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22:21:17 Jan 28th 08 - Mr. Scientology:

I understand that productivity is (peasants total / number of jobs total). If it is 5 peasants per job. What is the correct ratio of houses to jobs? The productivity of my city is 66% with a population of 6098 peasants. I have 430 homes with 57% filled. My job total includes 3103 jobs.( lumbermills + mines + farms) How do I increase my production? Do I create more homes or more jobs?

00:13:47 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

Lol, homes are for living. Making more homes would increase population. What are your people going to do for a living clean homes? You build 1 home for every 5 production building. You build 1 home you build 5 mines. This works for farms, and lumbermills. Some might say for farms its a little different, but 1:5 ratio is what you should use entirely. Building lumbermills+mines, and farms in same city is pretty bad because you should be building you cities near resource areas to get those quick bounes. Like mines obvisouly near a mountain, farms rivers/lakes, lumbermills again obvisouly its forests. Rainbowing is kinda new playerish, and doesn't really do good for anyone. . . . 

01:08:08 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Random:

 it is 1:5 for 100% probuction, but 1:4 of you want to have extra pezzies to MOVE to your aroury CITY. don't build armouries in that city.

Don't rainbow. stick to one type of production building in a city.

Also if that is the amount of buildings then you dont have enough pezzies/ houses. for that many prod buildings you need 621 houses.

00:28:51 Nov 26th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

If unemployed us low more production buildings. If productivity is low..your housing might not be filled with peasants yet. Or if it is, youll need more homes.

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