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Nazzies - end of era points?
00:38:01 Mar 10th 09 - Ms. Coxy Reborn:

yeah so how many end of era points do nazguls give?

and shaman? and each building?

but most importantly i wanna know how many naz get

01:43:49 Mar 10th 09 - Sir Death Proof:

Nazgul give you quite a few, but I know that Berserkers give more. Shaman don't give you that many...compared to every other mage. I would say that elven mages probably give you the most points. As we all can see...halfer seems to give you a ton of points.

05:39:23 Mar 10th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

Lewatha already told you, you nub! I'm not even playing and I saw that!

07:46:56 Mar 10th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

all MU's give the same amount of points. (either 0.5 or 0.75 or 1 point, but it isn't much.)

Berserkers don't give more points than nazgulls but when counting the points/gold they would.

1 land is about the worth of 1 level 2 or 3 troop... not sure... (2-3 points.)

Nazgulls give 25 points, compared to adventurers giving 5 points.

09:54:04 Mar 10th 09 - Ms. Coxy Reborn:

no, she said she THINKS its 25 points. i wanted to find out for sure!

11:57:42 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Sexy Spartan:

nazguls dont give any points.  so dont train them!

00:47:00 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

only train farmers! all era long!

19:47:18 Mar 16th 09 - Duke Random:

thats what i do :)


i dont actually have any troops :D

20:39:24 Mar 20th 09 - Lady Inactive Due Aids:


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