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11:47:13 Dec 26th 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Kingdom Leading Strategy Guide

One Halfling

One Troll

One Human

One Elf

One Dwarf

Two Orcs 

To every seven players


Phase One Orders

Halfings on front line.

Orcs at the back

Orcs stick together

Humans in the middle

Elf around the trees

Dwarves in the mountains

Trolls centre back front


Phase Two Orders

Transfer all peasants to city

Create two scouts.

Send two scouts to city locations.

One army to a mining colony

One army to a armoury

One army to look for enemies


Phase Three Orders

Settle a ninety k colony near a distant relative

Settle first armoury near first colony

Create way points for blockers

Give everyone’s title an order

Send scouts to way points.

Waypoint magic cities

& settle defensive magic city


Phase Four Orders

Settle blockers

Settle a ninety k behind your blocker

Settle offensive magic city

You are ready for war.

19:28:09 Dec 26th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Hanky babe, rainbow is now viable, tree/mine and farm/mine seems to be best setup for starters now.

04:02:06 Nov 28th 22 - Water Bender (Lord Water Bender):

Winning leadership guide. 

How to give orders. 

The great idea method 
Having a great plan is always great. So ask every player in the kingdom what they think we should do next and what they personally think they should do next. Do it privately. 
You will get some new ideas from this.
Always be realistic, and assume only half the blockers will even block. 
2. If anyone has an amazing idea that will work, then use it. 
3. Tell everyone in the kingdom their orders and wham!  You should be golden and victorious right? 
- wrong. What happens in most kingdoms is half the people follow orders and half don't.   Or no one does. 
So even a perfect plan sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. The worst part is that you have to follow up with every single player to get them to follow orders.
Since you have to follow up with everyone, you will spend the same amount of time on guys with minor roles and major roles in the plan. 
And while this might work for elite kingdoms full of vets, it certainly won't work for you. 
So you put your plans into effect and while it looks good on paper, people aren't trying that hard so it rarely can succeed. Eventualy you see a flaw in the plan and it is too late to change it. 
 And then you have to send a player in to "pretend to fix" things to give the  confidence to keep following orders. And who knows what will happen. 
And it sucks cause you actually have to send a guy who actually follows orders in to die.
Ah, and that's really the issue. How can you make a plan and send someone to die, why would they follow that order?

A. That's a problem you can solve using the peer pressure method of giving orders. It works much better than the above method and without all the complaining and challenging you get from other methods of giving orders. 
I will post the peer pressure method Tuesday. And then erase the whole thing Thursday. 
It really is simple. But I doubt anyone has much need for it these days since kingdoms are so small. But anyway.. 
To be continued...
Water Bender 

03:10:39 Nov 29th 22 - Water Bender (Lord Water Bender):

Corrected version of the above.

As far as the large scale war, an idea will come to you when it must. But it will involve some sacrifices. How do you decide who dies and who lives?
    This is the secret of how to lead large kingdoms and survive stronger opponents: 
You must use what you have available, you must never depend on outside help, you must be unpredictable or you must pretend to be predictable for a time so that you can surprise your enemy at the right moment, 
you must know what motivates others and you must allow others to have their glory. 
    Most players are motivated by greed and glory. If you count on other people's greed, it will rarely let you down. While a few seek revenge or survival, and these are both things you could assist them with without much cost to you. And it is Very valuable to them and a worthwhile investment.

     How to give Orders (I no longer use this as it is alot of work and req. a large  kingdom) 
    1)ask every single person in the kingdom, what do you think we should do now? and what do you think you personally should do now?

Simple, find a really good idea and execute it! After asking everyone what they think should be done you will have some new ideas. Iif anyone's response is awesome, unexpected and practical; then make that your plan. No need to tell everyone the whole plan, just give them their own parts. This seems so easy right? I mean it's a great plan, all you have to do is make sure everyone does their part..
   And that's the problem, not everyone will do it because it does not make sense to them or they won't follow their orders unless they see other players doing so. 
  'I mean, the leadership can't come down on me if no one is doing what they are supposed right?' 
   So half do it and half dont and it sometimes works and soemtimes doesn't; or you reveal the entire plan to the kingdom, and the plan leaks and your enemy easily counters it. Still even with some goals left incomplete, the the plan was still good.. but you begin to see the error in the plan, and you can not fix it. That sucks. However, to make sure no one starts a complaint fest, you send someone in to "pretend to fix" the problem. It is often a suicide mission only meant to buy time and give the rest of the kingdom confidence to do their own assignments.
    The down side is you have to sacrifice someone who is good and follows orders :(
   The advantage to the great idea method is that you can take the ideas of the kingdom and use them. The main disadvantage to the previous model is that you have given orders to all and have equal likelyhood that each person will carryout their given task. So the guy with the least important task, and the guy with the most important task must be followed up with and given equal time. If your players do as they are told, you will have high success. If a few don't you have certainly lost or must do the hard part yourself. Being too important a role in your own plans changes everything and makes it hard to see the big picture. 

   The method above is best used with elite kingdoms with lots of vets. Most likely, it still wont work for them, and certainly wont work for you.

Next the peer pressure method. 

03:22:15 Nov 29th 22 - Water Bender (Lord Water Bender):

Vice tip:

How setup a tentative NAP with a vice from another kingdom.

 - "Unless another Vice (or leader) objects over here, within 1 real life day, we can make it official. Regular Nap, no special boundaries, no attacking or casting on eachother. Etc. "


how to tell your fellow leaders you are going to make a major decision without asking for anyone's consent or opinion

"Unless another leader objects, I am going to Nap the Vandals  kingdom and let them resettle in our core south of Dodo city. " 

What the point water?
The difference between asking for agreement and asking for objections is the difference between night and day.

09:17:13 Nov 30th 22 - Water Bender (Lord Water Bender):

Note, I don't use this anymore. But copy this cuz I'm going to remove it lest be spread too far.

2.B. ) The Peer Pressure method of giving orders

Start with the same 1st step as the above Great Idea Method.
1) ask every single person in the kingdom, what do you think we should do now? and what do you think you personally should do now?
Okay, so once you know what everyone thinks they should do, go ahead and assign two thirds of the people to do just that! Meaning, tell 67% of the people to do whatever they told you they wanted to do earlier.
   And later make "the Orders" official, so the whole kingdom can see them. 
 This does 2 things. -It creates the appearance that you have a really good plan. So great that no one is questioning it. To the individual player, they think, "Wow, he used my idea. I better do this, since it was really my idea." So they work much harder to make the plan work

-In reality, you never really need that many things done in a plan. Whether the 2/3 succeeed in their Orders is not important. They dont matter. It is the 1/3 of the guys that you have to give real orders to. And Some of them will die..          Those are the people who you really need to do their job. And they won't want to, but you let peer pressure convince those guys to follow their orders. and it works without all the questions and arguements that normally come from this kind of thing. 
  The 1/3 will see everyone else following your anazing orders, and after a short while, peer pressure kicks in and the 1/3 will do the same.  
    And that's it. Really easy. To get x guys to do tough jobs,  post official Orders in the kingdom forum with at least 2x guys being ordered to do what they previously told you they wanted to do anyway. 

 the only way to guarantee people follow orders is to give them orders they were going to do anyway. And let that peer pressure convince the 1/3 of the guys you have to give real orders to to follow them. Thanks it's been fun.
Water Bender 
 Leadership guide for vices


Other general vice things to do:
For new players and very inactive guys, you simply have them drop vision cities or build a city somewhere. You can't really depend on them doing anything, but you can tell them where to put a city and what kind of city to make, and that usually causes them to eventually be in the right spot with the right type of city. And after they die, maybe someone else can grab it from the enemy and use it. But when all things fail, the most important thing is to rally the players together somewhere. Do not let someone get cut off alone. For the players who don't know, always give them hope; for the guys who do know, say nothing. Let your actions speak for themselves, and go down with honor. end.. end. ..

10:05:59 Nov 30th 22 - Water Bender (Lord Water Bender):

4.  Other vice things to consider:

5. You don't always need to Make sense. That is for leaders and guys on the top list. A Vice is just someone who can kick you out of the kingdom if they don't like you.

Oh and also a vice is someone who steals the city you were prepping all day, and then msgs you something like, " can you please get off my city? I want to wreck the Lumber Mills and you're still prepping it"
And remember, they can kick you out of the kingdom so just move on. 

5.7  if a captured city rebels and goes back ino enemy hands, I can guarantee that a vice or leader is within 2 ticks of the city when the rebellion happened. And they'd be happy to take it off your hands for you. Just watch, vices may look innocent but that's only because they delete all accusations out of the kingdom forum so no one will ever know the truth. Vices steal stuff sometimes and then ask you to move your army to make sure you don't get it back. Mwuhahahaha. Ha. Huh.
What? Doesn't every vice do this?
Vice tactical moves, named and put in to some loose type of order by a raunchy Tai chi master. Let's see what vice knowledge he has For us....

"In the clearing amid the hilltop thicket where they had made their camp, Rand worked the forms with his sword

Heron Wading in the Rushes

The Swallow Takes Flight 
Parting the Silk
Moon on the Water 
The Wood Grouse Dances
Ribbon in the Air
Stones Falling From the Cliff
Sheath the Sword
Boar Rushes Down the Mountain
The River Undercuts the Bank
Cutting the Clouds
Soft Rain at Sunset
Black Pebbles on Snow
Dandelion in the Wind
The Rose Unfolds
Kissing the Adder

The Forms  ( from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series)
the end..

7. another Vice thing to do is the giving of the fake orders
Check it out exclusively from VU.

Giving players non-sensical roles 

Miles - a druid who has the ability to speak with animals.
Sme Fcked Dude - pastry chef and interior decorator
Sobakel - a large lava lamp. in charge of light.
Quack - our bus driver and inside source with the Russian mafia.
Arch - originally one of Sme Fcked Dude's finest creations, this 45 foot gingerbread man now spends all of his time being delicious.
Water - an alien with a severe clown fetish, also the soup chef
Fool - timepiece maker who inadvertently discovered time travel and then lost the design plans in a card game later that night. Doh!

the end. Thank you for putting this into your text reader and giving a listen. Peace

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