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14:32:10 Mar 30th 07 - Sir Salaraca:

zues i have a number of things to say...

  1. none of the olympian gods werent invinciible
  2. you cant just barge in on forum games which you have to message the leader of the game
  3. and every on hates it when you do that.

15:31:20 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

I love it when he does that.

15:42:10 Mar 30th 07 - Sir Salaraca:

  1. none of the olympian gods were invincible or big, massive or giant
  2. you cant just barge in on forum games which you have to message the leader of the game
  3. and every on hates it when you do that.
apart from horse who does almost the same thing!

21:23:19 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

I agree, all above is true! Zeus, as your sons,fargrandson. I demand you stop it!

05:21:16 Mar 31st 07 - Sir Salaraca:

indeed or we' ll
have to block you, somehow...

06:00:36 Mar 31st 07 - Mr. Basch:

lol the admin can ban him from the forum stopping him from being able to post anything at all altogether and i think it also includes the kingdom forum which can make him quite undesireable to have in a kd which could make him regret it so so badly

07:46:26 Mar 31st 07 - Sir Salaraca:

exelent, good work pussy!
you get a... a ... cat? for your iniciative!

07:48:29 Mar 31st 07 - Sir Salaraca:

ooh also  have somthing to add to the list...

  1. none of the olympian gods were invincible or big, massive or giant
  2. you cant just barge in on forum games which you have to message the leader of the game
  3. and every on hates it when you do that.
  4. and nobody likes a spammer
  5. apart from horse

04:10:02 Apr 1st 07 - Mr. Izual:

Hey Salaraca, which KD are you in now? I was just wondering where have you been. Although I dont participate in the Village anymore, I'd say that people barging in without the consent of the leader is quite... Annoying. WHO'S WITH ME?!

15:45:48 Apr 2nd 07 - Sir Salaraca:

YEAH!!! exactly!!
im probaly gonna start a new one... i think i know wat to do now.

15:48:53 Apr 2nd 07 - Sir Salaraca:

  1. HEY EVERYbody, i know this can be a forum for people who are angry about stuff!!here are the rules : 
  2. umm the list went weird,
  3. zeus isnt allowed on it
  4. were all realy angry
  5. we complain  a lot

16:36:10 Apr 2nd 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

well, I think that when people have started posting their complaints in this topic, I will start complaining about them complainign. And I DONT like it when I complain, I want myself banned from the fora becus I complain to much :D

one more thing though, I think we should start seeing some of the suggestion in the  Suggestions and Improvements forum in game. There have been some good ones already!

12:48:56 Apr 4th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

yeah! exactly down with complainers!!!
and i reckon somebody should listen to my suggestion!

how about if we have races like lizard men, dark elves, wood elves, chaos, skaven, mutants fish people and  we could make orcs be combined with goblins.
this is what there army races would contain...

peasant gatherer would be: skinks which can also fight in armies as efective light light infantry.

main trooper: saurus warrior hes much better than other race main troops but cost more.

skink preist: like most magic men human for example.

temple guard:third or second level troops

stegadon: massive very strong stegasaurus like animals riden by skinks this unit would be one of those expensive things that would be good if you had one of the you know!!

saurus caverlry: saurus riding giant lizard raptor things good cavalry.

slan mage preist: an expensive and rare and the best magic units in the game  and you cant get more than a certain amount of them in your empire ( after all they are a dying race).

and the bonus of the race would be the skinks in battle have poisoned attacks meaning more injured  like a random amount at the end of the battle: you have won the battle!! (random)% has been poisond

this should be taken into consideration because we need more races the game is just based on the lord of the rings basicly, and the elves main warriors why are they called GOSTS???


ok skaven are rats so they get lots of population and quickly too.
 rat workers would be: clan rats rats beloning to the clan
and they fight too! and any army parked in a city gets 5% or something a day of each normal fighting type. and they have to pay the armies in food not gold but creating the troops would cost gold.
slave rats: rats who are slaves they fight a little more efctiver because there forced too

iron rats would be expensiver because you have feed them lots. because there i so many of them but not near aas much as the clan rats

rat ogers: third troop type large lumbersom and strong

skaven sorcerer: magic man (rat man)

warp lightning canon: its a big canon which is expencive and it also kils 5% or more of your army

so the skaven specil rules are : they multiply like rabbits(or rats)
                                               :there armys multiply like rabbits in citys onley the cheap ones(no socerers, or ogresrats, and serprizingly the warp cannons cant ether).
                                                :food is what they need most
                                               : the city graphic should be of a city sized mountain with a hole in it

orcs main troop should be called orc warrior or orc boyz
and they should have goblins with them.
uhhuuh thats all good sugestions in there, but nobody ever says anything about it like u did goodn salader

any way im adding to this the fact that if it is lotr based it could have easterlings in it or hadreil or somthing.

14:32:18 Apr 4th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

absolutely terrible idea.

13 year old kids like you have no grasp of what it takes to build a game. You only think of adding more and more ridiculous ideas to quell your desire for constant additions to the game. We don't need any of that crap you suggested, we need to fix the existing bugs and problems first before adding more on.

15:09:41 Apr 4th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

well at least im not a 32 year old  man  who  ejaculates while reading  the forum.

15:31:33 Apr 4th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

and why is your soul exsistance to be an absolute *beep*  to every one?
anyway clean up your filthy filthy act son.

15:59:38 Apr 4th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

Don't chastise me, boy.

You're an absolute *beep*, go back to school you knave.

05:02:49 Apr 5th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

well ill chastise you all I like "horse"

09:10:18 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Izual:

Well... At least you people are angry... Which is what this topic is about... I HATE BEING KILLED!!!

06:54:14 Apr 6th 07 - Sir Salaracen:


12:58:16 Apr 6th 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

jup, foolishly, and now theres another army on your city waitong you to come OOP ;)

btw, I wanna complain about Hungrier Horse;
Who ejaculates when hes hungry? Id take my energie and work for some food, but he, not everyone is like me ;D

16:43:07 Apr 8th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

hmm i agree most disturbing

09:09:12 Apr 9th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

I have something to say!!!
mirror is evil!
that makes me mad!!!

09:18:35 Apr 9th 07 - Mr. Basch:

and why is mirror evil? if it werent for them we would have baccus raping us on 1 side and carnage raping the other

09:28:02 Apr 9th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

i guess thaTs True.

okay ill tell you why, they have no mercy they ask you to build a city somewhere so they can take it other, thats why!

11:44:49 Apr 9th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

Whos angry cos I REALY ANGRY!!!

14:18:16 Apr 11th 07 - Mr. Izual:

ME!!! MY FRIEND JUST TOLD THE PERSON I LIKE THAT I LIKE HER!!! NOW SHE IS LIKE... IGNORING ME!!! !@#$(^!%@^#!^@%$!^*@%#!@&*!$%*!@$!)@%$&!^*($!*@#^!!!!!

Phew, now that I confessed to people I don't know, I feel much better...

16:07:50 Apr 11th 07 - Sir Salaracen The Dark Elf:

wow, people on the internet have feelings too, thats great,

16:39:38 Apr 11th 07 - Sir Salaracen The Dark Elf:

i know how u feel man, but its never happend to me before
wait i should be angry about somting this is the angry forum....

IM REALY ANGRY ABOUT stuff... i guess

18:10:41 Apr 11th 07 - Mr. Crash:

I HATE THE JEWS! (it's all their fault)(blame all on the Jews!)

18:37:08 Apr 11th 07 - Duke Erunion Telcontar:

That should be stricken from the records as crass rascism. You should be ashamed. I REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO GO INSULTING PEOPLE OF CERTAIN NATIONALITYS OR RACES!!! (Unless the nationality happens to be America, then I'm fine with it.)

There. Got that off my chest. We should have had this angry thread up a long time ago!


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