Help the game

Wouldn't it be fun if we had more players? You can help the game get more players and at the same time gain some bonus turns!

You can also donate - so that we get money to advertise and improve the game.

Post a link

Submit the game to a directory, blog or forum post, or link from your homepage.


I play [] - its a great strategy war game.

You will get one bonus turn for every 5 unique clicks and two extra bonus turn for everyone who starts playing the game!

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You will get one bonus turn if you use the visual utopia app on facebook. Then you will also get two aditional bonus turn for every facebook friend who signup via the app!

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I think you all should join this amazing strategy war game!

Help new players

If you show the game for someone and they put in your ruler name as sponsor, you will get some bonus turns. However, to prevent cheating, you will not receive the bonus right away.

Use this link to get your ruler name automatically filled in:

Make a donation

If you donate to the game you will get some unique features that will make it easier to play. If you donate EURO 32 or more you will receive the following bonuses:

You will get a custom title if you donate 12 Euro.

You can also choose bonus turns instead of a custom tile or the bonuses. You will get one bonus turns for every 0.80 Euro you donate.

Note: if you have a custom title you should not changed to Mr, Ms, Prince, Lord or Sir, else you loose your custom.

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