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Era of Grumpyoldbastard
18:07:42 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Ding:

lol a nice un-rude new era name lol, can't wait till it starts though!

18:19:52 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Revenge:

It will be changed Too 

 - Era of Grumpy

But It would be cool, I just cant see ZeTa allowing that...
Would be cool though

18:31:45 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Ghouma:

Obvious flame bate.

18:57:44 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VI:

poor lengend, i feel bad for the guy, 1st all era only to be beaten at the last farming sprint. :(

19:09:46 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

lol wat a shame

19:12:06 Feb 1st 08 - Ms. Fellatio:

Congratz Raist well deserved!

19:15:28 Feb 1st 08 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:


19:22:23 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

Hmmmm, i think it should be named Era of Dark Blood if my name is too "offensive". After all, we sort of did pop out of nowhere and made Osiris cry :D

19:23:10 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Stalin:

grats! =)

19:24:04 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

sounds like a very smart idea to not offend any one.

I dont think anyone would mind the era being named after Dark Blood. The KD of the Winner of this era


19:24:42 Feb 1st 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

raist the way you cried over 2 small cities and some scouts well im suprised you can see through the water to type :)

19:25:51 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

i guess winning the era wiped those tears away

19:26:55 Feb 1st 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

i guess its an all out feed war next era :)

19:28:08 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

Osiris if you werent arrogant enough to simply take them without even dropping a line saying "sorry dude, we dont want them here" none of this would have happened. But then again you went overboard in your i-wanna-act-cool spiel and hence had to be spanked like the little boy you are :)

Say hi to legend for me, hes prolly the only decent player you have in that rag-tag bunch of yours and i feel sincerely sorry that he had to suffer the consequences of your overinflated ego :)

19:30:02 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

On a sidenote, say hi to condinho and dummy too. Nice punch they took for the team, at least our kicked players were inactives and not people stupid enough to drop colonies in your lap for "the greater good".


19:30:50 Feb 1st 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

well we wernt the ones having trouble with pks now was we :) we will see when our kingdoms clash next era wont we. and Raist if you TOWNSWAP with a kd we are warring in an effort to help them what did you expect :) a cookie?

19:31:02 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Penguin:

feeders!!!!!! :D go Raistlin :D yey :D aby sucks :D

19:35:01 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

Osiris you were just trying to act high and mighty. I was helping friends fix a problem. Up to that point i had no trouble with you, you didnt even exist for all i cared :) But then you had to go and spoil it all. Pfffff.

Btw you know what you *could* do? Ask ZeTa to implement an "i win" button for you. So next time your hoes don't perform the way they should despite colonies you shove down their throats you can simply punch the button and feel good about yourself (and hence avoid painful moments like this one today).

*chuckles off into the sunset wiggling his tush in a vulgar display of triumph*

19:35:51 Feb 1st 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

so your just pissed we took cities from the ally of a kd we were warring? ROFL grow up seriously ;)

19:38:40 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

it doesnt seem like Raist is the one pissed here Osi, its you that does

even tho u kicked members who were active to try and beat himby eating them he still managed to beat your best whores.

So im sure hes feeling pretty happy

19:40:19 Feb 1st 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

i didnt kick anyone :) so learn what you are talking about before you talk nub :) we will do our talking next era on the battlefield opening some throats to see if you really do have Dark Blood.

19:42:06 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Crissxcross:

congratulation grumpy.

Too sad I wasn't able to even have a look at te dwarven race between you and aby this era, was busy with fighting lgc all time (but the last 5 days...) in an unimportant corner.... so no clue about deserved or not, but indeed impressive :b

19:43:46 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

Criss it's less impressive then it looks ;)
(Ok, impressive enough to make Osiris cry, but thats about the only highlight of it all lol)

19:45:45 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

well, congrats Grumpy. it was a swell victory for you (I suppose...)

you keep yelling about the ego of Osiris? well, chill! He didn`t townswapped., he didn`t farmed, he didn`t wall/river jumped. I almost hate him for his righteous ...
but I say this, enjoy it while u can. Next era is just around the corner. I wanna see how u can farm your way next era to the top.

Oh, and one more thing ... that but swing ... u go girl! only u can swing it like that ...

19:49:56 Feb 1st 08 - Ms. Fellatio:

Legend feed also, so no pot calling the kettle black please.

19:54:40 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Sloth:

The Era of Grumpyoldbastard doing townswapping with Legacy! But of course DB and Legacy aren't the same Kingdom! I mean Legacy and DB aren't the same Kingdom.

All hail DB the slayers of PKS.  *recalls Phi beating DB in less than two weeks a couple eras back*

20:00:11 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:


Sloth this is the best you can come up with? My my... how original. Did you write it on your own or did you have to put your head together with Osi to come up with this masterpiece of a post? :)

20:00:46 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

/me recalls DB being a new KD with most of its players away. Including Aligreat the most uberest player away for 3weeks while in australia.

All Hail Abydos slayers or two armies...certainly not any KDs

20:01:31 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

:)) Legend had a snack, while Grumpy had the whole meal! :)))
So, I didn`t said anything about no feeding. I say only that this victory is not realized by what he said, the victory is made in an awesome way (yeap, i said it!), a way of using everything for getting the points and not by getting the spirit of the game.
So, as Crissxcross pointed it out earlier, in the end it was a race of dwarfs. The only thing is that in this race Grumpy started it waaaaay earlier than the rest. Good for him I say. But with his big mouth and little brain ... ruins his victory. Too bad, I say.

Am I wrong!? This era wasn`t a farming one, everyone was busy into the wars. It was a good era imho. But Grumpy is sh|tting in the victory cup with his flame towards Osi. I say he (Grumpy) is just jealous.

Are u Grumpy jealous!? Are u? huh?! :D

20:08:06 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

lol y wudnt he be!!!! osi is....erm he is.....u kno!!!

20:08:09 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

If only he was "dirtyoldbastard"

Wu tang is mad ill

20:08:48 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Grumpyoldbastard:

The only person jealous here might be Ford, as you are obviously trying to take his throne as the most illiterate person on the planet Dolfyn :)

20:08:51 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:


nub lol

20:17:24 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

I dont know everythinng that happened in Fant but scores say that Grumpy won even if he was farming or a drawf. Just stop making up excuses saying how or what you could have done or another to win. It doesnt matter now as this era has ended and its in the past. You cant go back and change it so just congradulate the winner and move on to the next era and talk trash or kill each other then.

20:19:51 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Link:

It shouldn't be called era of Grumpy, it should the "The Grumpy Era"

or Era of OldBastard

22:04:18 Feb 2nd 08 - Sir Architect:

Lenard fed more than anyone and he did it in what I consider the worst way.  Abydos started kicking members and letting Lenard take over their cities to boost his score.  We have many screens to prove it.  I'm glad lenard didn't win, he didn't deserve it if they were gonna do that.  Grats Grumpy, good win.

22:11:02 Feb 2nd 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

1. his name is legend and 2. we didnt kick anyone , and architect DB mass fed raist by kicking 3-4 players how is that better then someone leaving

22:21:34 Feb 2nd 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

Funny how this is actually turning back at us.

I have nothing to say about my kingdom feeding.

Other than, Osiris is not to blame of it. But I would like to say that Legend (notice how his name is spelled Legend, and not Lenard) had many more armies on the battlefield than Raistlin/grumpy. So if this comes to, who farmed the most, I would say this award goes to raistlin. If it comes to who fed on former (active or inactive) kingdommates. I say this would be a tie.

Also, Raistlin, don't call us a "rag-tag bunch"  or something like that. Because we are not the ones that have fought PKS for an entire era. You might have defeated them at the end. But as far as I can think, if this era would have gone on. Abydos would have most likely won it.

Congrats Raistlin for your victory, you know better what you did you for it ,than I do. (note that this last sentence can be interpreted in a both postive and negative way.)

22:24:33 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

wat finwe just said says it all raistlin shudnt hav won this era from my point of view and legend deserved it in every single sense i say

22:44:26 Feb 2nd 08 - Sir Blomeman:

too bad the scores are smarter than u justin.

22:46:21 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

Osi's excuse that the player left is an awful excuse, it was convenient for them to leave when Legend needed the cities to catch up. Why not wait till the era end?

As for our members.

Abbadon, he suddenly quit around new year, long before the farm war began and would have been booted immediately and eaten up except for the fact, its Abaddon, why on earth would he quit without giving a reason. So we waited and waited and Q finally decided to let him go when we heard he wasnt coming back. And you guys make it seem like Raist took each city. I took 4 cities of Abaddons that were next to my armory. Were DB feeding me to get that elusive 50th place on Fant? Muaahahaha! we succeeded!

As for Blackwell,, he hasnt played actively in about 4 eras, we finally decided to remove him from the KD untill he can commit to the game again. He had i think 2 cities. One was an awful size aswell and i dunno if raist took it.

Our new guys Skie and Johnny were inactive for well over a week when booted and had been inactive throughout the era. At the 4 and 5 day mark I and a few others had words with Quietone to remove them. This was about 14 days before era end.

You may think Raist needed those cities he took to beat Legend, but when that *beep* wants to whore he can. Even though Legend took cities of bigger players than Raist did, probly more cities too there was still a 1million point gap between them.


Edit: Perhaps our inactives should have been booted far sooner so it wasnt going to cause such arguements. But as i said, i asked for the 3 *not Abaddon* to be booted long before they were.

22:47:43 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Ghouma:

One of the most pathetic non abuse wins ever in VU.

22:51:33 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

the only city that legend took wer from condinho and he took them too late to even make a difference to the hoh

23:00:27 Feb 2nd 08 - Lord Oya:

you all suck at flaming!

23:01:53 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Wampyriukasz:

nice one oya :D:D

23:03:58 Feb 2nd 08 - Ms. Fellatio:

This this what you kids call flaming? I flame more and better than this in my sleep! Come on lets have some team spirit and light the fire this is pathetic.

23:26:35 Feb 2nd 08 - Sir Sean Elderson:

Then have the scoring system fixed so that farmers do not prosper.

23:33:35 Feb 2nd 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

if I can pull that win out of the blue, Grumpy, I`ll stay next to you!

and btw, this era "winning thread" is most boring flame thread ever. :D

23:45:13 Feb 2nd 08 - Sir Sean Elderson:

Oh and btw congratulations Raistlin!!! :)

23:55:35 Feb 2nd 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

I just find it funny we are being flamed for feeding (condi still finished top 30 so it couldnt have been that much he lost) while raist (who was mass fed more then us and ate 3-4 players that were kept just to help him at the end of the era) gets congratulated :) if your going to flame us flame those as well no?

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