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Kingdom Leading Guide
11:47:13 Dec 26th 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Kingdom Leading Strategy Guide

One Halfling

One Troll

One Human

One Elf

One Dwarf

Two Orcs 

To every seven players


Phase One Orders

Halfings on front line.

Orcs at the back

Orcs stick together

Humans in the middle

Elf around the trees

Dwarves in the mountains

Trolls centre back front


Phase Two Orders

Transfer all peasants to city

Create two scouts.

Send two scouts to city locations.

One army to a mining colony

One army to a armoury

One army to look for enemies


Phase Three Orders

Settle a ninety k colony near a distant relative

Settle first armoury near first colony

Create way points for blockers

Give everyone’s title an order

Send scouts to way points.

Waypoint magic cities

& settle defensive magic city


Phase Four Orders

Settle blockers

Settle a ninety k behind your blocker

Settle offensive magic city

You are ready for war.

19:28:09 Dec 26th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Hanky babe, rainbow is now viable, tree/mine and farm/mine seems to be best setup for starters now.

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