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01:07:19 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

01:07:47 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

New Player World

Q: What is the basic gameplay? What do I have to do?

A: You have to build up your economy, train troops, build cities, command rmies, and conquer your enemy, The Native People.

Q: How do i pass new player world?

A: You must defeat the enemy group called "The Native Kingdom", they are scattered throughout the New Player World, it is your job to locate and kill them in order to advance to the "Main" world.

Q: Why do I keep on loosing battles against the Native People? I have more and better troops than they do!

A: You have to make sure that your army preparedproperly, sometimes you have to prepare your army for several ays until you have a high enough percentage to take over the city.

  • Tip - Don't attempt to take over a city unless you have  ~85% chance or more.

Q: I cant seem to find the enemy cities, where re they located?

A: There are two enemy cities. One is located right above your army where you first land on the New Player World. The other must be found with the use of scouts, you can create scouts by creating new 1 man armies.

  • Tip - The second city is located on the southwestern portion of the map, near the Lake, send scouts to find that new city.

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01:11:39 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

Building an Economy

Q: How do i settle my first colony?

A: You have to click the armies, tab armies on the menu bar on top. you then clik settle colony and name your city.

  • Tip - build your city ~1 in. from a resource to gain the bonus

Q: How do i know if i am recieving the resource bonuses?

A: You will see that your production is growing when you build.

Q: Are taverns the only way to bring up moral?

A: No, the happiness spell also raises your morale.

  • Tip - Because happiniss is a magic spell, it doesnt pay for non-elves to increase their morale with this tactic. rather, they should use tavernes for the begining of the era.

Q: Why do i have cities with no or barely any tax collection?

A: It could be either one or more of the following three things:

  1. You dont have any or barely any peasants in that city
  2. Your morale is too low
  3. You have peasants that arent working
  • Tip - Check your production   tab on the menu bar above on the gameplay screen, and check your
    prod. pop. empl. morale


Q: Does mining science affect my gold production as well, or imply my stone production?

A: The stone and gold production are linked, as one goes up, the other goes up, if one oes own, the other goes down.

  • Note - This is only from mines, gold from taxes wont increase

Q: My town is near the resource but i am not recieving the bonus?

A: You need to build more houses/resource buildings. the more builings you have, the larger the bonus.

Q: How do i increase the size of my colony?

A: You must build more buildings, and then after a while it will increase the size.

Q: Why wont it allow me to build any more buildings? i still have many resources available?

A: Your city is too close to a different city, or a resource, ot it is simply at its maximum capacity. either build  new colony or raze some of the buildings you dont want.

Q: What does it matter if my city gates are opened or closed?

A: City's cant be passed when the gates are closed, but if the gates are closed the town is visible to anyone on the map. it can been seen by everyone. however, it doesnt affect the development of your colony.

Q: How do i boost my production growth? 

A: Production efficiency drops when you dont have enough peasants to fill all the jobs in your colony. production goes up when you get more peasants.  production goes up when the percentage of filled jobs is higher than the production percentage. if the amount of filled jobs is lower, then it will drop.

Q: How do i create or build more workers?

A: "Workers" are simply peasants that are their to work the land for production. you need to build more houses and wait until your population increases.

Q: What is my army morale and what are its effects?

A: Army morale is an important factor to watch out for, the lower army morale your army has, the greater the chance is that your army will loose. you can raise morale by moving your army into a city, and then cast the spell happiness on the colony. another way is to put the army in a city with lots of taverns, that will also raise the morale, but it takes longer time. winning a battle also raise morale, all armies loose morale after marching for a long period of time.

Q: What exactly does a warehouse do? if you don't have them, do you run out of space to store your resources?

A: It stores all your resources in that city.

  • Example - Lets say you have a city which is taken over, and you have 1,000 warehouses in a different city, you will save 1,000,000 of that resource.
  • Note - If your warehouse city gets taken, you will suffer major losses, and almost all your resources will be taken depending on the amount of warehouses
  • Tip - Create your warehouse cities deep in your kingdoms core area to maximize its protection.

Q: What are slaves used for, can they work in the city?

A: Slaves act as peasants, they work in your resource cities such as mines, farms, and mills. but, remember, slaves do not have to pay taxes. also they do not requre food, and do not use up your food.

Q: Where do i get slaves, can i turn peasants into slaves?

A: No, you can not turn peasants into slaves, however, when you take over a city, you will take some of their peasants as slaves.

  • Note - When attacking an enemy that is much weaker than you, you will not get any peasants.

Q: How do i get the slaves to work?

A: You have to put them insie your city via the build menu on the gameplay screen.

Q: What does it mean that my productivity is dropping? why is i not at 100%?

A: It means that you dont have enough peasants or slaves to work in the buildings, so it is becoming less productive. you should build more homes, to increase population.

Q: How many workers do i need for my buildings?

A: You need 5 workers for each productional building to get 100% production. 3 workers will only give you 60% production for each productional building.

  • Tip -  Build homes to production buildings in a 1:5 ratio for maximum production.

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01:27:09 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

Armies and Battle

Q: How do I attack?

A: You can't attack while you're still in protection. However, if you aren't in protection,  you must move your army to an enemy army or city, and click on what you want to attack. Then simply choose the attack option you would like.

  • Tip - Dont attack Armies or Cities with anything less then ~85% chance of Victory.

Q: Am I able to be attacked while I am under protection?

A: No, there is nothing to worry about, your very safe until the end of protection.

Q: Is there a way to change the name of a colony that I have captured?

A: No

Q: Can you attack armies or just cities?

A: You can attack anything that moves near to u and any cities that is not from your own kingdom.

Q: Do you have to have homes in a city that you plan on training armies in? Or just armouries?

A: You do not need homes to train troops (If you have Peasants). Be careful though! If you do not have any homes, the soldiers will leave your city.

Q: How much of an effect does experience have on an army?

A: Experience is 1% or 2% extra in military strength. It is also calculated randomly.

Q: The text from another city is overlapping the text for the city I want to attack... I can't click it! What should I do?

A: Click on the army icon in the menu. If your army is close enough to the city you wish to attack you will have the link to the attack-page next to "status".

Q: How come I recieved slaves on my first capture, but now, on later captures I am not recieving any slaves?

A: If you attack a player much weaker then you the people will flee from the city you are attacking. Thus resulting in no slaves or resources captured in the attack. And you will only get slaves and resources with the takeover attack!

Q: I can not click on the city I want to attack, how do I attack it?

A: You go to the army page and select the army that are located outside the city and then click on the location link on the army page, that will bring you to the city screen where you can attack.

Q:  Why wont my armies move?

A: You have to wait for next turn, or use an bonus turn. Or, your army is frozen.

Q: If you capture a city, can you just destroy it or does it have to stay there?

A: You can no longer raze buildings, however, you can destroy the buildings inside it once you conquer it.

Q: When defending your city do your units inside the city defend it or is it only defended if you have an army on it?

A: Everything inside the City depends, including peasants.

Q. How do I break a siege?

A: Attack the army siegeing your city. Or have an ally destroy the army for you.

Q: What must i do when i'm under attack?

A: If you can not beat the army attacking your city, try to escape.

Q: What effect does combined arms have in the game? Is there any modifier in having 2 or more different types of troops in an army?

A: It currently makes no difference what troops you use, besides  for the increase in offensive and defensive values.

Q: If I leave the gates open and another persons army attacks me, do the open gates lower my defense? or does it not matter?

A: No, opening or closing gates does not affect your defense.

Q: What is the purpose of armories?

A: The city you build them in will have reduced training times for soldiers. The maximum time reduction is to 50% , More expensive units require more armouries before their time is reduced to 50%.

Q: How do you cure injured soldiers?

A: Resting (army standing still) and medical science.

Q: I attacked two times, had 90% chance and lost, is this a bug?

A: It is not a bug, if you have 90% chance of winning you have 10% chance of losing.

Q: What exactly do experience increase about your it like a percent of Offensive/Defensive power increase?

A. Yes, roughly +1.5%OP per exp point

Q: How do you attack other colonies?

A: train troops, create army, transfer troops to army, move army to an enemy city, wait for the needed amount of time so the army actually gets there, then leave it to prepare (preparation time varies from colony to colony...), then check out your odds for a succesful attack and if the % favours you hit the attack button.

Q: Is there any way i can get my armies to unmerge?

A: No

Q: If you had 10% chance of winning does that mean your opponent has 90% chance of winning?

A: Yes and no. If the opponent have troops with high defence and low offence they will be better at defending then attacking. So if you have 90% on attacking, they have 10% on defending, but not always 10% if they would make the attack.

Q: Can anyone see who is under protection?

A: Yes, just click on someones army or city

Q: If you have two armies close together can you make some soldiers go into the other army?

A: no, all you can do is merge. However, you can drop a colony to do the switch if it is of critical importance to you.

Q: I lost a battle with 99% chance of success, is it a bug or just bad luck?

A: Bad luck.

Q: Can you delete an army?

A: Nope, but you can put the troops in a city then next tick the army itself will disappear.

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01:37:04 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:


Q: How do I train my magic Level?

A: You have to click on the "Sciences" tab on to top of your menu bar while in the game and then scroll down to the bottom of the list. "Magic Science" should be there, Click it, and it will increase your Magic Science level by 1.

Q: How do I cast a spell?

A: Open up to where the mini map is and click on the thing that looks like a ring. Then press which spell you would like to cast, then double click the crosshair on the army or city you would like to cast the spell upon.

Q: Is the spell "magic weapons" a collective spell added to your current military strength through sciences?

A: Casting magic weapons will give the city the same strength as military science level 5, magic weapons. But if you already have a higher military level, the spell will have no effect.

Q: Are all the Magic spells universal, do all the Races have the same spells?

A: All races uses the same spells.

Q: My spell, "Stone to Gold" isn't working. I casted it when I have a lot of Stone and it converted 0 Stone. Is this a bug?

A: You have to cast it on a colony with mines or warehouses in order for it to work!

Q: I want to use magic , whenever I try to do so It always selects my worst army to do it, one with 3 magicians and no towers, how do I can i change which one does it?

A: The game automatically selects the city with the highest success rate, so build more magic towers and train more magic units in the colony you want to cast from. Or, you can donate to the game and you will have the option of choosing your army or city from which you would like to cast a spell.

Q: How do I use magic?

A:  First you need to upgrade your magic science, then click on the magic icon on the minimap, then chose what spell to cast and finally double click where you want to cast it.

Q: Why arent my spells taking any effect?

A: You are most likely using to few Magic Units. The more Magic Units you have, the more power your spells will have.

Q: What if you Ownage a Dwarven city while your an orc, what happens?

A: You can't ownage anything belonging to anyone who isn't the same race as you.

Q: Do magic units in an army from player A give magic defense to a town of player B, when player A's army is in that town?

A: Yes

Q: My army got teleported. Is this a bug?

A: No, there is a spell that you can cast which is teleport. Your army will just get moved to a random place on the map. You can do the same with cities.

Q: Do consecutive castings of freeze add to the number of days an army is frozen?

A:  Not any longer.

  • Armies can be frozen for a maximum of 10 Days

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02:18:19 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:


Q: How do I tell which city belongs to which kingdom?

A: You can sometimes ditinguish the kingdoms by the banner, or you can simply click on a city and see which kingdom and person the city or army belongs to.

Q: When creating a kingdom, what does it mean "kingdom tag"

A: An abbreviated nickname for your kingdom, six letters max.

  • Example - A kingdoms name is "Legacy" their Kingdom tag would be something like "LGC"

Q: What are waypoints?

A: They are quick markers which your king can setup for a minor fee, they are accessible from the kingdom menu and they allow you to move your view to the waypoint's location.

Q: If you die are you still part of the kingdom when you restart?

A: Yes as long as you don't delete your account in between.

  • Tip - Be careful because it does give you the option to delete your account.

Q: Do the kingdoms stay after the era ends?

A: Yes, however, if Kingdoms have less then 5 members they will be deleted.

Q: Will I land near my kingdom when I start?

A: Yes, if anyone in your kingdom has an city, you will start inside it. If your kingdom doesn't have any cities, you will land close to their armies (if there's enough space)

Q: What is a Council Topic?

A: A kingdom topic that only the kingdom leaders can see.

Q: What are some of the Frequent terms used for Kingdom Relations?

A: NAP, CF, MAP, War, Ally, Enemy.

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02:31:21 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

Miscellaneous Gameplay

Q: What is a great wall?

A: A great wall refers to a building site that has permanent, visible walls on the map that reduce passage to a bottleneck.

** However, Great Walls have been removed from the game for time being.

Q: I have a small city with a building max of 5000.  I have a larger city with with a building max of 15k.  If I destroyed the smaller one, would the larger one increase in building max?

A: No, every city has his own max buildings its just on which spot you build it, and cannot increase or decrease.

Q: I have taken over seven decent sized cities this era, but have not recieved any slaves. Why is that?

A: You are most likely too powerful.

Q: Cant i just free the slaves and then use them again or if i free them will the dissepear?

A: some of them will turn into peasants, and some will disapear (I mean, they were slaves, you can't expect them to stay and love you)

Q: How do I find treasures with adventurers?

A: Your adventurers need to have experience first. Experience is gained by fighting in battles.

Q: Is it possible to cancel troops or buildings in construction?

A: No

Q: Is there a specific ratio for releasing slaves into peasants?

A: No, the formula is random.

Q: If you lose most of your cities, you have no military units, and the rest of your cities have no peasants in them, then do you get a game over/restart message?

A: You are not dead until you have zero buildings and no armies.

Q: Ive seen two city types, a castle, and a square palace. is there a way to pick which type of city you get?

A: It has to do with the race. Orcs and Trolls have the different types of cities as opposed to the other races.

Q: In the world map, we have mountains in grey and in brown. What is the difference  in row bonuses when you settle a colony?

A: The color does not make a difference. However, the thicker and bigger mountains give a more bonus then a tiny mountain.

  • Tip - Try setteling ~1 in. from a resource

Q: When do native traders buy your goods on market? When do you get instant money instead of waiting that someone buys your goods?

A: Depends on the lowest price on the market. They will buy it if it's much cheaper then the current price.

  • Note - Apporximately 1/5th the lowest market price

Q: How long does it take to get the money when you sell something through the market?

A: Until someone buys it, it occurs instantaneously, however to prevent Market cheating, it takes 60-135 Minutes for your resources to appear on the market.

Q: Hows the best way to make money?

A: There is no "Best" Way, just different tactics for all different races. Generally, the way to increase your production is by building Mines.

Q: Where can I get to the "public market"?

A: Because all worlds are connected, the market is connected besides for the world of Latha.

Q: Why are sciences increasing with size ?

A: Science costs are based on how much science you already have and how much science others have. If there are people with a higher science level then you, it will cost less for you to upgrade that area. So either you updated another area, or deletions of inactives had an impact on your cost.

Q: I ordered my armies to move out of my city to other areas and no matter how many number of days go by they never leave my city.

A: Armies will automatically move into a city if they are close enough. So you have to move it longer then one days march.

Q: How do you know which world your on?

A: On the army or city page, the world name is in the upper right hand corner.

Q: Why wont it let me restart even though I have an army with nothing in it. 

A: It will "die" when the next day comes. Happens every 60-minutes. You can see the time-left before next update right to the clock in the top menu.

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02:46:07 Jul 3rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:


Q: Why is my map blank?

A: You have to download the image-pack again or download the current map to the same path as the image-pack.

Q: Why cant I load the game?

A: Do you have a popup blocker? If so, disable it. Some popup blockers have the option to allow popups from some domains, then allow popups form

Q: Every time a message get's reported as good do you get a roleplaying point?

A: No, an admin or moderator has to go through them.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: First login, then click on play! If you have no cites or armies left, you will get the option to delete your account

Q: What's the formula for X?

A: Only the most basic formulas is presented in the guide, if you want to know more advanced formulas, you have to ask an experienced player or start experimenting yourself.

Q: Can you select your exact start point at the beginning?

A: No.

Q: How long is a day in the game?

A: One day is 60 minutes.

Q: How do u get roleplaying points?

A: Roleplay in ingame messages or in the roleplaying section

Q: After the game is restarted by the armageddon spell do you get to keep your resources or does everyone start on equal amounts?

A: Everyone starts with equal amounts,

**However. the Armageddon spell has been removed from the game.

Q: When i press play in top right corner a page comes up in a new window with a list of names from this site, how do I play?

A: It means the era has ended. You need to wait until a new era begins. Check the news page for more details.

Q: Other than refering someone to VU, how do you get bonus turns?

A: Not logging in for 12 hours, buying turns, or Voting for VU from the Help VU link on the top of this page.

Q: When does the new era start?

A: Check the news. Usually the Sunday Night/Monday morning following the time that the era ended.

Q: What is roleplaying points and how do I get them?

A: It's a reward you get for sending messages in a roleplaying style. It changes your title from Mr. to other things such as Sir, Lord, Duke, and Prince

Q: How do I restart?

A: There is no restart button. Ask someone to take your cities and kill your armies.

Q: Is their any difference between races?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: I am wondering how long is it before a player get deleted for inactivity?

A: About 30-50 days. 7-10 days if they do not finish the new player world.

Q: What  is the zoom function?

A: The + and - keys on your Number Pad make the big make zoom in and out. Only works with Internet Explorer (your browser might have an built-in zoom function).

Q: Sometimes I cannot see any resources on the map. I only see cities and green land. What can i do about this?

A: the graphics pack isn't set up right. you're trying to use it with firefox (it doesn't work), you're not pointing to the right directory, or you've used the graphics pack at home and you don't have the graphics pack on your computer now--work, library, cybercafe, etc. Go to settings, click the "reset" button then the "update image path" button

Q: Why is the tick 35 hours long now?

A: The first tick of the era is usually very long so that you will get some time before it actually starts.

Q: What happens if I die in Fantasia?

A: You will be moved to the world that was last opened, unless you have other kingdom members on Fantasia.

Q: I cant log out, what do i do?

A: Turn off auto login from the settings tab.

Q: how do i delete my current account so i can start a new one?

A: Destroy all of your stuff and you will die then you can delete your account.

Q: How do u make it so u wont log out if u leave ur self logged on?

A: Things still continue in your towns while you are away so there's no problem in logging out.

Q: Can you change race during the era?

A: No, only when you restart.

Q: How will we know when the new era has started?

A: Check the highscores and news.

Q: How do I make a map for the game?

A: First make a small demo and send it to

Q: How do I get into Fantasia?

A: You need to finish high on the highscore in another world or join a kingdom in that world.

Q: Do bonus turns affect time in protection? I used up all my 6 BT's & none of my days in protection came to pass

A: they don't affect time in protection

Q: The Play button isnt working?

A: Disable your popup stopper or go to account settings and choose to play the game without popups.

Q: Does this game reset? If so how often?

A: Yes,roximately every 45 Real days.

Q: Will I get RP points by posting in the Roleplaying forum?

A: If you post something amazing, yes.

Q: Can I have several accounts?

A: No.

Q: Can my brother play the game from my computer?

A: Yes, but there's a risk you will get deleted if it looks like you are playing multiple accounts.

Q: If I Accidentaly made myself Ms. at the beginning of the era, is there a way to reverse it?

A: By, restarting your account.   

Q: Do I get bonus turns for logging out?

A: If you are logged out for over 12 hours you will get one bonus turn.

Q: Why can't i pick to be native?

A: It just means a computer-controlled opponent.

Q: What is a formula? I read it in the FAQ section?

A: Formulas are the equations that are used to calculate everything that happens in the game.  Battles, magic, peasent growth, everything follows set out formulas.

Q: Does the edit function dissappear after a specific amount of time?

A: After 300 seconds exactly.

Q: Can someone else babysit my account when I'm on vacation?

A: No, if that "someone" already has an account it's a big risk you both will be deleted.

Q: The game map screws up when i try to scroll around it!?

A: It might be the Chat that is causing this, try turning it off in account settings.

Q: How do I become a moderator?

A: Send an message to with as much about yourself as possible.

Q: Why am I called Sir and most other players Mr?

A: Most likely someone reported a message sent by you and you got a RP-point.

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05:26:18 Oct 29th 09 - Duke Pesterd:

As Era #42 comes to a close, and new updates will be introduced, this guide will be updated. In addition I will be adding in a Free Response type Question and Answer section where people have their Questions and Answers all in the same thread which will make it easier.

EX. Player A asks a question on Page 1, Then on Page 5 Player B asks same Question.

Response-Please Refer back to Page 1 fr your answer.

Should be neater and would be like the second cut for whatever "Didnt Make the FAQ's"

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