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If you are Temp Banned
00:20:59 Nov 9th 09 - VU Admin:

Are you playing more then one account? Then don't.

If the ban is longer then one hour and you are only playing one account, send an e-mail to and he will unban you.

If there are other people logging in from your place the admin will see this and think it's you who run multiple accounts, thus giving you the ban.
Then you should try to include in the e-mail, some sort of proof that the other accounts are played by actual physical people.

21:25:51 Dec 30th 09 - VU Admin:

Don't forget to include your ruler name in the e-mail.

Feel free to contact me on Instant Messenger (IM).

ICQ: 89271924
Meebo: Z3T4

Do not send e-mails to the IM-accounts, only send to

Example of proof: If you have friends or family over, playing from your place, take a photo with a computer with VU on.

22:59:24 Dec 30th 09 - VU Admin:

Also don't create a new account just to send me an in game PM. It gets all messy when I'm trying to figure out who you are and what your old account are, what account belonging to what e-mail address and what IM nickname.

04:05:31 Dec 31st 09 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

This is the word of ZeTa and no other has the right to challange it, not even the highest poster of the forums or the winner of the era. Let's get our facts straight before we get any further:

-"This will be my only Visual Utopia account = You are only allowed to create/use/manage etc. the one and only one account that you have created. You are for example not allowed to manage your friends account when he's on vacation."            -VU rules thread here

The most basic interpretation:

You (as a person) may only make a single account and manage it.

Problems with this from (e.g.) two siblings/family members that play:

  • The Administrator(s) cannot tell if it is one or several people logging on from the same IP, all they see is a IP number and a time (if that).
  • The Administrator(s) are not everyone's chat buddy- they don't have the evidence to contradict the IP number check.


  • If you do get banned, DON'T go around on a rampage about it... a ban isn't the end of the world- it just means the Admin has evidence (IP number and other checks) to convict you of breaching the game rules- that's a fair argument, you MUST respect that. If you don't, you might end up in a worse place than before.
  • Calmly collect evidence such as:
  1. Two clear pictures that show two different players playing on the two accounts.
  2. Any textual evidence (chat feed, messages) that includes things such as 'hey, it's player1's brother here...'
  3. Any evidence showing that activity is high on all accounts (most multies would have a main account and several 'supporting' ones)
  4. Evidence that both players function as different entities (meaning both players function independently sometimes and connected others)
  5. Evidence showing that the players genuinely try to make contact with other players as different players and don't rely on each other for mailing people and posting their opinions.
  6. Evidence that neither person ever played on the other's account by accident or design.
  • Submit an orginized e-mail containing all (if any) of the above and atleast make an attempt to comply with any further requests (as long as they support your best judgement- try to look at the problem from the Administrator(s) point of view).
  • Be patient and understanding- sometimes the best remedy for a wound is time.


If people want the Admin to restore the accounts of their friends/brothers/siblings/etc., they need to look at things from the view of the Maker(s) and Administrator(s) point of view... multi accounting is a serious problem and it is also very hard to differ from two brothers playing on two accounts.

  • My advice: have your sibling play on another computer with a slightly different internet hookup (e.g. two computers in the same NETWORK is ok, so if he has a laptop and you have a PC you should be all set, just make sure you check that over with the Admin... i'm not positive).

11:12:57 Dec 31st 09 - Prince Highwayman:

Mr. Breeza The Fcked Bomber

Also I reckon over 99% of people who play vu have mulited at least once. Maybe when they were a nub or maybe when they were a mid exp player Maybe even when they are a vet :O. I can admit I have had a multi for two eras but a very long time ago. I don't how ever any more just to make that clear.

How can you make a statement like that without any evidence whatsoever?  Do not make the mistake of judging others by your standards.  Some of us have kicked multis and reported them to the admins.  Back in the NARRSE days we even lost significant battles because we would not even allow account-sitting.  Neither would our major opponents in those days who were Mirror, Legacy and Abydos and I would be astonished if any of their veterans would have allowed multis and/or account-sitting either.  A very significant number of those vets still play this game and we have all experienced opponents using multis because they think that is the way to beat us. 

It isn't.  And the experience you get from cheating will be worth exactly f[]ck all when you get nearer the top of the leader boards.

Eliminate multis and the 99% of pepople who want to play it fair can do so.

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