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Mantrax Age 10
00:31:41 Oct 25th 11 - Mr. Braggi:

the first and biggest one, I thought the others were all killed before they grew to a decent size :p

15:17:06 Oct 25th 11 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus XVIII):

I'm moving my Fant char to Mant....

Any of you guys in need of a player?

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors20Lady Jade440
Music15Mr. Samual212
Notorious6Mr. Faustus107
Havok8Mr. Plokoon63
Infinity2Mr. Judge Dredd II31
Brotherhood of the Wolf16Mr. Red Hand20
Army of Anubis20Prince Anonymous5
Vice Squad1Lady Twelve Deadly Cyns Andthensome1

22:40:19 Oct 28th 11 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic Lucky Number XIII):

WTF... why you cancel ARMA?!?!?!?!

now i may take my services elsewhere!

23:01:38 Oct 28th 11 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

Arma city is gone ???

thx FW

23:17:09 Oct 28th 11 - Endless (Lady Twelve Deadly Cyns Andthensome):

time to organize a FW gang bang :)

08:00:48 Oct 29th 11 - Endless (Lady Twelve Deadly Cyns Andthensome):

Elsin is no fun

22:55:12 - Someone attempted to teleport Level Two Again!

22:53:53 - Mr. Lokken attempted to cast a spell upon us.

22:53:36 - Mr. Lokken attempted to cast a spell upon us.

12:27:35 Oct 29th 11 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

You (10/29/2011 8:17:00 AM)
Are your responsible for owning the arma city ?
Mr. Danygraig (10/29/2011 11:37:45 AM) GOOD BAD
why i may have mr kobu
You (10/29/2011 12:01:50 PM)
did you or did you not ?
Mr. Danygraig (10/29/2011 12:17:09 PM) GOOD BAD
yes i did why?
You (10/29/2011 12:26:32 PM)
Because when you where in my KD i would have kick you out immidiatly or are you saying that leadership of FW aggreed with your action ?
Wars on Mantrax are over, large mayority is waiting on a fresh start and now you decided, completly on you own to extend this period with almost 2 weeks.
I hope you feel really good about yourself.


15:06:40 Oct 29th 11 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus XVIII):

it needed to be said

16:13:07 Oct 29th 11 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Hammered Fail):

But  not to publicly ridicule him, jesus have some decency

17:25:55 Oct 29th 11 - Lady Jade:

What's not fun about teleporting your cities? Learning to fly can be a huge advantage :P

17:44:22 Oct 29th 11 - Mr. Danygraig:

actually kobu i felt good after your messages for what i did :) and lets be honest you get to have a good fight now for a little longer you might even die now.

17:47:24 Oct 29th 11 - Legend (I am Your Mother):

Awh big brother Kobu you mad?

Hihi Dany <3

19:04:20 Oct 29th 11 - Endless (Lady Twelve Deadly Cyns Andthensome):

18:38:20 Oct 30th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilber The Derp):

Day 23 of the search: We recently cancelled Armagedumb, as we still haven't found our KD-mate, Binh. We have scoured near all of the map, with only a very tiny region left intact. Could Binh be researching Armageddon, could be be inside the city that summoned the end of the world, could he be in the city the spell was casted upon?

New rumours are coming through that he has been hiding in refuge, in some mansion in Pakistan. However, another rumour says he is exploring the north destroying what small bands of enemy remains. 

11:06:45 Oct 31st 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Iesus Rex):

Bihn, i reckon is saw that name on one of my lists... i have killed 245846 men and women, so maybe somewhere in my mass graves outside former FW cities you'll find a body. I don't take slaves, so could also be in a mass grave inside a city :P

12:00:30 Nov 1st 11 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

Hey Dany

I decided that i still like the era to continue or shall i wait a bit till the clock runs out.

FW better not come closer else i pull the trigger.


Ultimatum with 2441 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Kobu...

Arma Ahoy Again is defended by 14822 soldiers who seem to be armed with steel weapons and armor. The city is also defended by 1250 peasants. And has 50 guard stations.

Our strategists say that we currently have around 100% chance of success for any attack.


20:25:08 Nov 1st 11 - Ms. Blues Clues:

Doooo it. Doooo it. Doooo it.

06:05:09 Nov 2nd 11 - Zond (The Native Peoples):

Our scouts have found a dragon!

We estimate it's strength to be like 1119600 Archers.

my farmer died :(

and they said you cant fight while in protection.. lies

22:11:02 Nov 2nd 11 - Sun Warrior King (Sun Warrior King of Semiactive):

Holy crap that is a lot of archers XD

23:22:13 Nov 2nd 11 - Mr. Clone:

is it one of mine? :)

17:50:55 Nov 7th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilber The Derp):

Day 31 of the search: We found binh. He was still in my sex dungeon all along.

17:50:55 Nov 7th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilber The Derp):

Forums obvz got so excited it made me double post.

22:47:29 Nov 7th 11 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

Music RIP

Thx all for joining over the years, we had great victories and big defeats, but spirit to continue seems to be gone.


22:59:23 Nov 7th 11 - HorusPanic (Ms. Lina Inverse):

thats a shame, you were a wonderful enemy to go against throughout the eras

06:48:58 Nov 8th 11 - Mr. Marauder Die Kill Die:

Well, thus ends my reign of terror as a vice in Music. Too short lived I say. And just so you know, I would have kept Music alive if it were up to me. Even if Samual and Braveheart wanted to quit. But ah well, Music may be gone, but there's still METAL! lol Well, it was fun playing with you guys in Music this era anyway. ^^

Anyway... are we doing awards?

07:46:34 Nov 8th 11 - Mr. Peabody The Teacher:

I'd think that's up to the you. I personally love the idea of doing them, but considering most just ignore them when I put them up, I stopped. lol :P

09:21:37 Nov 8th 11 - Mr. Marauder Die Kill Die:

I like them too so I'll do some.


The Bushido Award for most Honorable: Everyone really.

The WMD Award for most Destructive: FW

The Field Mouse award for least heard from KD: Coffee Break, cos they died pretty early.

The 'Say Hello to my Little Friend' award for most effective new player KD: None? idk.

The Stalin Award for Most Ruthless: FW

The Hippie Award for the Most Peaceful: lol no-one?

The John Mccain award for most Sportive Loser: Music?

The Divide and Conquer award for best NAP partner: Havok maybe?


The Rommel Award for Best Tactics: Me? Going around taking and destroying cities. lol.

The Merlin Award for Best Magic User: Kobu, Claylaish

The Sarah Palin award for "I don't know what the hell this is but I'll participate anyways" (biggest idiot on the forums): No-one this era.

The Four Horsemen award for Most Warlike: Most of FW, Most of Music.

The Hobbit award for the Best Farmer: idk about 'best' but on the HoH there were a few people with hardly any kills (or no kills) who came in higher than me. :P

The Jug of Whine award for Biggest Whiner: No-one really.

The 'That's MISTER @$$ to you' award for most likely to get slaughtered next era: Everyone other than FW (again) unless we all gangbang them right away.

The Condoleeza Rice award for best Diplomat: Usually I would say me, but this is the first era I've done awards that I wasn't the leader of a KD and thus diplomat, so idk, I didn't do any diplomacy this era. lol. Probly Samual.

The Benedict Arnold award for biggest traitor: None this era I don't think.

The Jack of All Trades award for best all around: idk, some of FW are pretty damn good though.

The "I'm Too Sexy for this Game, but I play it anyway": We know who we are. ;)

The "I Love to Do the Dew" Award for best roleplaying: No-one RPs anymore. :P

The "Hi, my name is Boxxy" Award for most annoying player: No-one really annoyed me this era. lol. But I'm sure I annoyed some people, taking their new cities. lol.

The "I'm So Hot I'm on Fire" Award for best and funniest flames: No flaming this era really.

Fun Awards:

Most Artistic Banner: FW

Sexiest Banner: BoW

Oddest Ruler Name: Babaganush

The Best Sp@mmer: spam spam spam

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