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17:25:32 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Seloc:

Is it just me or do like 6 kingdoms have the same boring, banner. The little blue question mark?

17:34:19 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

17:34:40 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

17:36:30 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

17:36:39 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Seloc:

That was unexpectedly unhelpful.

17:40:40 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Remus Lupus:

Where do you see that?

20:47:37 Dec 18th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i like the lgc one of roxburys' =-D

21:39:43 Dec 18th 08 - Sir Crimson Engelen Knight:


21:51:00 Dec 18th 08 - Sir Deadpool:

Yes I vote the second one also.

21:52:01 Dec 18th 08 - Sir Stirlin:

Rox, you forgot the pink legacy one :)

21:54:28 Dec 18th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

I have to say that the iHitler is unexpectedly funny...but the 2nd Legacy one catches my eye...

22:32:16 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

wow roxys 2 pwn ...
/me copys roxys idea

12:00:06 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Fever:

I vote second......Its very Beautiful indeed...... =[)

12:01:50 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Wilber:

The pink Legacy banner is still my favourite one I've seen.

09:41:48 Dec 27th 08 - Mr. Selos:

the first one has more time and fear behind it i say keep it old school

seeing that banner is cause for concern

17:35:13 Dec 27th 08 - Mr. Mars:


23:47:06 Dec 27th 08 - Mr. Posi:

Why not stay as the old legacy with the old banner?

its allready ??? era's they are with that banner.
and all the time i only see blue i know its legacy.:)

00:33:15 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

00:35:54 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

00:37:58 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

00:43:23 Dec 28th 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

BOX FTW! well cept you tried to kill me :(

01:07:04 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

becouse you where a dirty hedgehog!

01:17:07 Dec 28th 08 - Demonic Shezmu The Genderless:

sorry...I really can't resist posting this magnificent piece of art...

Retard Insertion Point FTW!!!

09:56:32 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Koss:

Mr. Selos


12/27/2008 2:41:48 AM

the first one has more time and fear behind it i say keep it old school

seeing that banner is cause for concern


i agree this banner is not only old but it has meaning and experience it would be an insult to legacy to change it

09:58:31 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Mars:

@ Augh: That third Zeon banner, didn't we have a yellow one like it too?

13:29:37 Dec 30th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

we had some diff variations

13:37:16 Dec 30th 08 - Mr. Sutekh:

We used red one:

13:48:09 Dec 30th 08 - Mr. Onuris:


Then check jpg

Enter 1 and 5000

zero is no and see all banners ever used

16:22:08 Dec 30th 08 - Sir Haribs The Small One:

I know the banner comenius used last era was found on google under comenius


its from a school we didnt knew back then

btw the pink logo is nice

16:28:48 Dec 30th 08 - Sir Spoon:

hahahaha, my fan kingdom! Kingdom of Spoons =P

18:06:34 Dec 30th 08 - Prince Mielo:

my fan kingdom even stalked me with a pictar of me :o!

<3 shyers

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