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Nirvana 29
21:45:55 Aug 17th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

Do Wardens have any complaints about a "good" OOP player?

Have I accepted and delivered your challenge from last era?



16:20:17 Aug 20th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

you did very well, i'll give you that - but i wish i could 1v1 you and we had equal activity -  i'm completely skipping weekends nowaways and logging in 2-3 times on most weekdays

20:51:00 Aug 20th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

There was nothing personal, my friend :) I just got a bit frustrated by one of your players that opened her mouth too much last era and I am really sorry for all the rest of the Wardens, who had nothing to do with it. Credit to Ajax for apologizing on her behalf, but at the end of the day, it was me that the aggression was aimed at so I preferred to let my skills do the talking.

Of course, this game is 50% about activity, and so it happened that my attack was during a week in which I was not working so it was easier.

About your challenge - I accept all challenges whether I win or not, you should know this about my from our time in GOTF :)))) So pick a world, and we can settle it, should you wish to continue with placing your challenge

22:01:51 Aug 20th 14 - Stormy (Lady Stormycrow):

this is Chade's world...we're all lucky to be living in it!

22:09:41 Aug 20th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

Why, thank you Master! Does that mean that you can let me go out of the dungeon for a little while so that I can have a secret date with tbl?

14:33:19 Aug 21st 14 - Mr. Bill The Butcher:

Was there an ownage?

14:41:22 Aug 21st 14 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

yes, there was ownage

Chade I'll consider my schedule and get back to you

I've been in so many kingdoms I almost forgot abotu GOTF

14:52:06 Aug 21st 14 - Mr. Eddie:

Hmmm ownage risky spell but I like taking risks.

15:11:40 Aug 21st 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

no not the spell, the figurative ownage

15:27:22 Aug 21st 14 - Mr. Eddie:

That kinda too

19:55:10 Aug 21st 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

13:33:19 Aug 21st 14 - Mr. Bill The Butcher:

Was there an ownage?


Naaah - that was a gift for Edd's bday

03:41:29 Aug 22nd 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

I heard chade got an std, use a condom when you $@#% him

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