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Information about OUR KD
02:33:15 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Serenity:


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Members: 12
Created: 4/2/2010 6:35:50 PM
Leader: Mr. Serenity

Our theme is based on the VU history.
As you guys can see we used old kd names that have been in the past of the vu.
Sadly enough cause of the word filter some kd's weren't named propper.

Zeta Zealots got changed into God Zealots and so are a few others.
Noob Table for example didn't work either.

Anyways I hope you guy like the idea and I hope the vets can post there
stories about what they remember about the past of the kd.

Let's all have fun and a Good era to everyone.

02:59:11 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Serenity:

Kd's Picked by our kd are :

WAR = Serenity
WAR = Vigilante
LGC = Legacy    ( cause of the past before it got here )
DB = Darkblood ( a bit like lgc part but way lesser )
UT = Utopia Temple
SE = Saiyan Empire
VuNN = Visual Utopia News Network
HAP = Honor and Power
H = Heaven ( the old one with me & ponsa & chefen and stuff )
M = Mirror
ZZ = Zeta Zealots
OWN = Mafia

That's all sorry if we missed a few more kd's but we didn't have the members
to pick them. ( So please post if you've been with any of these kd's ) and post your exp and history about that kd )

Curious to who have been where and did what and stuff.
Have fun

03:07:05 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Serenity:

Personally I've been in this kd's ( kd's on the list that is ) :

- Serenity
- Vigilante
- Saiyan Empire
- Utopia Temple
- Honor and Power
- Dark Blood
- Legacy
- Heaven
- Mirror

The time with Heaven was fun when it was a little kd ( ~7 members )
with Me , Ponsa , Marduk , Goek , Maarten , Chefen and prolly forgetting someone. We were pretty decent for our size.
But my time with Serenity & Vigilante was the most enjoyable and I think that period was the best of vu history as the battles were intense. LGC were my archenemies as I was theirs I guess. Back than a nice alliance war was up.
Serenity had the good friends Noob Table ( sadly enough we couldn't take that name as the N00B got changed into Message ) Serenity & NT ( prolly best allies in the past ) fought against Legacy & Narrse. I enjoyed those times.

My vu history started around the same time that this game started.
and ofc most of the vets have been either part of Saiyan Empire or Legendary Warriors ( who sadly enough nobody picked in our kd )

04:25:36 Apr 5th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

Nice movement you got going will make killing some of your players hard for me.

Personaly I got history with or against most of your picked kds

Visual Utopia News Network < was probleby the first kd I was in during the betas when my kd Thyatia in swirve utopia came over to try this out,

Narrse> took me in for one of my later short appearances but I still thought the game to unstable at that time and did not get hooked.

Sayian Empire> played with them for a couple of eras trying to kill the evil Legacy

Brotherhood of the Wolf> was not there for a long time but made some really good friends/enemies that I for the most part been waring ever since I left them and joined with the archenemy LGC they are a eminent underdog thats been around for a pretty long time now.

Holy > joined them  for their last era when they were on their last legs and got to be one of the few players that DVSmasta took with him when he joined LGC

LEGACY > one of the most dominating kds during VUs history, and I was actually fighting against them in the beginning and thus missed some of their early glory days, but I got stuck with them and played for 15 eras and made tons of good friends and enemies through that experience,
though all good things must come to a end and we disbanded the kd  after era 37 and Fordius created Revelation

Revelation > filled with lots of the old LGC vets under the leadership of Fordius we had 7 eras with varying success and its just afterwords I even notice that we actually were along that long, but we were always in the shadow of LGC which might be a reason we could not go on since all we did were less then what LGC had done.

04:39:16 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Serenity:

I've only posted the names that our members picked to play with.
not the list what they could pick from.
cause that list was longer but we only have 12 members and everyone was
free to pick what they wanted from that list.

That's why some older kd's aren't here.

04:54:20 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

Good Luck this era..

21:03:29 Apr 5th 10 - Mr. Honor And Power:

I've chosen the kd of Honor and Power. Because its one of the first real kingdoms, and they truly did represent Honor, and I like honor :D Power on the other hand is also nice, but power without honor... is boring and you will get no respect.

22:07:44 Apr 5th 10 - Ms. Niques The Brute Priestess:

Wow! <3 the theme! Sadly MAD is the only KD I know that last.

I just know those KDs when I'm scrolling the HoH pages.

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