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22:51:12 Aug 3rd 21 - Endless (Ms. Amateur Magician):

I know, 78 doesnít have an era winner yet.


1/ Everyone whois not MAD or Bezerkerz make one giant azz kingdom for one era


2/ Everyone whois not MAD or Bezerkerz go get some sleep let the forever friendlies play 

Iím inclined towards 2, unless the active players on both sides are even or at least close

23:26:13 Aug 3rd 21 - Jarl Ivar The Boneless:

We could have a blue vs red war.

23:42:09 Aug 3rd 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

it would be very much like GvE, Red vs Blue, whatever you want to call it, but the map is essentially doing that anyway just in smaller kingdoms that canít support each other

06:12:43 Aug 4th 21 - King Duckk:

Option 2 was suggested at the end of the previous era, but people still dropped this era to find the same problem.

06:21:24 Aug 4th 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

Yeah I remember, just putting it out there again 

06:36:06 Aug 4th 21 - Jarl Ivar The Boneless:

Hidden Leaf Village

I'll join that KD.😁

06:42:27 Aug 4th 21 - Prophet Merlin The Magi:

Endless month ago 

These new rules players set up are just people trying to run tyranny over the game, not allowing people to play the game. Actually leaves the kingdom in protest of player made rules.
Endless now trying to enforce rules she was so desperately against...

07:24:28 Aug 4th 21 - Endless (Ms. Edited Byadmin):

find a dictionary and read definitions;  enforcing isnít the same as suggesting

btw, I noticed despite players on Valhalla saying there are rules to follow, they have no way of enforcement lol :p  not sorry I left, I saw some two faced comments on Discord that tells me it was the right choice 

08:13:49 Aug 4th 21 - Mr. Kool:

discord is rubbish... im old skool skype rules!!

09:13:30 Aug 4th 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

ha! yeah I had skype on my PC (until it died) but I find both somewhat distracting at tick time

20:59:47 Aug 4th 21 - Prophet Merlin The Magi:

I think you just read stuff the way you want.

Its the 4 kingdoms that were there that followed those rules as much as they could. Nobody else. And that was only suggested as well because only person who can enforce anyone here is admin. Other people suggesting something is enforcing that on you, and when you do it, its ok. Cool logic.

When you act nice to people and then trash them while talking to others, you canít really expect people to talk to you the same way? Once again its the other people who stopped talking to you after you trashed then in pms that are twofaced and not you? Must be cool to live with that mindset.

21:43:28 Aug 4th 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

I hadnít been talking specifically about you but judging by your response youíre feeling  attacked?  I was talking about Jasmina /Aisha specifically without naming her because a lot of people like her.   I liked her up until she got caught cheating despite her sanctimonious ad nauseum  whining at others about cheating. Iíve pretty much trashed her ever since.  Yes I just did insult you with the dictionary comment. Public insult.   Not sure who else Iíve trashed but Iím sure youíll enlighten me. 

I joined 1 of those 4 kingdoms not knowing about their rules, their control freak ways. Building inside the crayon lines lol.  I found out, I left.  

Here in this thread I was trying to find out what the other kingdoms want to do on Fant, if you canít tell the difference between suggestion and setting rules then Iíve got better insults I can publicly post unless Zeta edits or deletes them lol

23:43:47 Aug 4th 21 - Mr. Mavich:

wow, you showing some zerk qualities there!

basically that's what happened when they did form a coalition KD versus zerks one era, but after that most left because of the reasons you just gave. some people just want to play the way they want to and some insists to play by theirs. 

00:07:13 Aug 5th 21 - Endless (Ms. Edited Byadmin):

lol, have played with a few of the Zerkz roster over the years ;)

so basically they were just overpowered and gave up, so probably not part of the current kingdom players base playing Fant this eraÖ 

ah well, can hope someone comes up with a creative solution 

00:32:30 Aug 5th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

Trash me all you want, luckily I could not care less what you think about me :-)

01:08:09 Aug 5th 21 - Endless (Ms. Edited Byadmin):

you did that to yourself years ago, but I can definitely remind people periodically lol

03:11:38 Aug 5th 21 - Mr. Thogrim Dooblade:

Sorry zerks have the lockdown on cheating.. we are the originators!!  the others are the so called righteous cheaters.. they donít count!!

03:21:43 Aug 5th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Captain Captain Captain):

Any attempt to make it a black and white situation just screams "i'm guilty but pls ignore me" lmao

07:52:14 Aug 5th 21 - Mr. Buttseks:

so when can i start cheating again?

think its time for feckers to return

09:15:00 Aug 23rd 21 - Mr. Trogdar:

The Good Lord spawned me with knights so that I may flee my late spawn in the 3x era winning kingdom's core with double speed

11:42:47 Aug 24th 21 - Endless (Ms. Edited Byadmin):

ROC Trogdar?

21:49:40 Aug 25th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:


05:10:50 Aug 28th 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

I'm not back but I want to watch the map for the era, nobody attack me because I declare a nap with all...... Pleaaase.

00:32:28 Aug 29th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bling Bling):

Youíre safe from us

07:54:44 Aug 29th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:


07:54:44 Aug 29th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:


08:39:02 Aug 29th 21 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Who is Trogdar? 

16:44:45 Sep 8th 21 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus The Elf):

if you can vote-end arma, I'l hop in for an era

20:40:38 Sep 8th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bling Bling):

Whomever the twat moves dude is , weíve kicked. We apologize for the plague he cast . Thank you for voting no to arma, that was his final cast as a member of our kingdom. 

01:50:51 Sep 9th 21 - Prince Charrming:

Was the arma town taken so thats how it was cancelled? 

Just trying to figure out the mechanic

Character news

00:36:08 - Armageddon was canceled! There were 8 rulers who wanted the age to end, 9 rulers who didn't, and 16 rulers who did not vote.

02:01:09 Sep 9th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bling Bling):

it was canceled by votes

02:12:15 Sep 9th 21 - Sir Short Stuff:

8 voted yes

9 voted no 
16 did not vote
and it cancels it?
what kinda weird system is this?

09:11:19 Sep 9th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Blingster):

If over 50% of the total votes go to No it gets cancelled automatically i believe

19:03:40 Sep 9th 21 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

No no, its somthing with using game dynamics;) 

19:06:27 Sep 9th 21 - Sir Short Stuff:

33 players

9 voted no

that is not 50%

20:48:17 Sep 14th 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

Zeta, can you make farming more fun please... 

02:03:40 Sep 15th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:

23:39:02 Aug 28th 21 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Who is Trogdar? 

Trogdar often ask himself same question. Can we ever truly know ourselves?

We need Hanky (resident philosopher) to weigh in.

02:18:16 Sep 15th 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

"trogdar is and isn't trogdar, for the question can only be asked if trogdar isn't trogdar until the question is answered" -hanky <3

04:36:43 Sep 16th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:

Trogdar still willing to accept unconditional surrender of Berserkers+MAD.

16:04:16 Sep 21st 21 - Mr. Trogdar:

Trogdar still willing to accept unconditional surrender of MAD and Berserkers if it come with hand written apology

16:22:58 Sep 21st 21 - Phat (Grand Moff Moff Grand):

It was ended by capture. I captured it. 

00:59:39 Sep 22nd 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

Trogdar you had me fooled, I thought you were an old player for a minute. You've already lost. 

But you are active so gg. After you are finished, I'll tell you where you are wrong <3 

00:32:47 Sep 23rd 21 - Mr. Trogdar:

Only mistake Trogdar ever make is play Visual Utopia in first place.

Trogdar have long sleeves full of many more tricks. Trogdar is not lost. Trogdar is found.

00:45:17 Sep 23rd 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

Trogdar is still loved <3 

02:09:22 Sep 23rd 21 - Endless (Ms. Bling Bling):

11:33:10 Sep 29th 21 - Mr. Trogdar:


19:44:37 Oct 3rd 21 - Mr. Ice With Babes And Butter:

When the new era starts? This week?

23:26:02 Oct 3rd 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):


Someone declare a war against me plz

23:44:36 Oct 3rd 21 - Endless (Lady Endless Loop):

thought you were fighting Zerkz?

13:45:28 Oct 4th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

and its over

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