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troll guide
18:49:13 Nov 2nd 08 - Mr. Amir:

could some1 mail me the troll guide or post here please preciate it more if mailed thanks

23:52:24 Nov 5th 08 - Mr. Amir:

useless no1 gnna help me lol?

00:43:31 Nov 6th 08 - Mr. Burninglegion:

my friend it is just as any race , trolls main bonus is an early military advantage


just the science cost is outrages so spend wisely, get plenty of wood too


so probably start with gold science 2 , maybe military 2


pillage everyone, much as i can offer now if u have detailed questions just message me

02:55:07 Nov 6th 08 - Mr. Methane:

did you say get minig lvl 2 and military lvl 2??? no wonder you can't afford high sciences, your rainbowing them.

04:00:37 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. Dacarta:

It seems that when I try to move my troll armies, unless it's a scout, they seem to move twice as slow.. Anybody know why that is?

04:17:51 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

Troll armies move slower because you have larger numbers in your armies. That goes with the same with every other race.

08:17:07 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. Dakata:

I'm in three different worlds. Three different races. I could have twice as many troops in my human army than I do in my troll army and the human army will still go the "normal" speed.

10:04:53 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. East Side:

troll guide is med sci 10 mining 10 mil 1 magic 1 in that order you will pawn all...

11:51:00 Aug 10th 12 - Skinny Vinny (Mr. Skinnyv):

i have noticed my troll armies actualy move pretty fast..... i got a 5x moving like a 3x hahaha.  i think it just depends on # of troops, type of troops and # injured

13:31:16 Aug 10th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Roxs Map Sux):

As other races you can get 2x speed movement depending on troops:

Human, pure knight armies move 2x.
Halfling, pure pony armies move 2x.
Elf, pure rider armies move 2x.
Orc, pure nazgul armies move 2x.

Dwarf and Troll don't have any troops move 2x.

Of course, you put yourself at huge risk against magic though with MUless armies.

15:34:40 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. Dakata:

I dunno. I've never had this problem with any race yet, except this. But this is what I have.. As you can see, no injured or peasants. So, I have no idea.

  Ready: 23076
Injured: 0
  Ready: 15921
Injured: 0
  Ready: 22275
Injured: 0
  Ready: 42468
Injured: 0
  Ready: 16292
Injured: 0
  Peasants: 0

- close -

16:03:31 Aug 10th 12 - Mr. East Side:

you need more rocks in your army get rid of the zerks... :)

09:39:57 Aug 11th 12 - Mr. Dacarta:

It's not answering my question.. Why is this Troll army (or any Troll army) moving so slow?

14:57:09 Aug 11th 12 - Mr. Timmur:

Huh...I don't understand the landdrop "trick".  Is that a bug, or just a snipe hunt type suggestion?

In contested endgame, maintainence strikes me as a major issue.  Thus halfling and dwarf armies seem to suffer some major disadvantage, as their top troop seems weak, requiring more of them and higher maintainence cost.   Elf top troops require a lot of magic research in pure magic, so Elf troops will not be be good until a very late endgame, as they can't afford both magic and combat research to make the archmages cost effective.   So troll advantages are good early game and midgame troops, and gaining cost effectiveness for endgame large armies; the complete lack of fast troops is their disadvantage.  I haven't played enough to compare their endgame to orcs, except to say that Nazgul work great if the opponent has no freeze spells or is afk alot.

Without being able to see your specific army, I doubt anyone can tell you why or whether your army is moving excessively slow.   I haven't noticed anything particularly slow about troll armies; the size of the armies is the major factor when determining speed.  This seems to be the same for dwarf, and elf and human.  I haven't played orc  or halfling yet.  

 Sometimes I have a frozen army, through magic, but I don't see it and it seems to be moving "slow"...I have to look at the move completion message to figure out that it is frozen, because I didn't have the white outline showing the magic effect. 

17:10:50 Aug 11th 12 - Mr. Voltron Defender Ofda Universe:

Dont listen to these guys...all those tricks are lies. As for the speed, only thing that accounts for speed of your army is total troop count and injured.

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