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04:05:22 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Drakos:

There is a place, in the center of the known Kingdoms, where all roads meet.

 Standing at the crossroads is a rambling log Tavern with a sign creaking in the wind. Looking at the sign you will the outline is of a 3 Headed Dragon, indeed, the name on the sign proclaims it as the "Tavern of the 3 Headed Dragon".

 Sounds of merriment and revelry leak to the outside from within the establishment along with random beams of light from the door and windows...
 A smaller sign to the right of the door invites all from all the races and Kingdoms to enter and enjoy...
 Upon entering you see several round tables with a few chairs grouped around each, a bar runs along one wall, another wall is taken up by a huge fireplace, above the fireplace is a map of the known world.

  As you look about the room you see weapons of all types festooning the walls, Banners of the known Kingdoms hang from the rafters.

  A gilt lettered sign above the bar announces, "This tavern was established as a central meeting place for all Kingdoms" by order of the Great God Zeta.

 First 2 drinks are free as a sign of  Zetas largesse and majesty....all hail Zeta...

05:12:22 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Baggins:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Mr. Bilbo Baggins is having a super cheap food sale all this era! 

Starting in merely two days time Mr. Bilbo Baggins will be selling food for only .4 gold a piece.  That's right it is an economic oppurtunity presented to all inVU.  If you've ever studied economics then you know that it is in everyone's best interests when people specialize in what they do best.  So with this in mind i will be specializing in food and will be making an insane amount of it for you, the customer.  With such cheap food it is in your best interest to rely on super cheap food from Mr. Bilbo Baggins.  To repeat:

I will be selling food for .4 gold a piece starting in just two days time.



06:08:50 Jul 31st 06 - Duchess Bonnie Davina:

Pour me a drink Drakos, house specialty.  ;)

09:44:00 Jul 31st 06 - Sir Belzebub:

*Stumbles in drunk

Drakos! thank god! If anyone asks I was here between 3 and 4pm

10:05:48 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Senturu:

no worries i got your back Belzebub.

*sneaks over to the corner where the phone is*

10:11:11 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Damaar:

*Throws Baggins headfirst out of the tavern for advertising.*
This is a place to hang out not peddle your cheap wares, now have a drink or scram.
*sits down* Yo Drakos, I'll have a drink too plz. ^_^

10:14:06 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Posh:

*Throws Damaar out of the tavern for sitting on a tiny dwarf.
Now! Throwing Baggins out is a good thing.
But sitting on me! How dare you!

Oh, a drink for me too since you are on it :)

10:18:28 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Highwayman:

*arrives battle-weary and thirsty*

Greetings fellow travellers of Fantasia.  Are any here veterans of the great battles of the first Era of Sparker?  My father Highwayman spoke highly of many great warriors and it was my dear wish that I should meet some of them.

Mayhap they would be willing to tell us (tall) tales of their exploits in return for flaggons of ale...


11:37:04 Jul 31st 06 - Sir Belzebub:

*walks up to senturo

yer a mmmighty..hic..good friend mr ssshhhenturo. Give me a big hug!!!

*walks towards senturo who is evading belzebub whilst having to make sure he doesnt rip the phone out of the wall.  One wonders whysomeone hasnt picked up yet or for that matter why there is a phone in a fantasy based game.  Anyway Belzebub lunges at Senturo but turns out he picked the wrong one and he crashes into highwayman

I sshherved wif yer..hic..fath...hic..fath...hic..daddy!  Me him and kernel sanders once defeated an entire horde..hic!... of rampaging hamburglerssshh. O olde king cole wasshh a mewy old sshole and a mawy olde sshole wassshhh he! called for hisssshhhh pipe an he called for hish bowl and he cawled for hish privatesshh three!!! BEER BEER BEER ssshhhaid the pivates mewy ssholes are we there be none sshoo fair ash can compare to the fiting ifnantry!!!


14:24:30 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Baggins:

*stumbles back in

what the hell?  I swear try to make an honest living and this is the thx you get

*grabs Damaar's drink and takes it all down in a swig

16:36:58 Jul 31st 06 - Sir Drakos:

* Drakos gets up from his chair in the corner grumbling to self as he walks to the bar*

 Where is that knave of a beertender? I gave him a chance with this job and he has blown it.

*hangs sign up advertising for beertender and servers, then moves to Duchess Bonnie*

For you, mylady, the finest vintage I have, it is an Elven Bloodwine. Be careful with this beverage, it has 9 levels of enjoyment, each greater than the one before, the Ninth level slows down your senses so, you can actually feel your very blood flow through your short, a good drunk, and a spiritual one too. :P

 *Looks around for bartender, doesn't see him, shrugs, and proceeds to fill everyones drink orders*

 *After last drink poured, raises his glass and looks to map of the world*

 Here is to a good age, may everyone and theirs, get what they so richly deserve. Cheers!!




20:03:34 Jul 31st 06 - Lord Salamon:

*walks in an looks at the disgusting and un attended Tavern.

Sheesh.....taking the time to make the structure and you dont even give it the proper attention. Luckily i was a Tavern Keep before i was dubbed and then given lordship.

*Jumps behind the counter and starts serving.

20:21:28 Jul 31st 06 - Sir Drakos:

*Drakos smiles and looks upwards*  

 Thank the god's, an experienced Tavern Keep.

*Turns to Lord Salamon*, You shall be paid 1 gold piece for every 5 taken in, and all the food and drink you can consume yourself, and comfortable quarters will be provided.

*Now knowing the Tavern is entrusted to capable hands, Drakos walks to seat in corner of room, puts feet up on table and proceeds to drink himself senseless while staring at the dancing flames in the fireplace. He is struck by the dark thought that soon flames would be dancing like this in towns and cities as the Tides of War sweep across the lands.*

23:59:32 Jul 31st 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*senturu lookes at belzebub lying on highwayman and wonders why he was allowed toget so drunk. senturu turns his attention to the phone and realizes its made out of wood and not really a phone*

damit just my luck too. bartender ill have a drink then i want something that will knock me off my feet.

03:31:18 Aug 1st 06 - Lord Salamon:

*Brings Senturu a Ale and then sweeps his legs w/ a spoon

hope thats what u wanted.

03:50:54 Aug 1st 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*pickes himself up off the floor*

yea thats it. hey wait a minute give me ur spoon

*grabes salamons spoon*

i am the mighty spoon lord muhhahaha

04:37:26 Aug 1st 06 - Duchess Bonnie Davina:

Oh noes!  Here we go with the spoons again!   :D

Pour me another one Sal, feeeling kind of bluesy..........

04:54:57 Aug 1st 06 - Lord Salamon:

*takes a bottle of top shelf ale for Arien

There ya go its gonna be a long night.

*takes back his spoon and makes Senturu eat his legs

05:50:55 Aug 1st 06 - Mr. Baggins:

" may everyone and theirs, get what they so richly deserve."

*smiles evily and fire dances in his eyes* Yes may they get what they deserve...

12:00:16 Aug 1st 06 - Lord Highwayman:

Baggins!!!!  Get yourself over here to halfling corner - us little folks must stick together.  And it's your round BTW ;)


12:27:43 Aug 1st 06 - Mr. Naerey:

*Naerey walks in with 15 other heavily muscled dwarves with a blue wrapping around their arms*
Hand over all your goods if you don't wanna die!

*The dwarves look angrily around, getting out their knives, ready for a fight, whilst Naerey calmly toys with a few throwing daggers*

12:52:22 Aug 1st 06 - Lord Highwayman:

*Highwayman winds up clockwork gold coin on legs and sends it scurrying out of the door*

Gold boys after it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*All 15 of Naerey's henchmen go chasing after the gold.  Naerey, distracted, drops a dagger on his own foot*

Welcome friend Naerey, did I hear you say you would like to buy all of these fine gentlemen a drink?  I'm sure they will be happy to put their weapons back down if it is to grasp a flaggon or two ;)


(Edited by Lord Highwayman 8/1/2006 12:52:52 PM)

12:58:43 Aug 1st 06 - Mr. Naerey:

*Naerey picks up the dagger that got stuck between his toes, luckily not even scratching him, and with a swift movement throws it at Highwayman's hat.*

You can never trust those poor mercenaries...
*Goes to sit at the table near Highwayman*
Did I hear you saying offering me a drink?

(Edited by Mr. Naerey 8/1/2006 12:59:14 PM)

21:08:14 Aug 1st 06 - Mr. Baggins:


"Little folk?" what the hell are you calling me "Little" for?  your one o them self hating hobbits.

*Baggins starts a determined march towards highwayman directly at him with no regard for people furniture ect.  Luckily he can walk right under the tables.

22:44:18 Aug 1st 06 - Lord Highwayman:

My friend, tis true I called you little although you are easily as tall as the tallest man here.

I am very short but none dare call me little for I could tie a knot in it, if you get my meaning.

Now bugger orf and let me have a meaningful discussion with Naerey who said something frightfully rude about your mother by the way!  Not that I would wish to cause trouble between you.

Drink Naerey?  What's your poison?


00:32:34 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Senturu:

what happend to my legs. oh my god what happend  to my legs. oh wait im sitting on them....whos  legs did i eat

*looks around*

oh well. i think ill get that spoon

*sneeks over to salamon and takes the spoon again then runs around screeming*

i am the spoon lord all bow down to me

03:54:37 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Belzebub:

*disembodied voice

I am The Lord of the Flies and you have angered me with your spoon antics for the last time!!!  Now feel my wrath!!

*Belzebub shrugs off his cloak and a swarm of flies engulfs Senturu.  Of course they are only flies so Senturu is unscathed

god damn it i need to get a better power

14:38:39 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Naerey:

you disgust me highwayman!

*picks a random glass of beer and empties it on highwaymans shoes, hands the glass to Highwayman and walks away*

21:26:42 Aug 2nd 06 - Lord Drakos:

*just as he is about to fall asleep, Drakos is jolted awake by a thought* 

 Did I wash the tankards I bought really cheap in the city that had a dose of the plague? Ahh, tis not important....the plague only struck sinners.

*stumbles out the door* 

22:16:29 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Grand Mielo:

When he stumbles out of the door, he ran against a wounded orc named Mielo.

He was ill and could only say 3 words:" BOOOOZZZZZZ"

22:30:41 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Efrandor:

*With a big smile on his face, close-looking to Gaston, Efrandor walks in to the tavern, looking on all the faces and naked feets and meters of beard hanging around in the room*

- Bring forth the beer bartender!

*Get's a cold nice-colored beer and smells on it*

- Aaah, not bad, not bad at all, thank you, here's a newly cut off toe as thanks.

23:45:04 Aug 2nd 06 - Lord Salamon:

*watches as the tavern turns into a fight club


*sit on his chair and leans back and watches them fight

feel free to take all the ale u want.

23:51:21 Aug 2nd 06 - Mr. Efrandor:


I'll take this one, and this one, this, and this, this one, oh this one looks tasty, ooh, what's this green thingy, I'll have it, thanks, here take a finger..

*Runs in to a corner, hides under a table and start to drink all the good stuff with high high speed*

00:09:50 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Katsumoto:

I need a DRINK!###

Heres my story... i gain an army... i kill all of an enemies soldiers out of his main city... and just as im about to take it.. a naped kingdom member pops up and takes my prize from me! Bah DRINK....FECK...ARRSSE

00:10:00 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Grand Mielo:

*mielo still dying in the corner and still screaming: : BOOOZZZZZ, I want Booooooz....

...Boooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzz .....


00:24:59 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Efrandor:

- Mielo, you can have this green stuff from me...

If you just keep SILENT!! and stop SHOUTing!!

Nice people are trying to drink in peace here, it's enough with the fight going on, ok.  Here, take some of this rectum..

00:42:13 Aug 3rd 06 - Sir Karac:

**helps myself to a drink from the bar

"Elven is it? And almost as old as I am, not aged at all aparently..."

My story? Move to take over a city, while prepping the #1 hoh army moves towards me, apparently didnt want me taking his town..... who knew. So, i was forced to burn that beautiful town, **tear** Oh, well, sacrifices are made in war........

**grabs another two flagons and goes to sit in a dark corner, tossing another spoon to senturu along the way. 

02:27:25 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*senturu grabs the spoon that Karac tossed to him. then looks over to mielo*

i must shut him up

* runs to wal mart and buys lost of ductape then runs back to the tavern. when he gets back to the tavern he then tapes up mielos mouth and decides to completely tie him up. *

ahh much better. now you will all bow down to the mighty spoon and ductape lord muhhahaha

02:33:05 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Efrandor:

Oh my, this place is a circus, I'll just take back this green stuff, you won't need it when you are tied up...     I'll take the rectum to, might want it..

09:52:05 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Grand Mielo:

*Suddenly Mielo's Nazgul  taxi in front off the pub Smashes in the door, saves Mielo and burn up all the spoons of senturu including ductape*

*Now is Senturu lying there in the corner of the pub crying with his thumb in his mouth*

*Mielo's face turned serious now and he said: "hihihihihihihihihihihihi..."*

10:44:20 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*senturu sticks his tounge out at mielo. then takes another spoon from salamon*



11:34:29 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Grand Mielo:

* mielo goes depressed to the bar and drinks untill he falls of his barchair*

14:40:05 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Efrandor:

"'I need courage first', Efrandor thinks to himself"

*Mixes the green stuff with the rectum, drink it fast with a weird smile on his face, starts moving towards Mielo and searches his pants after the wallet..*

- Aha, Jackpot!

*Efrandor runs fast as hell back to the table in the corner and starts to count the countless Pokémon cards he found in his socks*

18:14:00 Aug 3rd 06 - Lord Drakos:

*Drakos strumbles back in waving a 3 foot long, solid gold spoon*

 Anyone lose a spoon?

*As he waves it around he slips and falls on some loose Pokemon cards on the floor and the spoon flies from his grasp to land on the floor in the midst of the suddenly silent greedily staring crowd*

22:34:58 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*senturu looked up at the gold spoon and watched as it went into the crowd of people. senturu runs in and gets trampled by the other people*

23:19:43 Aug 3rd 06 - Mr. Grand Mielo:

*Unlucky mielo slips away over a smashed open person on the ground and thinking *

Hum what now, help the smashed person or get the spoon ?

*While he's slowely walking away from the filthy spot on the floor*

00:59:57 Aug 4th 06 - Mr. Efrandor:


My pokemons, what have you done to them, give them back! Right away!  Oh, a golden spoon, cool.

*Runs of to try and take the golden spoon like a horny babycat*

01:47:03 Aug 4th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

*senturu pulls out his pokemon collection.*

ill play you for the spoon. me and my strong pokemon

02:03:26 Aug 4th 06 - Sir Xiax:


*Xiax rushes into the tavern and destroies the Golden Spoon*

"Can't you see? It was tearing us apart! Making us fight eachs other and even... *shudders* play pokemon cards...."

"God.... It's so horrible..."

02:20:20 Aug 4th 06 - Mr. Efrandor:

*Looks at the spoon, the only spoon, the one spoon, the...    golden spoon.*

*Looks up to Xiax.*

- Why you little!!

*Starts running around in the tavern throwing Pokemon cards at Xiax laughing with a weird giggle..*

- Take that, and that, and...   that! Hohohohihihihihhohoo...

*Exhaustead and pleased over what he has done, Efrandor goes to the bar, order in a new beer, look at the suprised crowd with a cool look on his face, attempts to sit on a chair, misses and falls like a swedish meatball on the ground knocking himself out.*

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