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16:20:32 May 12th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

No topic yet... tssk tssk... who has the biggest target on their back this era?

17:28:52 May 12th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Has this era just begun or whats going on?

18:29:03 May 12th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

yes, peeps just starting to come OOP now

18:53:47 May 12th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Then i am here in the right moment to start my new life.

20:44:57 May 12th 15 - Bran (Mr. Norm Macdonald):

surely Pariahs are the kd to beat this era after their masterful plays last era??

21:12:39 May 12th 15 - Mr. Barnyyy:

I'll be quite late on my start so that I can settle near my kingdom, but rest assured that we will still give you a good Fecking.

Pariahs seem like the top contender this era but Jesters and MAD don't seem far off. Feckers and Relentess are small but they should still be relevant.

21:18:08 May 12th 15 - Mr. Bling:

We are the smallest, and have realistic expectations for a small kd, but we'll give it a go and punch above our weight. Hopefully we have a good era without all the nap crap

01:14:03 May 13th 15 - Rora (Heavenly Crystal The Not Active):

Relentless is 2 against MAD oop, we'll see how it goes :)

07:07:01 May 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Bling is wrong as ususal. Childrens Playground is by far the smallest kingdom on fantasia but of course we will not stay that way.

09:12:34 May 13th 15 - Mr. Bling:

There are two things that are true... the sun rises in the east and I am never wrong.
Your pedo kd has 4 kiddy fiddlers. Mine has 4. If I don't account for you, you are nothing worth accounting for.

12:27:48 May 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Mine is smaller then yours i am sure. It is clear we need official measuring to end this debate once and for all. 

13:35:50 May 13th 15 - Mr. Pimp:

I'm sure clown would be happy to go down and measure you up

15:43:53 May 13th 15 - Mr. Soccer Sniffs Gooch:

now that pariahs are all taken care of by two's time for us to focus on farming. You all shall receive a NAP request plus a free blanky. Thanks for the fun era!

02:14:46 May 14th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Doctor Shyers):

Can everyone nap me?

09:19:56 May 14th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Mr Kane of MAD is for some reason mad against Chilrens Playground and made it his personal crusade to destroy us. WHY?

We are peaceful people!

23:39:18 May 14th 15 - Sir Soccer Wnoallies:

he wants the little boys for himself!

18:07:12 May 19th 15 - Mr. Bling:

looks like mad and jesters have napped

18:44:41 May 19th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Yes i can confirm this. Its a conspiracy to destroy all that is good on Fantasia.

18:55:39 May 19th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

looks like Bling has sand in the vagoochi

20:17:07 May 19th 15 - Mr. Bling:

I put it there to give me cheap thrills. u still humping your sister for those?

21:10:44 May 19th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

not quite...

Mr. Sister Fister

Lived in Era 47, got 1 heir(s) (Brother Fister) and was a member of Royal Order of Claidmore

00:01:09 May 20th 15 - Mr. Bling:

ah ok, u like little boys.. each to their own

03:32:00 May 20th 15 - shyers (Mr. Knightinshyersarmor):

If they are young enough it doesn't matter their gender

04:39:21 May 20th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Delaware):

like my father always said, "if there is grass on the field, play ball. if not, take your clothes off and play in the mud"

05:55:18 May 20th 15 - Mr. Bling:

ur daddy poked u in the bum??? ah well, explains the retard i guess

11:16:41 May 20th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

A similar  one to Horus'. "If there is grass on the wicket, youre good to play  cricket"

"If it can bleed it can breed."

I personally like to get in when they're young. But you know some men like their steaks  rare some well done.

Bling I think that would explain a lot of things with shyers.

15:49:20 May 20th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I think this thread is getting out of hand. This is a family oriented game!

16:07:57 May 20th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

Pedophilia is fun for the whole family my friend.

21:47:22 May 22nd 15 - Mr. Hanky Panky:


00:18:07 May 23rd 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Doctor Shyers):

I perfer not to keep it in the family, too easy to find your address.

20:24:00 May 23rd 15 - Ms. Sockem Bopper:

shyers and i occasionally set traps up on playgrounds to catch our meat

of course jester and mad napped.....we nap everyone, that's what we are known for! Sleepy time in our mines!

19:20:53 May 29th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I have a question. Why does MAD hate everybody on fantasia? Anybody know why it is like this? Mr Kane of MAD is the most evil bastard of them all hating on Childrens Playground for no reason. Hunting us wherever he finds us.

We only want to live in peace and prosperity.

19:30:59 May 29th 15 - Mr. Very Evil Bad Dude:

Hate is just another form of love... i mean you dont hate someone you dont know. They know you, they love you, and now they hate you.... I mean Fordius has chased me around this damn mountain twice... thats true love.

03:15:30 May 30th 15 - shyers (Mr. Halftheshyersiusedtobe):

Hate is like love, it's basically the same as obsessions, which in truth is all self love, true love is selfless and true hate is unyielding thus both are impossible for humans. 

04:04:07 May 30th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

Who killed the dragon? :(

05:08:14 May 31st 15 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc The Saviour):

The dragon is still alive and fat.

01:00:18 - A dragon attacked Kalinteris We lost 0 Swordsmen, 0 Archers, 0 Knights, 0 Magicians, 0 Catapults and 425610 peasants in the battle. The dragon stole 8196820 of our gold!

That's two days ago. I have sent my guards to look for Bard, so he can kill it with his elongated iron arrow. Can you tell me where is the Lonely Mountain located and so that I can retrieved my stolen golds.

15:59:57 Jun 1st 15 - Mr. Golliwog The Black:

Can someone upload a screenshot of my dragon please? :(

18:35:48 Jun 8th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

22:02:04 Jun 8th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

That thing is huge. How can we stop that evil dragon?

22:02:38 Jun 8th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Loo Around):

train lots and lots of farmers. Poke it with pitchforks!!!!

22:10:18 Jun 8th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

The dragon bought stone worth 100.000.000 from me recently.  It is allied with Jester kingdom! They think tis funny?

22:35:13 Jun 10th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Kane of MAD this is to you:

Your entire kingdom is enraged OF WHAT YOU DID. Soon you will find no refuge as your former allies will turn AGAINST YOU. Rest assured that from me you will see no mercy. The time of reckoning is truly upon you now silly little orc.

23:54:53 Jun 10th 15 - Mr. Bling:

what did he do??? come out the closet? change his name to kim? what???

09:29:07 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:


I bet it was KANE.

And to the Jesters. Never stop fighting, it is not over. MAD will be defeated so halp me god

12:01:27 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Golliwog The Black:

Wait can you clarify what actually happened?

12:08:03 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I can verify it is a corrupt kingdom. My informants tells me the leadership is divided and unruly. They have kicked members who doesnt agree with policy of extortion and feeble threats! Totalt downfall is imminent as can be shown by their desperate acts.

More to come on this subject...

In other news the dragon is HUGE and is eating its ass off in the middle of MAD core. Hilarity for all the races!

17:25:55 Jun 13th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

Screenshot my dragon please? :)

20:37:01 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Hung:

Heres your dragon....

Btw, if you dont mind me asking...why did you leave your city of warehouses in your northern most area and let us plunder it over and over? This is my first real era and wasn't sure if there was a reason for it...

21:04:07 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Look at that! ITS HUGE! How do you kill it?

21:08:16 Jun 13th 15 - Mr. Hung:

Last time I checked it, which was 6 days ago....

Our scouts have found a dragon!

We estimate it's strength to be like 2185800 Slingers

I believe I need to be stronger than that....which is over 540k advents...

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