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Eye in the Sky A Calculator
23:29:11 Jun 2nd 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Hi All,

A while ago(maybe a dozen or so eras), Mei, a player in one of my Kingdoms(I don't recall which, sorry) created and shared a .htm file that had some javascript written to get the op/dp of an 'eye in the sky' result pretty quickly.

The only struggle with it is that it was not super simple to start up(had to serve the htm file into your browser) and that it was not viable for use on a mobile device.

I've gone ahead and taken their code and dumped it into a page for everyone to access, even on mobile devices.

I've not adjusted the code at all aside from the display, so feel free to report bugs/errors in it and I can try to eliminate them rather quickly.

Eye in the Sky OP/DP Calculator

The javascript parsing and returning of the information is all done client side, so none of the information you put into this tool will leave your device.

again, a  HUGE shoutout to @mei for creating this, without their work on this I wouldn't even have put it up for public consumption.

06:55:44 Jun 3rd 20 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

Actually i created it specifically for Zetamania since its troublesome to calculate OP and DP of long eits details of a 15-army merge but it didnt age well coz as you say its a pain to open on mobile and i hardly play in Zetamania anymore. I initially planned to make it a plugin for firefox or something, like a popup to make it easily accessible but heck too much trouble.

06:59:16 Jun 3rd 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Man, that would be so awesome!

I wish I had time to put this all together properly. I'm just thrilled we got it on mobile. 

It works great even if it's not just for Zetamania!

09:56:34 Jan 16th 22 - Endless (Lady Gjoltrold):

nice :)

20:21:30 Sep 25th 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

I'm getting page not found , does this still exist ?

20:46:47 Sep 25th 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Child Elf):

I can make it exist. Give me a few and Iíll get it online again. 

We have most of the logic in a discord bot you can use too. 

Iíll link that shortly too

22:43:18 Sep 25th 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Child Elf):

here's the web version. Maybe I'll add more tools eventually, if I don't there's tons in the discord bot you could use too.

Discord bot can be found in our community discord server(and it can be DM'd to keep results private, useful if your opponents are active in the server too)

22:46:25 Sep 25th 23 - Percy (Sir Impercynator):

You can also add the Discord bot to any server you want as well, that way entire KDís can have their own private feed of bot-calculated data. Just ping Moff or I in-game or in Discord, and weíll get you squared away :)

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