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Learning to be human
04:30:55 Mar 19th 17 - Mr. Great Arthur III:

Hello guys,

I'm fairly new to the game, only been a dwarf before,
I've chosen to play human but I cant find any information on the forums about how to play them or best way to build them.

was wondering if anyone had any advice, or build tips or would be willing to mentor me

05:03:45 Mar 19th 17 - Arkantos (Lord Arkantos):

Its a few eras old now, ill update it next era.


They are honorable and innovative. Humans are shrewd in nature and masters of commerce, they among all other races hold the gift of barter acquiring goods at prices that no other traders can get. They are also known for their love of science.

  • Can build big cities with 200k buildings.
  • Bombard attack with catapults
  • Can see goods on the market before other races can
  • Can "mobilize troops" to train troops double as fast, but will lose some of the soldiers in training.
  • Has mounted units (Knights) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  • Plus 10% tax income
  • Less penalty when rain-bowing sciences
  • Peasants move into the city 10% faster


200 2

500 5

2500 11 11

240 0

10000 40 20


Lvl 1: Swordsmen
200 g3/2
66.6 g per OP
100 g per DP
Lvl 2: Archer
500 g4/5
125 g per OP
100 g per DP
Lvl 3: Knight
2500 g11/11
227.3 g per OP
227.3 g per DP
Lvl 4: Magician
240 g0/0
Lvl 5: Catapult
10,000 g40/20
250 g per OP
500 g per DP

1) Humans: 

Often seen with one starter city(40k)Lumbermill and then a 200k rainbow(everything) city with armories. With the ability to "Rainbow" sciences Humans can achieve level 5 Mining shortly after settling and level 5 Military OR Magic by the time OOP rolls around Depending on your play style. Depending on the current situation Humans should train mostly Archers for OOP wars, Keep in mind Humans have the ability to "Mobilize Troops" which half's the current training time of everything in training at the cost of 1.5% of your troops trained and a percentage of your Morale will lower each turn. slowly switching to Knight's in the process of winning to prevent extreme upkeep or switching to Swordsmen in the process of losingfor a greater OP boost.


As mid-era rolls around you should have switched to training Knights. With your 200k nearing completion you should build a 78K mine. you should also be focusing on buying cheap from the market while selling high or casting Stone to Gold because Humans have the Ability to see goods on the market before other races. By this time Humans can achieve level 7 Mining and 7 Military or Magic depending on which role you are playing I advise stopping after 6 magic as you now have "Steal Science". Also keep in mind Humans have the ability to "Mobilize Troops" Build 10K Taverns in your 200K to prevent the morale dropping.


As you near the end of the era with Humans you will most likely notice a giant army upkeep with all the Knights you control, If this is the case you should switch to Catapults. You should also have all your cities complete(200K rainbow, 78K mine, 40K lumbermill) and be training with all your income. Sciences should look kinda like this: Mining 7 Military 7 Magic 6 Farming 6 Medicine 6.

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