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14:14:39 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Dropkick:

if all buildings can have unlimited resources what do u use warehouses 4????

14:17:03 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

to store stuff in that town only :)

like you can hold cows in a house right.
but you dont so you make a stable for them to stash em :P

logics m8

so by your logic its like I can put 10 cows in my house but ill just build em stables :P 

14:31:39 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

wow ford... you bored much?

14:33:00 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

no :P

14:46:34 Jul 12th 09 - Mr. Mcmax:

Mr. Brannigans Law


14:31:39 Jul 12th 09
wow ford... you bored much?
Mr. Fordius


14:33:00 Jul 12th 09

Maybe because the answer already have been written in an excellent easy-to-understand version......

And pretty easy to find too (look here: and Answers&t=Warehouses+II&replies=9&page=1 ).

01:46:17 Jul 13th 09 - Mr. Dropkick:

that 1 was a way easier 2 understand lol

21:48:42 Jul 14th 09 - Mr. Caradoc:

umm are you slow? everyone knows its for STG

21:50:48 Jul 14th 09 - Mr. Sandoran:

if you can have unlimited resources in your house, and your gonna store cows, does that mean you can store unlimited cows in your house?

21:52:35 Jul 14th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

lol lmao

06:40:49 Jul 15th 09 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

@ Dropkick - warehouses are mainly build in the most secured place you can have; houses, indeed can store unlimited resources - the same time, though - those resources are vulnerable to you enemies; in other words - if you have a warehouse, you will lose less resources when you enemies take your towns (other than warehouse) - but much more, when they take your warehouse;

15:40:33 Jul 15th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

Yeah ford your logic is slawed by sandoran, You can't store unlimited stuff in your house.

What it is more like is having two houses if both houses have equal space for your cows then you will naturally store then evenly between the two, so if someone wanted to steal your cows, or you wanted to turn them into gold then you'd get half from each city.

However idf you build a stable in one house you can store all your cows there, which means if someone wants to steal your cows they will get all from 1 house and none from the other. :D

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