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when can you attack a city
10:35:40 Jun 16th 12 - Ms. River Song:

i have an orc army that has about 10,000 in it. if the ruler i want to attack has three times the land that i do, but no army in thier city do i stand a chance of victory or should i keep building?

10:56:01 Jun 16th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

You can attack that player and maybe take him out, but that depends on if his semi new or not. By going to the chat and typing:

/whois XXXXX

X=player name

You can see if that player has characters on high worlds, and if he/she is in a kd that is strong. If it turns out that player plays on fant, mant or zeta and is meber of one of the top kds then I wouldn´t attack if he/she has 3 times your land.

14:25:45 Jun 16th 12 - Mr. Hazzy:

Depends on what he's playing as well. If he's a halfling and it's early era chances are he's doing nothing but building mines.

17:30:14 Jun 16th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

Thats true of course also :P

20:07:15 Jun 16th 12 - Duke Pesterd:

I say go try and kill him. He was probably farming. and judging from the PM he sent you he probably doesnt know much about the game..

I say go and kill him. Full Force.

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