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why are axeman so expensive
10:45:48 Nov 4th 09 - Mr. Dropkick:

axemen are 2200 gold and that is way more expensive than a ogre which has 8 att 6 def aswell (they cost 1500)

also adverts have 8att 8def and they are 1900 and lords are 1600

so why are axemen so expensive???

10:49:13 Nov 4th 09 - Pirate Suqah:

because dwarf make much more money.

10:59:26 Nov 4th 09 - Mr. Revenge The Sexc:

Why are you playing Dwarf in the first place is a better question

11:05:27 Nov 4th 09 - Mr. Dropkick:

cause i wanted to try sumthin new lol it was either dwarf or halfer and i chose dwarf cause i havnt played them b4

11:09:29 Nov 4th 09 - Sir Brown Bear:

they are so expensive because zeta thinks that "because dwarf make much more money,"...but in true fact nahh they dont....and even if they do they dont make enough to balance to other races militarily

11:39:55 Nov 4th 09 - Sir Black Heart:

Dwarfs do make more money, their gold mines produce more than the normal and with cave masters they even get more bonus. Their military science is cheaper and so their value and life span is longer.

Those are the reasons they are expensive. If you use those strong points well you can end up in the top list like last era. I don't see why anyone should complain about Dwarfs anymore really.

12:10:07 Nov 4th 09 - Sir Brown Bear:

you can always end up in the top list no matter how well u play dwarf because they get more points on things then other races.....that doesnt mean they are as equally strong as some other races

12:21:27 Nov 4th 09 - Mr. Palp Lost His Marbles:


i have played dwarf before and they can be a lot of fun since zeta made some shanges to cavers.

initially you should run 50-60% hammers to cavers(though cavers take longer to produce) but run a lot of cavers( about half)...

caver 6/3 for 1000 and hammer 5/6 for 900 means for 1900 you get 11/9...much better than an axeman....get your axes later on when upkeep becomes more important but the cavers gets loads of plunder by destroying mines and this helps your economy a lot(plus the cities cavers park in make more coin too)...cavers are great on 50% worlds too as you get extra plunder from taking attacking those cities and also damage the enemies economy by destroying his mines which no other character can do...not hard to have a super strong dwarf army running around oop and mid era taking up huge gains and then parking in defence to try and hold i in late era and look for broken blockers to rush in and claim more. i played halfer last era but treated it like a dwarf and had a healthy 47 cities taken under my belt but as a dwarf i would have had more and a lot more coin. dont give up on em, dwarfs can be fun.

18:53:57 Nov 4th 09 - Sir Brown Bear:

highest i could reach last era was 600k axers....and i dont think thats much so lets try something else

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