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Love of Battle
04:30:26 Jan 22nd 10 - Mr. Kenpachi:

Hot Inactive Veterans30Sir Binh The Elven War152
Gladiators16Mr. Gladiatorul103
Guild of the Fallen19Toaster Struddle69

Kingdom Berserk18Mr. Arch Shade100

Gripping his Two-Handed Sword with one hand Kenpachi whips it thought the air testing his swing  .  It has Been along time since i have felt this happy has been just as long that i have stared death in the face .  This is what i love this is what true happiness is .

17:16:24 Jan 22nd 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

*plays Final Fantasy victory music*

08:36:19 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

@ Kenpachi - didn't see you complaing so far when we only had 4 Gladiators fighting against 9-10 Berserks... why would that be?

12:54:42 Jan 23rd 10 - Archangel Argyle:

hot inactive veterans are busy with other stuff, so you wont get our full attention, sorry.

01:19:35 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

kenpachi from bleach if i am correct?

01:50:17 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Kenpachi:

Mr. Gladiatorul


03:36:19 Jan 23rd 10 @ Kenpachi - didn't see you complaing so far when we only had 4 Gladiators fighting against 9-10 Berserks... why would that be?

Complain ? i could not be more happy .  This era has been a blast and you guys have been hell of allot of fun fighting  .

  And ill add you guys have been most honorable and in the future enemy or ally  have my respect .

01:55:04 Jan 24th 10 - Master Windu:

Not bad for Kingdom Berserk. Good luck for this war.

01:56:50 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

lol not bad for kingdom Zerk indeed.

08:25:17 Jan 24th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

You cant really throw us into that group when we werent exactly the ones to start the war.  Your newer players wanted to test their might and kill what they thought to be an easy target.  After talks with Arch Shade we agreed to warring, so I believe that putting our names in line with both HIV and Gladiators is somewhat misinforming.

08:27:42 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Path:

I'm pretty sure they started every single one of those wars then.

13:08:39 Jan 27th 10 - Psycho Somatic Cthulhu:

Beserk have done really well.  I was scared for a while.  they still have a lot of life left in them yet.  stuff is still getting frozen.

17:51:49 Jan 27th 10 - Lord Adelbert:

Yeah, we have other targets, but berserk is still being raped as i see it. Our participation was not intended to add further weight on the strong side in an already unbalanced equation.

Infact, our intensions were to even the equation. Not only here, but in all of our wars. Take some resources from wars that are getting one sided elsewhere, and send them to harass another foe, one that at the time held land even in zetamania.

My excuse would be that due to circumstantial events that worked in our favour i guess, the confrontation became unfair.
Once the wheels are in motion, it's hard to hold back.

My apologies, and good luck

I also want to apologise to Brethren Forever. This world is vast, as an empty ocean. When two forces meet more than once, one should think that it could by no means be random events. But i assure you that we're not seeking you out.

I have seldom seen a kingdom like yours. Never give up, never give in. Always razing, always fighting. It is the nature of this game that the kingdom of the largest size before the fight becomes its victor. If it had worked in any other way, we would've had second, if not third guesses before facing you again as we do now.

Don't give up. And Dragon, hold the guys & gals together for future eras. I'm looking forward to follow your progress through the eras to come.

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