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The Jester Embassy!
20:22:33 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

(the jester empire thread may be deleted, thanks!)

The Jester Empire will return this next era. The vices will be Dakarius our father, Love our past leader, and the fabled Lady Mifune, well, cause we all need a woman to keep up morale!

All those interested in joining can do so by sending any of the above a message, including the usual stuff and why you would fit into this humourous kingdom! All diplomatic relations, please message me. Thank you for your time, and i wish you all good luck in the upcoming era, may it be a FUN one!


21:45:50 May 3rd 07 - Lord Drakos:

Nice, will be good to see the Jester Banner waving again.

22:04:02 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Deadly Doughnut:

i'd like to wish the jesters good luck next era...probly wasting my breath though.  No amount of luck could possibly help you guys.  :)

22:07:58 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

shame on you DD, im gonna eat your ass, what crappy kingdom will you be in?

22:09:08 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

lol ... I agree with DD on this one ... and brannigan ... what are the odds you could possibly harm someone?

22:11:44 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

im sure i could eat a doughnut

22:12:01 May 3rd 07 - Duke Efrandor:

This is a deadly one.

22:13:27 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

apparently so, but i will lay down the law on his sweat, creamy ass with sprinkles

22:13:42 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

Jesters are fun to eat ... they are crunchy

22:16:07 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

But, Jesters have a tendency to bite back, ferociously

22:16:58 May 3rd 07 - Duke Efrandor:

Wich is why you kill them before you eat them.

22:17:13 May 3rd 07 - Lord Osiris:

well even a mouse will try to bite you. until you stamp on its head or however you want to kill it :D

22:19:27 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

unlike mice, we arent scared easly(and we arent rodents), so we will see who consumes who when the era starts :)

22:22:37 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

it will be 2 era's before we meat each other again
however ... you'll end up pretty soon in mantrax I guess ^^

22:24:11 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

why 2 eras?

22:24:17 May 3rd 07 - Duke Efrandor:

ooooh, COLD ONE! :P

22:25:45 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

I'm doing a round Mantrax ...

22:26:11 May 3rd 07 - Lord Osiris:

we will indeed

22:27:59 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Morgan:

Good to see the jesters back. For what its worth.

23:07:26 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

it sure is a nice boost for your incomes ^^

23:31:38 May 3rd 07 - Ms. Selkirka:

I assure all of you good men that all of the Jesters are more like persistent pests rather than rodents.  For one, we seem to sprout up elsewhere, despite being stomped thoroughly.  We also have an interesting assortment, so neighbors can always expect something or someone... unique... among the Jester crew. I hope that  next era will be a good one and I bid thee all good luck and good night.


23:32:37 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

night night Selkirka

23:34:22 May 3rd 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

Good night? you just got home Selkie!

00:08:55 May 4th 07 - Ms. Selkirka:

I was talking about the peeps who are going to bed now, you iggit!

00:09:53 May 4th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

well, it wasnt very clear!

whats an iggit? is it a racial remark?

00:14:09 May 4th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

Soc, make the d*mn kd already, I just disbanded Darshiva.

00:22:55 May 4th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

he has to start on fantasia first i tink

00:41:13 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

only time can tell how jester will fare this era, yet i am still optimistic!

sobek, u say we will be going to mantrax this era, and u say u will be there too. so, according to u, wont we meet this era ;)

alas, u wont see jester in mantrax, we dont seem to like the name much ;)

02:01:40 May 4th 07 - Mr. Millenium:

woot!~!! i hate mantrax.. so boring..

and as for selkirka... *fires gun*
heheheheheh!!! die ramoth die!~!!

*fires gun over and over*
*wakes up*
woah.... wth?

03:52:57 May 4th 07 - Lady Mifune:

FYI...Soc can't start the kingdom until after the new era has started...for several reasons.  And Dak...since you finished the era on Mantrax, you wouldn't be able to join until the new era started anyway (you would get a msg about not being able to join because you are on different worlds). 

This brings me to the importance of not startring the era until you have heard from either Soc or me.  There are many reasons why you really MUST wait (if you want to know all the reasons why...PM me).  If you start too soon...we will be split up and that will spell disaster.  So PLEASE...don't be will be worth it in the long me.

Be sure to check the Jester website for more information.

And thank you to those of you that will be happy to see Jester back again.  We are happy to be back and to be together again.  We look forward to being reunited with old friends and allies and to fighting some good battles.

See you all soon!

03:59:36 May 4th 07 - Lord Oya:

Good luck to Jesters....i hope your members have learned enough to give a decent fight?

See you on the battlefield :)

04:21:31 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

oya! i never expected good wishes from u! thank u sir!

the battlefield it shall be, the era off has helped us quite a bit. woo hoo for the next era!

13:51:31 May 4th 07 - Duke Sobek:

Soc, I said you will start on fantasia ... but eventually that will happen :-)

16:17:43 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

then (if ur right, which i doubt very much) i guess we will see u on the battlefield as well! woo hoo, lots of fighting for jester coming up!

16:21:39 May 4th 07 - Mr. XO Love OX:

indeed...and i am very much looking forward to the new leadership ^^... all around i think all of Jester has improved tremendously and i think we will be an adement foe... thats to say that all of our enemies do not ditch us for that was hard what monks took jeez LOL....

16:47:52 May 4th 07 - Lady Mifune:

Don't worry....I'm SURE we'll have plenty of enemies.  There's always lots of hate to spread around...


16:49:34 May 4th 07 - Mr. XO Love OX:

their is isnt their...hmmm...well allow me to reak that cruel tradition... their will be plenty of "LOVE" to go around ^^...

16:53:05 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

how can anyone hate the fun loving jester empire? i mean, our whole motto is a joke....................

16:55:45 May 4th 07 - Lady Mifune:


And I'm hoping it's the kind of love that crushes, kills and destroys!  ^.^

16:56:39 May 4th 07 - Lady Mifune:


We have a motto????

17:01:39 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

well, our name pretty much signifies it......................

17:55:26 May 4th 07 - Mr. XO Love OX:

duh mif where have you been...the whole meaning behind the name Jester is that NOONE should forget that inner prankster...far to many ppl get sucked up into the world of maturity and they forever loose their laughter.... its a sad thing...some say its bad to stay that kid...some say that "when its time to grow up you had better grow up"...*beep* that... you can stay as immature as you want AS LONG AS YOU PLAY BY THE RULES OF can be as much of a joker you want... that is what i mean by Jester and mif i cant believe you needed clarification on that lol... are you in the right kingdom lol

18:00:59 May 4th 07 - Mr. XO Love OX:

what pic will we be using then president soc ^^

18:31:10 May 4th 07 - Lady Mifune:

Come on now Love...YOU of all people...should know that I live by those words.  If anyone signifies that in life...I would say it would be me.  lol. 

No...I thought we had a a "tag line".  When I think of motto...I think of something that is quoted over and over.  For example:  For the Kingdom. 

I would say that what you have written above is more of a philosophy...

But I LOVE the philosophy :)

18:59:23 May 4th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

whatever, the point of the game is to have fun. jester is all about fun, so thats that. same logo love

19:44:18 May 4th 07 - Mr. Millenium:

thats some awesome deadly love we've got ;) beware .... rawr!

21:20:02 May 4th 07 - Mr. Razios:

Head up for you guys, by intel on VU forums around the world by the Reapers, Auspex is back and with the V's will rampage Fantasia.

23:56:11 May 4th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I love our philosophy and I hate our love ;) change your name plz what was wrong with alex?
@Razios Ice, Auspice, Auspex always seems to follow us around. knowing our luck, we will end up right next to him.

00:01:50 May 5th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

and then maybe we can come out on top and cast a quick arma! hehe

02:12:06 May 5th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

personnally i am not scared of any kingdom started next to us, we have developed since our last era together and other kingdoms will recognise that soon

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