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New Kingdom Recruitment
10:34:47 Sep 30th 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

Hello, I am the Mighty Twamao.  Ruler of Fantasia.  As i am almighty and merciful, i have come to offer a place for those people who wants to try something new for next era. 

I am planning to create a kingdom for next era if a good number of people wants in. 

The kingdom will have no maximum number of members.  Everyone is welcome.  Even the fake condinho is welcome.  Falazar and his horde of multis too.  This kingdom is not intended to compete for top honors of Fantasia.  I will design it to be a vehicle for:

1. Improve player's skill
2. Teach communication and teamplay
3. For players in lesser world to try fantasia

Kingdom has no name yet coz i think its not that important.
*Message me if interested*

04:38:43 Oct 1st 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

So you shall knowingly break VU's rules to let in players?

05:37:32 Oct 1st 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

nubtards like you hephaestus are welcome also.  i shall give you the task of making me laugh everyday if you join. :)

06:06:37 Oct 1st 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Nah, I've already seen enough of you.

Good luck.

10:11:34 Oct 1st 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

i hope you're not patting yourself in the back. :(

14:14:11 Oct 1st 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

I'm not sure exactly where you gather that I am a "nubtard," seeing as I have never played with you, nor yet had the pleasure of helping to smear you off the map (my kds mates got there quicker.)

19:17:14 Oct 1st 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

maybe thats how he came to that conclusion, u were not quick enough to kill him ;)

19:19:49 Oct 1st 07 - Duke Mielo:

what a stupid offense you are seeking Hephaestus to offend twamao who was playing by himself on fantasia, while you where fighting him with more players ... Only use that kind of material against him when you win a 1 on 1 against him ...

00:09:48 Oct 2nd 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Fine fine my apologies.

01:36:41 Oct 2nd 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

Sir Hephaestus


9/30/2007 8:38:43 PMSo you shall knowingly break VU's rules to let in players?

I based my opinion of a nubtard on you on that post.  Obviously, you didnt notice the sarcasm in that.  Hey, i was suggesting a font to indicate sarcasm a few eras back.  I wonder what happened to it.  Looks like hephaestus needs a little more hint.

if there are others like hephaestus in this game (im sure there are) i would like to point that the post about the fake condinho and falazar multis IS A SARCASM.  for more info on what sarcasm is, google it you nubtard.

04:46:19 Oct 2nd 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

I just didn't expect you to be a sarcastic person.  Anyway, I have no doubt that there are many people who *would* knowingly let in multis.  (My first era in DR someone made a post titled "post your multis here!"  Yeah.)

04:47:54 Oct 2nd 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

you don't know twamao obviously.

04:52:28 Oct 2nd 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Nah, guess not.  I got a bad impression earlier this era, my fault.

06:13:54 Oct 2nd 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

I assure you Hephaestus i do not tolerate multis anymore.  I used to be a multi.  I know how they operate.

10:34:18 Oct 5th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius:

ye lol it still makes me laugh POST UR MULTIES i was like w+F so i kicked out like 50 members ;)

11:35:48 Oct 5th 07 - Mr. Oamawt:

50 members!!! omg. i love that kd. can i join??

16:38:45 Oct 5th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

50 multis in one kingdom! that means i was prolly in there 4-5 times!

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