:36:38 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Dos Cerveza:


22:45:04 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Killer:

It's 15 days before your account is deleted, I think.

06:39:22 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Donate, or log in periodically? I wouldnt take anyones advice on the exact time, just make it a habit to log in once every 2 weeks.

02:57:23 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Mad Maxx:

thanks everbody, ive donated before, does this count, or should i do it this era too? no not gonna start and then go inactive.

04:46:11 Feb 5th 09 - Duke Random:

you need to donate a significant amount so you get the perks.

If you donate to the game you will get some unique features that will make it easier to play. If you donate EURO 32 or more you will receive the following bonuses:
  - A custom title.
  - Unlimited line of sight *
  - A scout terrain function where you can check how big a city can get
  - You will see the path your armies are going.
  - Your account can't be deleted for inactivity.
  - You can manually select where to cast a spell from.
  - You will see population growth on the production page
  - You will see which spells are active on your cities (production page)   - An overview for your armies (army page)

15:14:09 Aug 11th 09 - Lord Mcfalter:

... btw - are those permanent changes?

15:20:15 Aug 11th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

Yes they are.  I returned after 2 years + and still had my title.  All the other "premium features" still working as well.

15:21:33 Aug 11th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

^^ just in case I caused any confusion there my own title is a RP one but principle is the same.

20:52:47 Aug 11th 09 - Sir Penor The Dysfunctional:

I like the scout terrain function, that'd be cool :)

03:36:41 Aug 14th 09 - Lord Mcfalter:

Indeed... once I get an abundance of money, I might as well be donating - this game has deserved it anyway.

(Just hoping for that lottery-ticket to win :))

03:45:51 Aug 14th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Ive seen people gone for 37 days before

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