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Fantasia 64 Hillbillies Return
11:07:55 Aug 5th 19 - Mr. Davy Jones Daa Witty Capn:

Wish you all a Fan-tas-tica-ting era to beat the hell outta Aby's :)

We must break their 6th continuos fabulous winning streak, so they can't make any more Records :D

We Hillbillies will be with you in this groundbreaking adventurous Operation. There's nothing a group of properly motivated Hillbillies canít handle ;)

Did you know, Hillbillies were last seen 2014!!!

Our kingdom banner

21:49:21 Aug 5th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

Bring on the mighty coalition haha!

Honestly I hope we don't see the same old draining opportunism again

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Abydos12Dark Lord Demandred100
The Fecking Feckers21Duke Cao Cao68
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius XCV50
Underdogs9Duke Ajax39
Hillbilly Mafia6Sir Percy28
Albatross3Lord Caedus9

22:07:03 Aug 5th 19 - Mr. Davy Jones Daa Witty Capn:

You wont be this time Jelly :) Caz i'll be on the frontline Haha.

Most Powerful Rulers

Mr. Hanky Panky

Mr. Igniz Conquistada
The Fecking Feckers

Mr. Davy Jones Daa Witty Capn
Hillbilly Mafia

Mr. Fred The Terrorist
Mad and Dangerous

Konig Polydeuces

Mr. Wuu

17:58:41 Aug 8th 19 - Mr. Eddie The Great:

The question is:

Is it better to have Bling stop trolling on forums resulting in forums not being used at all, complete silence for days, to give us a correct assesment just how dead this game really is

Or is it better have Bling troll Aby members, making them react givinf us all stuff to read, even if the quality of the reading is weak, is it better than this complete silence?

18:34:03 Aug 8th 19 - Arkantos (Lord Arkantos):

The second one ahahaha

19:14:35 Aug 8th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

Short retirement from bling eh

19:26:35 Aug 8th 19 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

"iM gOiNg To QuIt ThE gAmE"

- Bling every era

17:20:17 Aug 10th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

The Dragon Speaks:


Theophilus, Dragon Prophet

22:58:40 Aug 11th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

The combined might of the Hillbilly Horde marches upon the Land of the Dragons.

They perceieve a threat. The Dragon perceives a snack.

03:23:43 Aug 12th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

A human, an Elf, and a Troll converge upon me. It is an honor to be such a priority. 

09:05:54 Aug 12th 19 - Mr. Bogdan:

Well, you do seem to build free cities around the map every era, so they're probably thinking that it's nice to get some free cities.

11:58:29 Aug 12th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Nothing is free.

21:25:23 Aug 17th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Where hath literally all of the discussion gone?

22:48:29 Aug 17th 19 - Mr. Edd The Great:

Bling retired from forum trolling.

Should not be a surprise forums are dead.
Those little arguments were only thing forums had.

10:42:59 Aug 21st 19 - Lord Caedus:

He says he's retired but if we all flame him in his absence - then he'll be back. 

Bling is a douchebag. 

15:23:26 Aug 21st 19 - Mr. Bling:

You're a pedocunnt, so whats the difference you kiddy fiddling perv

09:32:08 Aug 22nd 19 - Lord Caedus:


It's always easy to summon you at a moments notice in the forums.

20:06:38 Aug 23rd 19 - Stormy (Ms. Chernobog):

The above three posts made me laugh so hard the professor across the hall asked what was so funny😂

20:33:14 Aug 23rd 19 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

It's like that Bloody Mary thing haha :)

09:12:35 Sep 2nd 19 - Pirate Lewatha:

So do you guys think we will have time for another era after this one, seeing as VU will likely be shut down after Bling's massive lawsuit hits Zeta? 

11:45:14 Sep 2nd 19 - Lord Caedus:

I think we have another 12 years or so. Bling wot sue - this is his life. 

15:01:32 Sep 2nd 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus LXIX):

The post is gone

17:42:03 Sep 2nd 19 - Pirate Lewatha:

Bling is 'Murican right?

Seems like the US has a culture of ridiculous lawsuits. This one would fit right in.

If he were to ever actually sue ofc which he 99.9999999% will not because he is simply full of shit. Just like with those ddos attacks and anything else he has posted, really. 

23:45:34 Sep 2nd 19 - Endless (Ms. Arwn Undomiel):

censorship here (Blings missing post) in VU land? sheesh thought that was just something theyíre pushing for in the US

00:36:35 Sep 3rd 19 - Random (Duke Random):

Not like it matters, i'd like to see bling get laughed out of the room when he tries to organize extradition for "admin abuse" in a video game... what court judge in their right mind would attempt this?

02:40:50 Sep 3rd 19 - Mr. Eddie The Great:

This is probably the last somewhat competative era in VU, not sure if you noticed that?

I find the Mantrax posts funny about farming, nobody is really doing anything. You do notice nobody is reacting to all those invisible cities FW is preparing near Pesti? 
I am shocked why you guys are taking so long. 
The stuff Roxy does with dropping city near mage town and then using aotd army to take out magic city is not revolutionary, we just canít be bothered to react to that. 

I know of 5-6 people (probably more) who are just waiting for era to end and weíll not play any more. Its not the bug thing specifically, but bunch of sh1t that pilled up for everyone, and from being highly active fighter I check on game once a day out of habit. When my character dies I will not be upset as I would be month ago. 

Sprout is no longer playing, most likely Bling soon as well. Aisha will not play, Merlin quit too. Horus is back though but he kinda goes missing fast as well.

Hope the game gets more competative as now I am just more and more bored with each day. I was planning to just go silent and not make a post regarding this, but just wanted to thank friends and enemies for making it fun while it lasted. Good luck all of you still playing.

06:19:38 Sep 3rd 19 - Endless (Lady Salmon of Doubt):

overall the game doesnít  seem competitive imo, mostly what Iím seeing are a few magic jokers getting their yayas and everybody else is  😴  💤  or whatever...  wish Zeta would cast arma on Mantrax and override the voting part so we can see farmers fighters and the overall damage those dragons caused 😂. 

Valhalla is somewhat more interesting. Zetamania has maybe 5 people playing? Fant looks like maybe it might get interesting soon but I was late to drop there so not really certain how competitive it is.

07:59:31 Sep 3rd 19 - Lord Caedus:

Itís not competitive because itís the same old players. 

Iím telling you - turn this fucking game into an app and watch it thrive. 

16:32:40 Sep 3rd 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

I remember the good old days of 12-14 years ago where you had single characters and everyone tried to land on Fant with anywhere between 4-5 major kingdoms...itís kind of sad now...rlol what does that say about us who still play?😜)

16:57:56 Sep 3rd 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Venditor):

It tells us we're all too damn sexy to quit playing this game even though we are on the road to becoming senile. We could pick a retirement home for Vu vets or organise yearly parades.

17:56:22 Sep 3rd 19 - Mr. Mielo:


I remember the good old days of 12-14 years ago where you had single characters and everyone tried to land on Fant with anywhere between 4-5 major kingdoms...itís kind of sad now...rlol what does that say about us who still play?😜)

That you need a hobby stormy <3

20:46:21 Sep 3rd 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

More than you know mielobabe 

12:03:00 Sep 4th 19 - Mr. Bogdan The Trader:

It might also mean that the game is not so bad :). 

20:19:19 Sep 5th 19 - Mr. Hagar The Horrible:

I tried a lot of games out there during the years I wasnít playing VU and I came back because this is the only game Iíve seen that the win isnít bought. Also the only game where you win and live or die and struggle along or wait for respawn.  Itís a real game. Everything else is a joke.  We need to actively recruit players. My sons love this game as much as I do . I also recruited a friend of mine to play. Heís a first time ever player and so far seems to be enjoying it as he learns.   

16:21:09 Sep 7th 19 - Teirdel (Sir Teirdel):

Personally the game for me started going down hill with the separated worlds and multi characters. I was not here in the good ol days though the few eras that I actually did okay I remember fondly.

17:11:30 Sep 7th 19 - Random (Duke Random):

Zeta had a reason for separated worlds again, not enough players.

and people complained about waiting after dying to respawn.

15:18:56 Sep 12th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

so everyone enjoying the era so far? seems pretty balanced 

07:02:18 Sep 13th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IX):

And people are so helpful here. Always ready to give a hand.

Now take me - I have had a upkeep problem for quite some days.

But without I had to ask - two old "friends" stands ready to solve this for me...... I don't even think I have to worry much more about how to solve that problem myself.

10:04:57 Sep 13th 19 - Mr. Bogdan:

I've tried helping you, but unfortunately I didn't manage to help as much as I would have wanted, maybe I'll fix that problem entirely next time :).

11:45:09 Sep 13th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IX):

Well... very helpfull indeed. I wrote so.

Can anyone ask for more????

04:32:11 Sep 17th 19 - Mr. Joebob The Great:

Looks like FF didnít make it.

16:11:25 Sep 17th 19 - Percy (Sir Percy):

If Aby wants to make the few active players left wait out for them to take over the world city by city, be my guest. Or take pity on those of us who are left and let Arma end it. Yíall won fair and square, and none of your enemies are even active anymore... Let Arma end it so we can go again

16:22:25 Sep 17th 19 - Mr. Bogdan:

I thought only Bling's kd gave up, I've noticed you guys have some nice armies, Mad is on the offensive atm and alba is also doing something. Are  you sure you want to end this? Also it would be nice to give them time to reorganize, now with Bling giving up maybe we will get rid of that kd and we will be able to have more smaller and nicer kingdoms.

16:26:31 Sep 17th 19 - Percy (Sir Inception):

Theyíre the only ones to have completely thrown up their hands, but even the other KDs have one, maybe two members doing anything. The rest are already done with the era. In total, Iíd count maybe 7 members who might put up a fight, but they pale in comparison not only to what you have in the field, but also in regards to yalls income... itís only a matter of time, and my bet is after the 240 ticks are up yíall will have bested every enemy army of any significance. In my mind, it times out perfect

18:45:24 Sep 17th 19 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

you and Jelly certainly made my late era start interesting Bogdan, Random pretty much finished me ... I havenít a chance in h*ll now 😂 

19:22:54 Sep 17th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IX):

Don't cry my love. Move east. I (think) I have been allowed to make a highway Inn with music and dance. And some good food too.

10:32:24 Sep 18th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

No surrender.
Fight till the death.

We need to overcome this armageddon. Let's go....

05:30:13 Sep 23rd 19 - Mr. Bling:

Cao told me I need to behave in the new kd... 

so y'all can still go fcuk yourselves, but do it in a nice responsible caring homophag way

16:37:14 Sep 27th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus LXIX):

Grats aby, well played

16:49:34 Sep 27th 19 - Lord Caedus:

Haha I was just on the rebound with a large army! 

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