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Kingdoms Groups and Alliances
21:23:24 Jul 19th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Kingdoms / Groups / Alliances

In order to join a kingdom, you must apply first and then the kingdom leader or one of his appointed co-leaders will decide to accept or decline your entry. When you are accepted into a kingdom, you will get access to the kingdom forum and the list of kingdom members.

Kingdoms consist of a group of players who desire to benefit from the help of their fellow players. Those in your kingdom are your allies and you cannot attack them, nor they you, however, you will be afforded the option of stationing armies in friendly cities to help protect them, and vice versa.

If a fellow kingdom member has lost a city, you will be able to recapture it for him or her using the Liberate attack. This only works however if your city hasnít been taken by multiple players

Being a Leader or a viceroy in a kingdom allows you to place waypoints on the map, shown by a flag. You can reach these locations directly via the kingdom page. You set up waypoints from the minimap (the flag icon underneath the magic icon).

Waypoints do not allow for automated movement, they only allow you to label areas of the map for better coordination. 

You can not create a kingdom on your own, you need at least one other player to join you by writing you ruler name under "join someone".

It is generally a good idea not to create a kingdom in your first era as It can take a lot of time, Instead it is better to join a nearby kingdom if you can and learn the game.

06:36:35 Jul 24th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Is there some hidden way to delete waypoints that I dont know about.. even if its not hidden tell me lol.. having lots of unused waypoints is anoying

06:43:16 Jul 24th 08 - Mr. Spook:

Well first off you need to be the leader of the kingdom to delete waypoints, vices cannot delete waypoints.

Click on the kingdoms button in the game. On your ingame kingdom's page(the one with all your kds players and when they last logged in etc) there will be a list of all your waypoints just above the kingdom info. Right next to each waypoints will be a delete option, enjoy =)

07:02:46 Jul 24th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Ohh so only leaders can =).. thanks a lot, I always thought I would have to live with these old markings lol, I will tell my leader to delete the old ones.. again thanks for the fast response =)

04:36:49 Nov 23rd 08 - Sir Lion Heart:

* Lion Heart 15 Knight Human Star. Today


How did I get the title of Knight??... normally I am a Sir, but in my KD page I am a Knight 0_0

Can the leader of the kingdom do that??/

05:02:46 Nov 23rd 08 - Duke Random:

a sir is a knight in the KD page :)

01:12:58 Nov 26th 08 - Duke Foxconn:

how do you send a mass message?

04:23:42 Nov 26th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Be a vice or leader...of course I am not sure if the one bug is fixed.  If you are a leader and do not have MM ability...demote yourself and make someone else the leader...and then switch it back.

04:28:42 Dec 30th 08 - Mr. Kegstand Mcfarland:

Where do all you folks get your KD art from? Do you just crop pics from various places etc? Are there peeps who do KD creation art and if so please advertise lol.

09:55:47 Feb 6th 09 - Mr. Fear:

yer google images etc

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