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04:00:36 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Valkyros VI:

19:56:58 Jul 15th 11 - Mr. Fleabag:

Doesn't really counter my argument though, Poly. Terms should be stated beforehand, if they're expected to be followed. Why are you surprised people pick up players throughout an era? Happens ALL the time, so a "vet" should know by now, to not leave anything ambiguous.

Yeah I know that people pick up untagged all the time, but we were already attacking him before they picked him up - and then UoI used that as an excuse to break our CF.


Korwyn you and everyone else in your kingdom are FUCKING MORONS.  We did not attack ANYONE in your kingdom until the CF was broken you fuckin' tool.

You (6/19/2011 5:53:57 PM)
Just so you're aware we were already attacking Sokidaggerite before he joined you guys, and we will continue fighting with him. This is not an action of rebellion against the CF.
Mr. Karl Marx (6/20/2011 1:59:01 PM)GOODBAD
I created the CF with your leader, and we agreed on the usual terms. Refugee or not, those cities flew UI flags and therefore you have broken the CF.

And it's funny - this is the first time I have played with FLL.  Even funnier is our leader was away at this point - and I was left in charge.

Alas I never said I would stop attacking him until you asked us to, and I only said sure becuase I used to respect you.  But obviously these tools that you've joined up with have corrupted you.

12:03:14 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Bon:

Yes the dragon went north to our core and stayed there for a while and then traveled south to Flame Lords again. That creature is too powerful.

01:27:23 Jul 28th 11 - Korwyn Blackheart:

I do not need your respect nor do I think you ever truthfully did otherwise you wouldn't of slandered/named called me so badly just for giving my take on how this era developed.

Roheran good era to you too sir. You were by far the most fun to fight against this era. I got a lucky chance when we first engaged and even after that you kept me on my toes. Thanks for the good fights!

00:41:47 Jul 29th 11 - Mr. Justdossingaround:

my pleasure, just wish it was a little more even now orange have turned up! all the best to you.



15:15:01 Aug 1st 11 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

Need a Nirvana kingdom for next era :)

15:44:22 Aug 1st 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros VI):

Doss you are Roheran?

[23:24] Mr. Polydeuces: Resistance youre name is so familiar, were you in velocity?
[23:24] Lord Resistance: lmao
[23:24] Mr. Boombastic: roheran
[23:24] Lord Resistance: ahahahaha
[23:24] Mr. Ajax: buddie your fourth now :(
[23:24] Lord Resistance: wtff
[23:24] Lord Resistance: omfg!
[23:24] Lord Resistance: its poly from velocity
[23:24] Mr. Polydeuces: :O FOURTH
[23:24] Lord Resistance: OMG
[23:24] Mr. Polydeuces: lol
[23:24] Lord Resistance: the guy that killed me in less than one tick
[23:25] Mr. Polydeuces: hahaha
[23:25] Mr. Boombastic: you have a good memory resi
[23:25] Lord Resistance: HE TOOK ALL MY CITIES IN LESS THAN ONE TICK -_-

You played with me before :p  do you remember this convo? Haha

22:12:49 Aug 1st 11 - Mr. Justdossingaround:

no, why would i remember that?

15:11:36 Aug 8th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Well outdated, but I lost my ability to play this era back when we were still strong and had our entire core intact. (I havent been able to chat to anyone yet to see how the era ended)

Im only here because nobody has gotten the damn story regarding the CF right!
Myself as the leader of UI, and Flame Lord Phoenix of FLL discussed a CF and agreed on TERMS, which included stuff like no hostile actions, etc. As a refugee, I was understanding that Soki had to lose cities as he was being attacked. THAT IS NOT why the CF was cancelled. FLL had armies of large sizes marching at our core, and had taken a city from a member that had been in UI for several eras. In addition to this, a few of our members (If my memory serves me correctly, I would say 5 of us) had reports of failed magic casts, which has always been considered hostile in VU. THAT is the breach of the CF and I told Flame Lord Phoenix this in a PM. He understood the reasoning and apologized, while Poly just bitched and back stabbed everyone, creating his own story like he has done since he first started this game.

I have lost contact with my kingdom members, so I shall write here. I am sorry I screwed up for you all on this particular era, with shoddy activity OOP, then 100% absence from the mid point. It is a shame, as UI was very fun to play with because of you guys, and even if I say so myself, we rocked :)

14:17:03 Sep 1st 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Ahhh, Bruiantt you make me laugh.

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