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training in wrong Armory
21:33:37 Sep 3rd 09 - Mr. Sultan:

Do any of you do this accidently, where you end up training in the wrong armory because it is auto selected since it has the highest # of armories?

Just want to see how many have done this mistake? by replying YES or NO

i have done it few times, maybe cause i am new to this game dunno  but it really sucks, and costly. Now many of you are gonna reply with a smart as comment of "pay more attention, etc..." but lets say there was no default option, like it is blank and you have to choose, it might be annoying but there will be no mistakes.


21:54:59 Sep 3rd 09 - Sir Binh The Avenger:

Well then just think of it as starting with blank in your case. Go choose your armoury everytime you go training.

I prefer not having to click on an armoury out of  a huge list of cities unless it is defaulting to an unwanted armoury. :P

Imagine how annoying it is for someone having hundreds of cities to go choose an armoury they want to train in each time...

21:55:59 Sep 3rd 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

its would be better if it would show the citys with armories at the top and armorless at the bottom.
and its great that it already shows you the city, and not have to choose, some of us hurry always :)

22:07:34 Sep 3rd 09 - Lord Mcfalter:

Yes, rarely, but it's not nice if it happens.
It can be avoided if you access the armory from the city-page.

22:43:16 Sep 3rd 09 - Mr. Sultan:

but when you have lots of cities, and you have more than 1 armory, which in most cases we do (regardless if you built it or took it over), you are in a rush and end up training in troops in the wrong armory.

or maybe add a note saying do you want to train troops in this city? etc... like when you move your army kinda of idea.



22:56:28 Sep 3rd 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:

Don't rush :p

23:04:45 Sep 3rd 09 - Mr. Dropkick:

yes and it wasnt armory so i had 2 wait 100 days for 10k troops :(

18:25:14 Sep 4th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Maybe an option to set an armory as your main one?

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