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Future vu kingdom
10:32:18 Jun 10th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

Iím creating a kingdom for the future

After I have advertised vu on YouTube

And vu has become big again

I will get over 100 million views probably

Who wants to join my kingdoms discord and idle there until after advertisement?

We need a core group of original players for a kingdom

Iím looking for 20-30 players

10:34:01 Jun 10th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

Obviously we can just merge kingdoms last minute

 But I want to know who wants to work with me

I also want to leave some space in the kingdom for a few new players to train up

10:35:47 Jun 10th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

I wonít call us legacy

Old legacy players can create that

I donít know what we will be called yet

Maybe ďThe IlluminatiĒ

12:21:26 Jun 10th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

I have venoms so far🔥

15:20:02 Jun 10th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus The Wise):

i'm in, but MILLIONS of views... we'll see?

15:23:13 Jun 10th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Venomz):

We'll get there if we're going to count Hanky's own views on it also.

12:26:37 Jun 11th 22 - Prophet Hanky:


I have 50 videos on wisdom to release

12 rap battles

And over a thousand poetry videos

To attract attention

12:27:25 Jun 11th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

Then I start podcasts 5 days a week

Monday to friday

12:29:21 Jun 11th 22 - Prophet Hanky:

Have faith in your Lord and Saviour🔥😂❤️😁🙂

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