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what can trolls do
07:50:00 Mar 21st 12 - Mr. Boss Alex:

Anything special or cool about these guys all the reasons of why to choose this race and not to choose them

09:08:27 Mar 21st 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Their military is good all era, no other race has that.
They have only that advantage, but its so considerable that it makes up for all other weaknesses, and makes it one of the best races in the game.

09:19:50 Mar 21st 12 - Mr. Joseph Kony:

and we good on the forums too...

09:22:09 Mar 21st 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

lol :P

13:41:27 Mar 21st 12 - Percy (Mr. Percy):

Some of their downsides are more expensive sciences, way worth it, and they take a while to get established, also worth it. Other than that, they are like the other races with the exception of, as Tyr said, they have the best military of all the races and they stay that way through the whole era

13:55:17 Mar 21st 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Boooyyyy):

To correct Percy, they're great all era. They're not the best, but they're the most consistant.

13:43:51 Mar 22nd 12 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

And a 250k zerk army is pretty scary.

18:32:07 Mar 22nd 12 - zuall (Mr. Zuall The Final):

mus are 1/0 instead of 0/0

19:36:21 Mar 22nd 12 - Princess Aisha:

Trolls also have a lumber bonus, as they are strong, they can cut wood better, I think they always had that bonus...

Berserkers can be a pain but they can also be quite nice. I played Trolls many eras and I noticed that Zerkers kill much more troops then usually. For example, if enemy hits you and happens to roll a very bad low dice and you win, your Zerkers might cripple him so bad... And same goes for you though, if you roll a bad dice and loose, your Zerkers will cripple your army too...

But their main advantage are the troops, most cost effective troops, you get best you can get for that amount of money.

19:59:04 Mar 22nd 12 - Mr. Ignis The Fearow:

they didnt have lumber bonus intill 6-7eras ,ago ,or ,something

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