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KBW recruiting
06:29:32 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

The Knights of the Black and White

Kingdom Banner

Name: The Knights of the Black and White
Members: 13
Created: 9/21/2009 4:16:12 AM
Leader: Sir Uther Pendragon


We have vowed to protect all from the overwhelming tyranny of those who oppress us. As the Knights of the Black and White we are not a Kingdom, but a brotherhood.

In applications:

1) Eras of Experience
2) Past kingdoms and person of reference
3) Your favorite role to play in a kd
4) Do you RP or not?
5) What race do you normally play?

We may be serious about playing and trying to win, but we are even more serious about just having fun with it.


We are psyched for the new era and the new potential members and experiences that await us.

Best of luck to all and I hope to meet you all on the battle field!


07:06:30 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Expect this Kingdom to be a never leaving presence now.

Whether you like it or not i will make it permanent.


07:08:34 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

GL, nice banner.

07:28:08 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


Thanks Arth
GL to you too

23:37:09 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

Goodluck guys you guys we really respected last era and that will be noted as will to others that helped us

02:28:42 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

One thing that saddened me is that we went a little alliance happy there for a bit because we did not have politics held in just one persons hands so we ended up not being able to help too much.

Though this era that will be fixed and hopefully we will make much more of an impact off our primary world.

05:21:43 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Sad part in all of this is a may be in some need of vices, activity is going to be a problem because a series of freakishly unfortunate events on my side.

Aries leaves because of a prior promise, Chuck shatters his leg, and Minor has housing problems.

I am in need of vices and some more members, lol.

05:35:14 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Platnium:

Good luck uther. Your kd members and yourself were very cooperative and i wish you a blessed fortune.

06:09:21 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Thank you

I wish the best of you all and tell Kev to talk to me sometime...

I have talked to him in ages, i miss the bastard.


13:33:59 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Samual:

Uthur, do you think you'll ever bring back the pendragon federation ??

14:39:17 Nov 1st 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic:

Best of luckUthur

17:35:29 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Pendragon Federation was too personal of a name so it kinda repelled members i think.

21:06:51 Nov 1st 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

Good luck KBW! =D

23:25:15 Nov 1st 09 - Master Advance:

Good luck Uther!!!!

10:21:16 Nov 7th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Not too shabby if you ask me...

Kingdoms in Zetamania
No Pulse27Mr. Papas Bear180
Untold Legends4Mr. Snow36
Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame5Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The First12
TriForce2Mr. Zaxou2
Grid4Mr. Gijoe0
raging demons2Mr. Hanchock0
Dragon Clan17Sir Timberwolf0
Kingdom of Heaven4Mr. Farmer0
Destiny4Mr. Kupo0
Pheonix2Ms. Jess0
Republic of Gonadia1Sir Gonads The Raging0
Trust Nobody1Mr. Trendkill0
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Revelation28Mr. Roxbury255
Phi Factor22Mr. Mavich201
Utopian Crusaders3Mr. Sarusian Plygaunt7
Kingdom Of Artemis2Mr. Tak1
JUICY4Commander Aligreat0
The ROC Elders5Mr. Ghengis Khan0
Shadows8Lady Alethia Dathlamir0
Juganitorii1Mr. Vallachian Knight0
Order of Braimul1Mr. Drava0
Hospitallier Knights1Mr. Guillaume Villier0
Riders Of Mordor1Mr. Rudvik of Mandor0
Kingdom Of Perry1Mr. Krumpingboy0
DA Communist9Mr. Wargbigb0
PUTU2Mr. Tungus0
Alice Academy2Ms. Alice0
Kingdoms in Starta
Hot Inactive Veterans36Sir Binh The General253
Dendarii Mercenary Corps10Sir Jondrus Copperhead68
Kingdom Berserk12Mr. Arch Shade55
Medieval Madness13Mr. Legion of Terror52
Brethren Forever16Sir Khain Dragonborn23
biohazard6Mr. Kronos18
Hamish2Mr. Hamish10
OutLawZ1Master Cloutier5
G O D L I K E2Sir of Violations3
Etchi wa sotchi3Mr. Hentai0
Black Dragon Empire5Mr. Dragon Knight0
Luny Park4Mr. Sicko0
Kingdoms in Nirvana
Rebirth31Lord Overcome226
Domination27Pirate Suqah199
The Knights of the Black and White19Sir Uther Pendragon100
Royal order of Claidmore14Duke Kevdwayne84
Brotherhood of the Wolf10Wolflord Karac54
Lightning Hearts7General Zondervan26
Nibiru3Prince Sprout19
The Empire1Sir Iahil of Gondor9
ATM 2Mr. Inactive Era8
Death List6Sir Uroril6
Girl Power6Lady Lillith0
Peaceful Beguinings 5Ms. Avenging Angel0
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Fate27Sir Feanor238
Mad Against Drugs25Mr. Aloysius118
The Guild of the Fallen13Junior Guildmaster Dragon46
Serial Killer1Mr. Serial Killer6
Bear Machines 3Mr. Bear Banger2
Kingdoms in Armageddon
Insane Asylum15Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau103
Fight Club15Mr. Pesto96
The A Team15Sir Coolcat90
The Ravage Regime11Sir Black Heart56
Assassins Creed2Mr. Bartimaeus XII20
Two Jelly Beans2Mr. Yellow Bean18
The Twisted1Sir Cadmus The Twisted4
Simplicity2Mr. Wuu3
Bane3Mr. Jumanji0
Five Stars1Mr. Weakling

I think in our position we are coming into this very well.


10:54:22 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

good luck :) I hope you wil be able to reach the rest of your kd :P just punch trough NP and you have it right?

15:45:34 Nov 10th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Punching through them is hard when they have so many developed people compared to what we have. We are equal in number but they've been settled for longer.


20:01:56 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

I declare war on this kd.

This kd is not as sexy as me.

I will rid VU of all unsexiness.

05:49:41 Nov 13th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


Revenge can only make a claim like this and weren't you guys just griping about you having too many enemies?

00:04:00 Nov 14th 09 - Master of Death:

Mr. Yes Twamao


14:01:56 Nov 10th 09
I declare war on this kd.

This kd is not as sexy as me.

I will rid VU of all unsexiness. what a big ego.

00:22:44 Nov 14th 09 - Mr. Stoned Polar Bear:

Meet Twamoa, the nub of vu :)

00:23:44 Nov 14th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear:

wtf wasnt you in tht KD?

00:24:31 Nov 14th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Good luck Uther,


I noticed you have chuck norris in your kingdom, super man may wear chuck norris pajamas but Ol chuck wears Ryan bellerose pajamas.

00:28:33 Nov 14th 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

where did the Knights go after zeta?

00:29:57 Nov 14th 09 - Mr. Stoned Polar Bear:

nirvana i think

07:47:51 Nov 14th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

We werent all on Zeta, thats why we were fighting an uphill battle there guys.

the war may have been a little more fun for you guys had there been more people to fight... lol

and yes, Chuck is the shit, but his leg got shattered in an accident so hes on some down time contemplating on how exactly what hes going to roundhouse kick for revenge.


00:25:11 Nov 15th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear:

lol uther we wasnt all fighting :P
there was me,zek,mama,and dancing bear on the skullsplitter side and a few others sweeping out the world for your guys :P

06:56:38 Nov 16th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Uther dont you have a mod buddy who can clean out your recruiting thread like Phi's? LMAO.

13:27:42 Nov 19th 09 - Sir Aries II:

If ANYONE out there wants a kingdom with great dedicated people to help you conquer your enemies then join this great kingdom. That is all I have to say. My app is in as we speak.

Btw uther, where is sensei sanoh?  :o

20:48:43 Nov 23rd 09 - Master of Death:

Mr. Sanoh I believe has taken a break.

21:14:40 Nov 27th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Hes taken a long break, from what i understand he doesnt play anymore.

i've called him RL and he lives near me and i've tried to to get him back on but i think he came to the realization that he really isn't that good.



01:26:51 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

can i join?

02:05:39 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

haha twamao

02:11:34 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Twamao stop screwing with me.

besides it wont even be KBW next era

02:12:54 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

i have no plans of screwing you. Ever.  So stop thinking about me screwing you.  Thinking about such thing is uther foolishness.

02:17:09 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


you're going to die

02:19:16 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

I have an idea for you.  Change your name to UTHER and all the members can name themselves like Uther Uselessness, Uther Foolishness, Uther stupidity etc.  I wanna be Uther Sexiness.  Yay for me!

03:39:31 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

You are no longer sexy in my eyes Twamao

04:03:52 Dec 3rd 09 - Master of Death:

That is very cold, Uther.


04:09:50 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

That reminds me of the song...

"Shes as cold as ice!"

i actually have that song pass through my head quite frequently...

i think its because women our age are horrible

04:35:34 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

Im as cold as a polar bear humping an iceberg.

04:43:54 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:



thats cold man...


how could something keep a stiffy like that in such harsh conditions? I would find that to be too uncomfortable to keep it up in my opinion...

and once again.

Twamao changes the topic


04:51:51 Dec 3rd 09 - Master of Death:

Mr. Yes Twamao


22:35:34 Dec 2nd 09
Im as cold as a polar bear humping an iceberg.


You would be the one to say that.

07:15:38 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

i would think that someone from No Pulse would say this


20:15:38 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

No Pulse sucks. 

21:31:05 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

this is true. but maybe they have learned a lesson and decided to start keeping their word, one can only hope.

00:31:18 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Kaze:

Nice edit Twamao

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