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20:18:29 Jan 28th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):


Increases the preparation time when an enemy is attacking your colony.



so, as far as im aware walls increase preptime.


i just lost a city with max walls (max buildings) and he just got there. shouldnt there be some wait time before he takes it?

20:25:22 Jan 28th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Reallife Stupid Game):

No Guard Towers or Soldiers?

20:28:06 Jan 28th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

had to pull them all together to try to fend off the #1 army :/

20:29:07 Jan 28th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

but that dont answer my question. Does walls increase preptime. yes or no?


20:39:40 Jan 28th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

whats bothering me about it is. i just attacked a city on another character. it had walls. no GTs and no soldiers. but i had to wait 13 days to take it. (i had 30k soldiers)


but i got screwed over when someone attacks me :/

20:55:19 Jan 28th 13 - Princess Wonder Woman:

There are many aspects to consider there.
The size of the city, obviously you will need alot of time on a 90k city and very little time on small towns...
Depends also on the attacker army, if someone comes with 100k army to some small city or medium size city, if there are no towers or defenders, the army will not need prep time.

You came to a city with 30k soldiers, what was the size of the city? Does it have towers? Any defenders?

20:59:53 Jan 28th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Salore):

ok, ill post my city info

Olaf-90k-max walls-no GTs-no soldiers

his army. 500k (50k+ Zerkers)


as for my army. it attacked a 50k city. no towers and a scout.

21:57:21 Jan 28th 13 - Mr. Common:

The way prep works is it applies the attacking army's op a fraction at a time.  For example if your army is 100k op and the prep time is -

10 days = 1/10 op (100k op/ 10 days prep time = 10k op applied the 1st tic.

15 day = 1/15 op (100k op/15 days prep time = 6,666 op applied the 1st tic.

The city in your example had a 90k city attacked by a 50k+ Zerk army

90,000/6 = 15k Houses in city.  15k houses * 25 pezz/house = 375k pezz.  375k pezz * .05 dp/pezz = 18,750 dp for your city.

The Zerk army had 50k Zerks * 35 op/Zerk = 1,750,000 op.

Taking a 20 day prep time, he had 1,750,000 op/20 days = 87,500 op on the first tic against your 18,750 dp.  That's 4.66 times your dp, easy 100%.

I'm not positive about anything in this game so corrections are welcomed.


00:23:56 Jan 29th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

well fudge. :/


well im still alive and i got some other citys placed to give meplenty of income. now im content with hunting down the guy who hurt me!!!!

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