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GvE round 2
19:25:39 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

OK, I successfully casted Arma, and spent a some time balancing teams

Here is my proposal:

19:26:11 Jan 6th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Angry Hornet):

ewwww can't see without highlighting :P

19:31:17 Jan 6th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

Teams look fairly balanced, now how are you gonna balance the whole batch of new players?

Great job btw.

19:33:01 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

let them fall into place randomly



I'll be leader of Evil and make Team A = Evil unlesss someone has a better idea

19:35:40 Jan 6th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

The era hasn't ended yet. I say we put leaderships up for votes.

Once era has ended we can now all move to the places decided.

19:37:55 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

i think we can start the moving process now IMO....

voting will work so long as people want to be a leader... i put this concept forth in skype and noone wants to be leader - therefor I nominated myself for one leader... lets see how many jump at the opportunity to wear the crown... my guess is near zero

19:48:56 Jan 6th 15 - Bran (Mr. Bran The Malevolent):

put a mod in charge intitially and let the kd vote by themselves. the mod can then hand the leadership to whoever wins

20:05:43 Jan 6th 15 - Penguin (Mr. Pussy Monsta):

why anon is higher than me?

20:08:15 Jan 6th 15 - Bran (Mr. Bran The Malevolent):

told you this is what happens when you put ppl into tiers. VUers have inflated egos!

20:08:34 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

these teams not not sorted by skill... that being said you're probably like 15th overall

20:46:08 Jan 6th 15 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I'm number 1!!!!

I can't wait to play! kinda...

21:36:54 Jan 6th 15 - Mr. Hillwood:

I'd like to say hello to everyone. I am well and truly an newbie to this game and Prince Barigan and I have exchanged a few messages. Mainly welcoming me to the game and offering advice. 

Well, with everyones permission I would like to make a suggestion for the next era.

As I stated, I am a Newbie and therefore still learning the mechanics of the game. What I would like to offer, rather then be part of the Good or Evil I be left alone whilst I just pick up more of the mechanics of the game and see how city growth works etc. 

I would be a mercenary. Armies to hire. We can talk price and my armies will, can assist your battles. Any settlements I take in the name of a faction I leave undefended for my employee's to capture or if left unattended for their foe to retake their land.

In return, I only ask my keeps be left alone, I alone can never defeat a faction so I am no threat to any of you in that sense but I truly have nothing to stop any incursions. 

I believe this could make an interesting twist to the game. We could play politics over my armies. Either way, looking forward to playing with you all and will make a new thread explaining my terms and prices as well as any thoughts you may have. 

21:44:26 Jan 6th 15 - Mr. Hillwood:

However, in my ignorance. You lot may not be the guys from Qua :)

21:49:28 Jan 6th 15 - Sir Moon Knight:

i would suggest leaving "mercenary(s)" out of the picture for now as a slow progress of increasing players is the main focus/key. As it is a potential option for when there is more progression of players playing that an optional "mercenary" group(s) becomes available. But i think for now that having a Group A and Group B is a more realistic thing for the moment and would disagree having any untagged person onto a world with being left aside with to farm and play for themselves with no potential harm against a untagged militant. I would say most people would jump on the bandwagon to be a mercenary, then ended up with a small group of people who are actually playing the GvE.

21:50:26 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

hillwood, thanks for your idea, but there are world other than GvE for you to make that offer. GvE was intended for be a massive kingdom 1v1 world only. we aren't trying to have ANY untagged players. 

thats my 0.02$

22:09:45 Jan 6th 15 - Mr. Hillwood:

Well my suggestion was only to let me learn, I don't even think I chose the Good vs Evil world. I can respect your decisions. 

I was fully willing to roleplay, i had no desire of making a faction. It is a shame, I would have happily abided by any ruling. Only one settlement, after all. I have so far understand that if I get too big I couldn't attack anyone (So that loses me motive). Any actions could have been made public. Where I am going, my price (it could be beaten), it's size, who hired me, etc.

But I guess this would all be on the word of a stranger, so couldn't be trusted ... If I became to threatening, i could have been attacked. There really is no ruling against that, by leaving me alone i have no bias against you and would willingly fight for you. 

Could have been fun. Best of luck to you all in the next era. 


22:34:13 Jan 6th 15 - Sir Moon Knight:

The GvE provides players to everyone to improve their game play across the board, sadly that you are not willing to make an effort to attempt to play in a massive alliance with a number of the most experienced players that can provide essentials of mechanics and growth that they can provide. This is what this world was for, to share the "secrets" and/or knowledge to provide to the newbie and the other experienced players. 

Though respecting your wishes that you may wanting to play on your own and learn from your own mistakes potentially not learning what mistakes you have made without probably given exponentially better tips to improve your gaming.

I suggest that you would reconsider the benefits of joining a massive guild with much experience in the alliance that will provide a huge benefit to what people have to offer, than on your own.

22:37:59 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Prolapse):

might i suggest valhalla, armageddon, or talents to try your mercenray scencario

22:43:29 Jan 6th 15 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

Persona non grata, cÚst moi

22:57:16 Jan 6th 15 - Mr. Mavericks:

I would like to join Team A please?

23:00:17 Jan 6th 15 - Ms. Bart Maybe Lisa:

Just have Barny and Binh as the team leaders they just so happen to be first, and i would like to believe both of them are respected members of the community enough to choose good vices and to help direct there kingdoms to the best of there ability. 

as to Mr Hillwoods Point, I believe like i said before that untagged players should not be allowed to farm on this world, because we either agree to kill them off or leave them alone, they also could put cities in important strategic places for both kingdoms, and like this era not have the same view as the rest of the world on ending the era. 

23:38:45 Jan 6th 15 - Ms. Dwarf Dwarf:

Hello, I would like to be on a team

23:42:07 Jan 6th 15 - Ms. Lampercut:

I believe the best would be coming to a decision on who the 2 captains should be based on history (so they know most players) and performance.  Those captains can take turns picking players 1 by 1 out of the players who played in the current GvE era and let any newcomers just get shuffled onto each team.  They could just privately do it over skype so it goes quickly.  

I personally think Barny, Binh, and Horus are the best possible options for captain and I think many people will agree.

01:43:33 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Ignis Areth:

Wouldnt it be more fun if we had like the connected maps we had a few eras back era 35 of fantasia I think where all the maps where connected so why not have 2-3 map world connected and have a epig battle between GvE and whats is that each maps should be open after a week so that people can have a bit of a start

05:18:45 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Barney:

I've been pretty busy still (will be very active next era on Round 2 GvE, busy with wiki/otherstuff) but that list looks fairly balanced, good work Horus.

Minor points worth discussing before next round:

1. If I am more active than Binh next round (I suspect I might be, as I will be pretty active) then Team A might be slightly more active than Team B as a whole, but I see skype users on both teams which is good and it's really hard to make the teams much more balanced than this.

2. I have 3 new players/friends I am working closely with- someone I live with (and thus he can't play GvE as he must use a character on my account) and Lampercut/Dwarf Dwarf. Dwarf Dwarf is more active (not on the list yet) and I don't want to be on the same team as both of my noobs or against both of my noobs, so we should split them accordingly and probably put me on the same team as Lampercut to balance activity levels across the teams.

It would imbalance the teams if my 2 noobs ended up being active/highly impactful next era like I suspect and hope they will be, so I'd like the less active of the two (and subsequently the less experienced) which is Lamperkat.

05:23:39 Jan 7th 15 - Penguin (Mr. Pussy Monsta):

i would like to pick my noob to team A. TBL WHERE ARE YOU? 

05:27:38 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Excellent Penguin is going to give my less experienced noob some help if I don't get on his team, ty Penguin!

If only TBL were here, maybe one of my noobs could teach him the game?

09:35:47 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Chade The Skype Killer:

tbl can't resist Stormy's charm (can someone?) so get stormy to talk to him :D

after me and tbl had a beer drinking contest in november, he has never been the same since....only the stormy love can save him!

09:55:33 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Chaotic Neutral:

Shatteredworlds again? Isn't the map on rotation?

14:34:11 Jan 7th 15 - Sir Aloysius LXII:

can I join? :)

15:01:25 Jan 7th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

You people keep asking for captains and a draft. ... you are falling to realize that binh and barn DON'T WANT TO BE LEADERS. 

Also,  a 1 by 1 draft is tough because noone knows everyone.

Again,  every time I ask for volunteers I get crickets. 

15:46:21 Jan 7th 15 - Ms. Ass Eater:

Ok Horus is right about them not wanting to be captains and the list he made was actually pretty good in my opinion

16:33:49 Jan 7th 15 - Bran (Mr. Bran The Malevolent):

it looks good on paper but we dont know how active these ppl are going to be

18:14:24 Jan 7th 15 - Prince Erythnul:

hell just make the teams .

Horus - Team A
and if noone steps up for B i will lead (Whiro) just so we can get organised or we will even more players dropping at random areas away from there empires....

why is something that has been organised by Horus for us still to hard to do .. ?

18:22:26 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

Anyone who wants to jump to Kingdom of Good just send in an app I will accept it and add you to our skype chat.

Binh and Dark Spawn have already joined.

19:09:03 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Istiniar:

Net seems to be down in my area so will be late to the party

19:10:08 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

Please try and join a kingdom, we are trying to play GvE as it was intended, only 2 kingdoms.

19:39:49 Jan 7th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

If team A is Good, where I am listed, in Barny's team
Why did Binh join team A when he's leading team b?

19:41:21 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

You got the wrong team mate.

Team A = Evil
Team B = Good

19:44:05 Jan 7th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Its Good Vs Evil
Team A Vs B
Seems clear...

Well since I left Evil to join Good, I can not change any more.

19:48:39 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

Panic said:

09:33:01 Jan 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

let them fall into place randomly



I'll be leader of Evil and make Team A = Evil unlesss someone has a better idea

20:03:32 Jan 7th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

My mistake then, I saw Binh in the team so I went to the other team
Sorry :(
It should not matter, its the veterans that make a difference, I will stay in Good then and someone else that was not written down will join Evil, should not be a problem I hope.

20:06:25 Jan 7th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

I am glad to see people actually moving around.

Btw people should vote on the Good side leader.

22:35:33 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Mavericks:

Go Evil! Woooo!!!

22:40:47 Jan 7th 15 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia The Pure):


We are waiting for the leaders of Evil to accept your application.
You can choose to Delete the application.








23:15:42 Jan 7th 15 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

For a good game we need a good balance, 37 against 25 is not.

04:05:35 Jan 8th 15 - Ms. Bart Maybe Lisa:

i know it appears very unbalanced but alot of people in Evil are newer players/inactive. 

13:45:56 Jan 8th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

I do hope kingdom of Good gets another players else it will still be unbalanced.

11:03:31 Jan 10th 15 - Mr. Barny:

Good should be actively messaging and seeking out untagged players that have spawned around them like 'Romulas' and other people that I assume are outside of Evil's line of sight (N-not that we aren't all-knowing and all-seeing!).

There are about 4 kdless players near Evil and one of them has joined us and is immediately going to contribute to the kingdom, last era Evil took in 6~ kdless players (new players/returning vets) during the era and I think Good took in less than 4.

Evil also has a Skype channel with a few people in it again, I hope Good at least has some sort of optional skype/irc set up.

Assuming those things are done things should be relatively close but slightly favoring Evil based on spawn location (less open core) and player numbers.

12:56:47 Jan 11th 15 - Mr. Barny:

Is that Orc gonna run at our feared Elf player? I feel like I've seen this happen before.

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