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Starta wars III
14:40:41 May 31st 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

Ya'll ready for a little bet??? (were the *beep* is the dignity of these kingdoms)

AoAArmy of Anubis21Mr. Anonymous282
ODCOdyssey13Ms. Bubbles141
TRThe Reapers6Mr. Sorra56


HoSHill of Sorcery5Mr. Azaghal100

This has been going on for about a week :-).
40 vs 5

14:43:43 May 31st 08 - Mr. Freyolnd:

Go HoS!!!

18:13:51 May 31st 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Mr. Azaghal go find a river and hide in there...
Or better cry me a river.

18:35:39 May 31st 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Just for the record its:

Odyssey, Army of Anubis, The Reapers
Hill of Sorcery, Old Fart Fanaticals, and Against All Authority

Just because Old Fart Fanaticals are gone does not mean the war stops.
That is your problem :)
We're not attacking only you, AAA is there too...

Dont be a cry baby ;)

18:47:49 May 31st 08 - Ms. Bubbles:

=S.. Open your eyes, Azaghal.

Do you think we are fighting you only?

How many members did you see i have sent against you? Like 5?

And FYI, i have sent others to help AoA attack AAA.

And why of all days now only you post this? Right after you see AoA is starting to attack you blocker?

And so what if there are a lot of members attacking you? You didn't plan it well. You attacked AoA, ODC and TR. So, of course they will attack you back. You expect we just do nothing? Pfff...

Please. Think before you do something.

19:56:40 May 31st 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

dude . :-). I'm just saying this is the war. I'm not saying I'm being pathetic. Dude! You guys have like every trouble beating us! Lol :-).
I just wanted to say these are the wars. BTW AAA is not our ally so :-)

20:05:43 May 31st 08 - Ms. Bubbles:

Yeah whatever. Didn't you read properly? I have been sending out a little members against you.

Oh really? Read back what you have posted..

20:42:50 May 31st 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

But what you write is not correct.
It was 3 against 3... We were attacking three Kingdoms, so dont say where is the dignity.
Its not our fault that OFF quit... They were with you, and you know it :)

Well, then I can say you did a poor job at finding allies :)

01:05:43 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Anonymous:

Azaghal you brought this on yourself like the fine ladies said.

I tried to NAP you but you never answered my PMs and then started to attack us when OFF got the upper hand for a bit.

so all said in done AoA tried to help you...

09:13:06 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

at least you can't say we didn't have some action ;).
Btw why is everybody saying this is pathetic post???
It's just the warpage. I didn't say I'm angry at you. I kinda love it since it has so much action :-). It's nice to fight a tough war like this ;). It's been a while since I had such a hard time (and soo much fun :-) )

14:26:40 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

i think we (HoS) can learn from this situation, having no allies is very hard on VU but i will try to make it a bit better for us, i am trying to make a nap with TR and a nap with AoA or ODC should be great! AAA is the only KD in top 5 that isnt fighting us. if they were attacking us, we were already thanks a lot to AAA!

00:58:15 Jun 2nd 08 - Mr. Viktor:

Lol, I would have said live and let live, but then you had to go and attack me when I was fighting OFF. I know, I know I looked like an easy target. But then again looks can be deceiving. Must have hurt when you prepped on Fizzleslot only to get wiped out after 3 turns...

Ah, memories. It has been fun though!

See you at Block Forsure.

01:16:14 Jun 2nd 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Not to mention when I came to the game, first account and all, totally new player. When he attacked me I asked him to spare me, to give me a chance. But no, he did not, and now he expects from us to back off?

Also in my case, I am sure he did not expect me to grow after he took my cities... Well, I can only say we will see eachother more... And I will not be an easy target as I was.

13:19:15 Jun 2nd 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

why should you have stayed alive.
That's the game raylenne, fight and kill.
Btw you were tagless, so why stop me?
You shouldn't have been so stupid to close your gates the first 10 ticks and you I did you a favor since your cities were rainbows, you had the chance to restart.

Btw why the *beep* is everybody pretending like it's my fault :-). Isn't the game a wargame?

The only thing that's pathetic is not that we are losing.
But that you guys need 40 men and still can't pass us!

So ok you guys aren't all fighting us, reapers is = 5. I see 4-5 men AoA, and 4 of bubbles.
Ok. It's 15 vs 5. But still that's 3 times. That means we are a little bit worse than 3 of your players so :-) Who's pathetic now? (and now the childish people are going to say YOU)

15:03:17 Jun 2nd 08 - Mr. Norris:

pffft everyones having fun, theres plenty of fighting, no major politics interfering with lets quit whining :D its all good on starta, been quite a lively era so far!

15:16:46 Jun 2nd 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Mr. Azaghal you started the thread by saying "wanna bet" ... that means that you wanna bet that you will defeat all three Kingdoms?

Well, I do not want to argue any more actually, I wish you all the best
Thank you for making the game interesting for me :)

21:14:31 Jun 3rd 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

fighting 4 top ten armies at once! tis will be funny!

17:31:04 Jun 14th 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

We'll who wants to bet??? Moehahahahahah.

20:49:07 Jun 14th 08 - Mr. Warlock:

viktor and annonymus.. i will be watchning u XD

17:42:35 Jun 15th 08 - Mr. Random:

so um, is anyone else stging on starta?
coz i dunno if its just me buying stone, but it all seems to dissapear fast....

17:50:04 Jun 15th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Azaghal congrats you have a KD full of backstabbers :D Now when AoA starts destroying you, I wonder when half of your KD will join the enemy side again lol.
Would not be the first time. :)

Its pretty interesting war :) Good luck to everyone :)

20:18:22 Jun 15th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

Raylenne, just cuz AoA has more power doesnt mean they will win easily, BAH! they dont have to win at all. End result is still open and can go either way.

00:56:44 Jun 16th 08 - Mr. Anonymous:

We will not win easily but im sorry Acerf theres no chance of you guys lasting 450 ticks now that AAA has fallen.

This war should be interesting and the more you resist the better. I hope you guys fight all out against us b/c i would like build more team work in AoA, so all said an done HoS will help us become stronger ;)

16:28:37 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

raylenne, do you really think that we hadn't enough power to kill you?
Phoetusman, Shalder and me are the only HoS-members who attacked you and you were nearly death. 3 vs 14 and you even werent able to hold us! mabey HoS is weak, but your KD is high-unorganized and 10 times weaker then HoS, so shut up. HoS did better than you, and yes, AoA is stronger then HoS, but thats b/c we started this era with 4 members, and thats 5 times less then AoA and now, we have some other players, but they didnt start on starta when starta opened, so their power is a little less than it should be when they were here at the same time as you.

17:27:44 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Lithium:

Ms. Bubbles


5/31/2008 8:05:43 PMYeah whatever. Didn't you read properly? I have been sending out a little members against you.

Oh really? Read back what you have posted..

seems to me a pathetic excuse to hide your not progressing battle :)

21:30:51 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

lithium, sorry... but what?

21:30:53 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

lithium, sorry... but what?

22:36:07 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

please explane!
who are you in gods name?

23:36:56 Jun 18th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

I have no idea who that is either lol
But I guess he made a comment on what Bubbles said in the beginning, when you said its many against you. Because there were not many against you. Only 2-3 people were attacking, others were not doing much.

Also, when you attacked us, you succeeded to kill our defenses because as we said, not all were in war. Three of you attacked and three of us were defending. But this war got the KD closer, and we thank you for that :)

Another thing, this is first time Odyssey was created, and also first time I play this game, and I am a temporary leader of the KD. This is not an excuse but I am just saying I think we're doing well as a new player in this :)

Aragorn, how would you call people that join the enemy in middle of the war? Thats why I said you have many backstabbers in KD :) I know, truth hurts :) We lost our defences only because we were betrayed, after we had the upper hand in the war, and you were going down.
Aragorn, remember when you sent those messages out to everyone saying its not fair and that you're looking for nap. Its kinda funny now you're all strong and tough and not that long ago you were all crying.

And yes, couple of days ago when you attacked my last town in that area you took, you said I am almost dead. It really made me laugh :) But then I realised that you actually were not joking and you thought that I have nothing left.
We all have at least 5 new towns and are already developed almost more then before the war. So don't worry, we will be seeing each other more :)

06:42:46 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Gporhp:

heh hows the view from under AoA's skirts?

13:04:34 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Random:

pretty damn good i'd imagine, you wish you were under our skirt =P

16:30:47 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Gporhp:

meh i choose honorable defeat to runnin and hidin behind the biggest KD on map ^^

17:31:08 Jun 19th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Its honorable to send messages to your enemies crying that we should be napped and trying to recruit people from other KDs while at war?
Thats how you got all those backstabbes in the KD. I wonder when will they go in AoA now that they see they will die. :)

19:18:15 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

Man will you give it a rest? HoS is not full of backstabers, 1 ODC member joined us and thats it. SO you see this is not a refuge for ppl we war, HoS has loyal members and you will  see it yourself when we finally finish off ODC and stay untill the end

19:39:24 Jun 19th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

I am not talking about ODC member.

As you know Acerf, you're TR member. TR and ODC had a nap and we were at war with HoS.
And what did TR do? They joined the enemy in the middle of a war...
Thats backstabbing for me. You were in war and you joned enemy side. Dont you think you're a backstabber?

19:59:35 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

Nope, it was the only rational choice to make in order to have any chance againts AoA. TR simply merged into HoS and thats it. Also if you want to start calling who's a backstabber... look at yourself. ODC refused TR to build cities in their core, killing TR armies going inside your cities and left us alone with war againts HoS when TR joined in. I understand u didnt have to do what i mentioned, but we had a NAP agreement that stated that we will help each other and allow to build inside each other cores. You didnt allow TR to build there and now ODC are hiding behind AoA.

So before you start calling names think about a possible reason that might have caused it, cuz we had plenty

20:07:48 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

your strongest merge is running away of me. OMG, who are the backstabbers now? HoS? i dont think... and if ODC is a NAP-breaker KD, i will personally try to kill it. i really hate NAP-breakers and i hope we will met each era, i like it to kill some pussies like you (-:

20:18:00 Jun 19th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Aceft... Think before telling lies.
I will back my words with evidence.

Mr. Sorra [TR] (5/27/2008 10:42:53 PM)
you can take demsterworld foo but later on i'll be retaking it, you can use it for now if you want.

This is in middle of the war. What is this all about? He tells us we can take HoS city but he will take it later. Why is that? Shouldn't we work together?
This was long time ago, when we had the upper hand and we were stronger.

You had your armies in our core, we worked together... Till you got GREEDY.

Mr. Azaghal [HoS] (5/31/2008 3:40:44 PM)
I am pretty sure you have noticed the fight we are having between The Reapers and us, maybe you do not know, but this war started with a betrayal.
They betrayed us by breaking a NAP we made 4 days before the war started, the saw us low on defenses and tried to conquer our cities.
I know someone in real life who is in touch with a member from The Reapers, and they are preparing an offensive in their core to attack you in 36 hours. Normally I wouldn't tell you, as we are in fight with you, but being betrayed is one of the most dishonourable things a player can do in this game. I hate when a players back stabs another, and even more, a whole kingdom.This is why I will try to avoid it for the best interests of the game.

Sincerely yours, Azaghal.

We are not the ones that wanted to break the NAP. You were planning an offensive against us. And your friends now informed us of it. And in our nap agreement Bubbles said you can not make cities in our core. That is because we knew that you were planning to attack us too.

Aceft, if you were a true allie, you would not make such a problem once when I was passing by your town. Right away you sent me a message to back off, to move off your city. And I was just passing by. So I had to use my bonus turn to move away. I remember it was your city because it was named Pomocna. And I remember it because we speak the same language I guess.


Who broke the Nap?
We did not break the nap with AoA or TR. You joined them... Probably because Aragorn was crying to everyone around.

Mr. Aragorn II [HoS] (6/1/2008 9:31:48 PM)
i think you already know that HoS have a little problem... they are fighting a war against 40 players and thas impossible to win, so i am trying to make some relations (i have to do it because our leader azaghal didnt it). I thought we possible cam make a NAP or a MAP and this are my reasons:
- we are stronger if we work together (wa can probably beat AoA)
- when one of us kills the other one, the winner will be weak and the other KDs will beat the winner, so we are both 'losers' when we dont change the situation
- we (HoS) are good allies to have, we have 3 very powerfull members (azaghal, shander and me) and we are already fighting with 3 KDs at once (its 5 players against 40), whitout having allies so we can be very powerfull.
- our poduction ddnt grow like it must be because we need to train troops for war
- working together makes good friends and you will meet old friends and they probably help you when you are nearly killed.
please think about this and reply on this message (send it also to azaghal)

Well... I do not want to argue any more...
But just wanted to say we're not backstabers and there is a reason why I am calling you backstabbers.
Over and out.

20:31:04 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

well, its simple, if you dont say that we have a NAP, then i think: they are allies with AoA and AoA is our enemy, so your my enemy to, so i atacked you for this reason and there is more: Last Samurai was already sending an army in the direction of our core so give me 1 reason to dont attack you. i have wait 24 ticks and you were training a lot in a blocker city close to the HoS core.

20:38:21 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:

Some AoA members, tell what you know about your 'good allies', but if you really want to hold them as allies, i wont stop you. if you had doublle power of AoA and AAA had 3 times more power than you, i m sure that they had made a NAP with AAA.

everyone, think about it before you NAP with ODC.

btw. raylenne, please say me why i am a backstabber. i havnt joined another KD and i also never give up. i will fight till i am death and i wont go to cry on a safe core, at the west of AoA where HoS cant hit you.

20:45:23 Jun 19th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

I did not say you are a backstabber Aragorn, only that you have a KD full of backstabbers. I told you couple of days ago that I think its better to have weaker but honest players and not stronger but backstabbing ones :)

I never called you a backstabber but I see now you said you will kill every KD that breaks a NAP. HoS leader already said that TR broke nap between HoS and TR. And what did you do to them? You did not kill them, they joined you. Does that make you a liar?

21:34:36 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

ok just to straighten some things,...

I joined this world late when KDs were already waring. I was made a vice of TR and somehow everything was left up to me. TR leader and vice vere inactive at the time and poor communication and poorly organized forum didnt help me with making decisions either.

So here goes: There was nothing on our forum about NAP with HoS, maybe there were negotiations but nothing final as far as i knew or could find on forum.

As far as settling in our cores. I didnt negotiate the NAP and on our forum there was clearly stated that we could settle. 

Regarding planning to attack ODC, i dont know what was fro the start, but what i was told TR decided to turn on ODC when we started offensive againts HoS, that's when we felt abandoned

So please, i dont want to argue also but i can't stand when somebody is calling me a backstabber, cuz im not , i was a new vice, new to the world and i cant take the blame for the KD leader who went inactive leaving me alone with wars on my back. ~~

22:46:30 Jun 19th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Well that I did not know. I did not know Sorry was inactive.
Thought I see him now in HoS just like the others

Army Info
Commander:Mr. SorraKingdom Banner
Kingdom:Hill of Sorcery
Size:Scout (1-5)

But hey... Who cares.
This is a game and really I do not want to argue with anyone... Lets just play the game :) It was not my intention to insult anyone, but thats just from my point of view. But sure, I see everyone was having communication problems. Same with our KD, thats why we did not have any defenses, and we lost the core easily. Because many of our members did not even participate in the war.

Anyways, I will not longer argue with anyways, I wish you all good luck :)

07:13:46 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. Sorra:

I really couldent give a sh!t winning this war because the era winners have already been decided all i care about is helping the KD not get masscared so we survive till the end of the era whitch will be a mini vicory for us. The war is kinda like WWII and AoA and ODY are the allies while HoS and AAA are the Nazis in the sense that the allies already had the nazis beat from and early stage, however the war did drag on long after the victors were already decided.

However, what i do care about, is when someone involves my name, or the name of my KD mates tangled with lies.

Lets tell teh whole story first Rayleen....
TR never made a deal with HoS, that can be backed up by both TR and HoS members in HoS. The closest tthing we had to a NAP with HoS was a Cease-Fire and that was only after looking at how ODY just locked it's self behind it's blockers and hid there while TR was taking the full brunt of the assult.

Whitch leads me to my second point. During the beginning stages of the war with HoS, everything was great between TR and ODY. However, When HoS began to become more foucused on There war with ODY and TR, ODY ran behind there blockers locked them and hid there. However, TR with no blockers because it is impossible to make them where we are, continued to fight for days and days after that. As you all know, TR had few players, I believe it was 5 players and only 3 of whitch that were active on a regular bases of whitch 1 just joined the world so he was just starting out.

  So when you simplify things, it was 2 VS 5 in close qurters combat. I know all of you on this fourm know how hard and deadly close qurters combat is, when you have lirally no front line and your economy cities are mashed in with your armory cities and no orginization and hard to coradinate...(the list goes on and on). However, that was only on TR's side. On HoS's side, they had there economy cities far back from the front lines while there armouries were litarlly ticks away.The front lines of that war was TR's Economy cities.

So even with all this, TR continued to fight on hoping that one day, ODY will finally unlock there blockers and send some amazing troops to save the day. Id been promised many times by bubbles that help would arrive, to hold on and not give up hope, to keep my mens moral and will to fight up, and beliving him (like a fool) i did so. And we continued to fight on. As a couple more days passed, the war got really intense on TR's side, we got troops moblized, moved them to there proper locations and such. I then messaged bubbles of our massive attack. I told him that i would not attack unless we get some help because that would mean suicide. We poured almost all our resources into this assult. my upkeep (if i pulled all my troops out of my friends city) was above my income, and i continued to pump troops. The Next day, i log on to find a message from Bubbles. He told me that they would be happy to help out and hopes that this will finally wipe Hos away from this area. But we'd have to comence that attack without them first because it will take a day from them to move the massive amount of troops that he said they were bringing around. He said he would also like to "Draw" HoS's troops away from theere armoury near ODY so we should start the attack first. So,like a fool, beliving him, i started my attack on HoS with every last damn troop i had.

I along with my fellow mates fought hard and were so enthusiastic about finally wiping HoS away from this area once and for all. Everyone was so hyped up. But can anybody guess what? The help never came. When we finally relized that help wasent coming, we retreated what we had left all the way back to our cities.

By this point, we were able to establish a front line due to the fact that HoS was off fighting in the west (probably with OFF against AoA). Anyways, everyone was so curious on the fourms about why no help came. Things started to boil up until many of TR's members were extremly anti ODY. However, we relized that they may have been attacked some where else and needed the troops to move there or somthing like that so we kinda chillded. Then HoS, came back with a vengance, just rampaging through our front line that we worked so hard to establish without the promised help of ODY.

We again retreated our troops to our economy cities aand it again became close qureters combat.

TR continued to fight on without the help of ODY. We were, putting everything we had together finally able to beat back *again* HoS outta our core. We established a pathetic 5-10 tick front line from our economy cities because we lacked the resorces to do anything further. I dont know what happened to HoS, they were probably in a hevay war with another KD (presumably AoA) and dident send anything for a while and we relizing that if we push on and they get pissed and begin to send he same massive amounts of troops, we'd be finished. So it was a mini stale-mate.

I then began having contact with different members of HoS. When i asked one of them if ODY has been attacking them, they said that they were surprisigly quite and that the only was they had accses to the ODY core is either through our core and under the river, or the blocker on the brige but they said the blocker was to hevaily defended and ODY werent bothering them so they were gonna focus on bigger fish.

I slowly became good friends with a member of HoS. I confronted bubbles about this and he said that he had "more importent things to worry about" I was so pissed of but the financial and military situation were in, not to mention the NAP, i couldent and wouldent do anything.

Time passed and the HoS assult started again. I asked bubbles to help out during the war becaus I said that we would be defeted if they came with the same amount of armys they came with last time. He said he would help. So this time, amazingly he actually send a brigade under the river and in our core, he then told us that this wasent an attacking army but a defensive army and if he used it for attack it would be worthless. So he said he would just patrol our core and if they came to colse he would attack them. He also said more "offensive armys" were on there way. However only 2 o other  brigaes came. Both were defensive and both just patroled our core. HoS slowly but surly was beating us back but we were all confident and all that ODY would help us. However, when they were nearing our core guess what ODY did everyone? They took all 3 if there brigades, retreated under the river and built a BLOCKER there. We were finally able to Push HoS out but in the process they captured the stratigic city of Mini ppl land *again* and my economy was runied.

I confronted Bubbles about this but got the answer of "We have more importent things to worry about" again. So like a fool, but still pissed and at almost my peek for tolerating ODY's bullsh!t, i said ok. However, i asked bubbles to either let me bulid in there safe core or give me a city in his safe core for a while. This is the exact message.


Ms. Bubbles [ODC] (5/29/2008 11:32:46 PM) GOOD BAD
Sorra. What happened to your attack?
You (5/30/2008 9:01:55 PM)
got repelled.

They are now invading our core.

We despretly need help, can you please send alot of men to help out cause it's a pretty big attack we have our Own defence forces but alone they will crush us however if we join forces we could repell them.

Once were finished, you know who there gonna go after next.
Ms. Bubbles [ODC] (5/30/2008 11:38:47 PM) GOOD BAD
Yeah i know. We too have a problem. I will send as soon as possible.
You (5/31/2008 3:03:26 AM)
I am sending a scout and a small force into your core. I am asking you if can borrow a city of yours or one of ur KD mates with a good income just till i have enough money to build my own eco city and an armory city somwhere else (maybe in your core to help you guys out but if you object somewhere up north but still close enough to attack HoS)

After 1=3 days if you guys give me a city with a good eco, i shoud have 3 cities build for myself with 1 armoury and 2 eco cities. After that, you guys are free to take back your own cities. This is cause i wanna keep fighting HoS no matter what, and our core has ben invaded cause we cant put blockers like you guys.

What do ya say?
Ms. Bubbles [ODC] (5/31/2008 4:57:08 AM) GOOD BAD
No sorra. We cannot give cities just like that.. I am sorry.

And sorra. Honestly i don't like a TR city on my core. Me and my KD mates wants our place to be ours only.. =S


 So as you can see, TR suffering all that, we still wanted to fight, we only needed help temporarily and ot hide under someones balls forever, sorta liek what ODY is doing right now under AoA.

Anyways, his responce was no and ODY attacked my scout force. Effectivly that eneded our NAP right there with ODY braking it. Here is the news report.

  • 06:25:45: Lolo lost a battle against Nazz from Ms. Raylenne. We lost 1 Swordsmen, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters, 0 Cavemasters and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured.
  • 06:25:45: All troops in Lolo have died!

We then orginized a cease-fire with HoS. Things slowly easclated till we just decided to join them. At that point our NAP with ODY had effectivly ended.

And now, we whooped ODY's *beep*s all across the map and back. They resorted to hiding under AoA's balls. They must like the smell up there.


07:44:36 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. Gporhp:

i almost cant believe i took the time to read that all...

08:53:00 Jun 20th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Mr Sorra... I cant belive how much bs is there :D
First of all, how can you say we did not give you a city.

Ms. Bubbles
5/25/2008 5:00:04 AM Ok.. I let Sorra has the City Ephad.. Don't worry guys.. xD We have a plan.. I hope it works. Lets take the risk though.. =)

So, Bubbles gave you her city. I dont know whats up with all that, we gave you a city.

When you asked for help, we were under massive attack from HoS. I guess your line of sight was not really good otherwise you would see we're under attack.
Of course we got your messages, and disscussed it.

Ms. Raylenne
5/29/2008 9:38:22 AM Mr Sorra just asked me to send armies in their core to help them against HoS.
And he told me to tell others to do the same.
Ms. Bubbles
5/30/2008 5:31:44 Ok Ray.. Ray, tell them that we are defending the top..

And whats with the armies not allowed passing throught our core? We only killed those that did not want to move out, other armies that came in we just asked to leave, and when they left we let them go. It was an agreement made by Bubbles, we're allies, but there are no building cities in cores, or moving armies.

Mr. Norris
5/30/2008 1:09:05 PM Mr. Travian of TR is sending armies through our core areas, everyone should be on maximum alert!!!
Ms. Bubbles
5/30/2008 3:17:00 PM I know that.. It could be worst.. I told him to move out his armies.. Do not kill it.. He is moving out... Samurai, open the gate so that he can move.. =)
And samurai, can you make the north block bigger?

As you can see here, Travial was moving his armies and we just asked him to leave.
So he did, and there were no problems.
And dont bs to me that you did not do the same, as you can see here:

Mr. Acerf [TR] get your amry of my city now or il get it for you
You (6/2/2008 12:51:16 AM) Oh come on, I am just passing through...
I did not have any bad intentions, I just wanted to get to the other side...

So I was just going to help Norris on the east, because his cities were taken by HoS
And when I got there I saw you took all of Norris cities.

Ms. Raylenne
6/2/2008 4:20:32 PM I just got to Norris's cities, and The Reaper took all of those...
What are we gonna do now?
Bubbles, you should talk to The Reapers leader, to give these cities back to us.
Ms. Raylenne
6/3/2008 6:43:27 PM Bubbles, did you think about this... What are we gonna do about Norris's towns, they are now taken by The Reaper.
Ms. Bubbles
6/3/2008 8:21:08 PM Ok.. Let me talk to them..
Ms. Bubbles
6/3/2008 8:23:26 PM Btw, do you guys think TR has a NAP with HoS?
Ms. Raylenne
6/3/2008 9:09:14 PM Well they suddenly stopped attacking them, and moved completely to us.
I am sure they have.
Aragorn said he will ask us and TR... I guess TR said yes to them.

So, AT THAT TIME; we already knew something is wrong. you did not want to give those cities back, and for some reason HoS only attacked our cities and did not attack yours.
We knew Aragorn talked to you, and we knew you were allies.
That is why we closed our gates.

And gont talk lies, we have been fighting all that time, and we have big merges to fight HoS but we had those little bit from the north, and not on the far south where your line of sight was.
I was on south, and I think I only attacked once from south, mostly it was from north as you can see here:

Ms. Bubbles
5/26/2008 8:58:07 AM
They surrendered. Ms. Bubbles. We have won the battle!

We killed a total of 358 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 1349 enemy troops.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Booo (your army)
Swordsmen 2 1 0
Hammerthrowers 1928 532 0
Axemen 1445 399 0
Runemasters 1969 543 0
Cavemasters 0 0 0
Paf (from Mr. Mattd)
Swordsmen 1381 381 0
Archers 0 0 0
Knights 278 77 0
Magicians 0 0 0
Catapults 0 0 0
Orc Army (from Ms. Raylenne)
Gaia 909 251 0
Hammerthrowers 600 165 0
Ogres 162 45 0
Shamans 11 3 0
Nazguls 3 1 0

We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Ms. Bubbles. We have won the battle!

We killed all of the 1443 troops and 0 peasants.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Booo (your army)
Swordsme*beep*r>Hammerthrowers 1732 7 7
Axemen 1304 5 5
Runemasters 714 3 3
Cavemasters 0 0 0
Paf (from Mr. Mattd)
Swordsmen 1222 5 5
Archers 0 0 0
Knights 251 1 1
Magicians 0 0 0
Catapults 0 0 0
Death From South (from Ms. Raylenne)
Gaia 1073 4 4
Hammerthrowers 1060 4 4
Ogres 195 1 1
Shamans 6 0 0
Nazguls 2 0 0
Orc Army (from Ms. Raylenne)
Gaia 784 3 3
Hammerthrowers 518 2 2
Ogres 140 1 1
Shamans 9 0 0
Nazguls 3 0 0
Bloody Hammers (from Ms. Raylenne)
Gaia 0 0 0
Hammerthrowers 88 0 0
Ogres 0 0 0
Shamans 0 0 0
Nazguls 0 0 0

And you say all that time you were attacking them? Well forgive me but I find that hard to believe. All the time we were fighting them they had no problems making more armies and just being stronger and stronger. And you say you were fighthing them all the time?

Through the eye we can see this information about The Phoetusman Lifeguards II from Mr. Phoetusman[HoS]:
Phoetusman Lifeguards II from Mr. Phoetusman

Through the eye we can see this information about The Dunedain III from Mr. Aragorn II[HoS]:
Dunedain III from Mr. Aragorn II

They were just pumping those Nazguls while you were attacking their cities?
Well in that case your attacks were quite bad I guess...
I know you were NOT attacking them, and its ok.

On the other hand, what Bubbles said is true. Every time she said we're going offensive we did go as you can see from our forums, planning:

Bubbles said:
I have asked Samurai and Chow to take the cities at flagged area -I see you- and head south to flagged area -Clear them out-..
And Samurai and Chow will attack HoS (which has taken the cities of TR) on the west side with Mattd and MY army on the east side at the flagged area -Clear them out-.. Trevon is an elf.. He has superb defense units! His armies will be brought to Good Boy for total high defense. So HoS will not be able AT ALL take over Good Boy.
And Chow's army is heading for an attack.. He will be attacking at south area as well.. :D

And since we were told you're attacking, we thought their defences will not be that strong.
And what did we find?

Through the eye we can see this information about The Dunedain III from Mr. Aragorn II[HoS]:
Dunedain III from Mr. Aragorn II

We found 1600 Nazzies and lost all our armies of course.
They you told us to come help you again. We could not becuse we had our problems, loosing all our armies. So we had to get back and recover.

And ALL that time, you had second strongest army.

Most Powerful Armies

Frodo Beggin
owned by Lord Zucox

Sct Killa
owned by Mr. Acerf

And since I am on far south, Sct Killa was on south ALL THE TIME; did not move not even once to attack. Ok, once I saw it move to defend a city from HoS, but thats it.
So dont tell me you were attacking, cause I know you did not. We were suspicious because we thought you were preparing to attack us with that army, what we found out later it was true.

So, when you were attacked, we were not able to helo.
And when we were attacked, you joined them? LOL
Well... Good for you I guess, hope you all are proud of yourselves :)

Another time congrat

09:59:01 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. Acerf:

just one detail - really im just straightening things up , not arguing - My SCT KILLA army that was 2nd HoH at that time, it wasnt as easy to attack with it, simply because it was in like a peninsula and both north and south was under enemy control, if i moved either way the way i didnt choose would attack me, and i know cuz every time i moved north, an army from south appeared ready to attack, so i had to return to my city and simply camp there :/

and to end this, both sides have their arguments and feel hurt, lets just leave it behind - hehe and that would mean turn off the only thing that revived this topic :)

10:18:50 Jun 20th 08 - Ms. Raylenne:

Agreed :D
Its damn strange why this topic is not active when we're not arguing :D
I think its strange cause ever since I started playing in this world, there were wars all the time. I am not sure about other worlds, but Starta has wars all the time :)
Its just that people are not talking about it :) Shame :)

Well, we had a nice conversation here but I agree with Acerf, lets leave this behind and enjoy the game :)

21:19:28 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. Sorra:


01:50:02 Jun 21st 08 - Mr. New Person:

You do realize that this thread has only three people talking and no one else cares?

Post shorter posts!!!

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