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Nirvana Era 45
22:26:17 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Ha Ha Zeus how are you mate your kingdom is doing Excellant I must add,

03:25:45 Mar 27th 10 - Mr. Selos:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Flame Lords Legion16Flame Lord Phoenix389
Olympian Dieties8Mr. Zeus216
AntiFederation9Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful100
Kingdom Berserk9Mr. Arch Shade0
Unjust3Mr. Xodotuisco II0


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Most Powerful ArmiesMost Powerful Cities

Roc Give Good Bjs
owned by Mr. Hartonius

owned by Mr. Chaos Legna

Speedygonzalez II
owned by Guildmaster Drenthiniotje

owned by Mr. Toto

owned by Mr. Knightenwood Flame

owned by Mr. Zuall

owned by Mr. Selos

owned by Mr. Peace War And Suffering

Beren Uit Het Noorden
owned by Mr. Stamppot Boerenkool Met Worst

Sorceror II
owned by Mr. Pantheon Curse

owned by Mr. Pan

Tower Forge
owned by Mr. Hephaestus

Temple of Ares
owned by General Ares

owned by Mr. Woozat

Dragoria Gate
owned by Mr. Roderian

owned by Mr. Little Claws

owned by Mr. Boyz

Charge Vortex
owned by Mr. Cmevictor

Spiral Wall
owned by Prince Toki Wartooth

Danger Zone
owned by Prince Toki Wartooth

Most Powerful GroupsMost Powerful Rulers

Flame Lords Legion
With Flame Lord Phoenix as leader.

With Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful as leader.

Olympian Dieties 
With Mr. Zeus as leader.

With Mr. Rocknrolla as leader.

Royal order of Claidmore
With Duke Kevdwayne as leader.

Damage Inc
With Dr. Demon Toe as leader.

Brotherhood of the Wolf
With Wolflord Karac as leader.

With Mr. Gladiatorul as leader.

Assassinate Neutralize Annihilate Liquidate
With Mr. Die Kill Die as leader.

Black Flag
With Mr. Horus The Loser as leader.

Mr. Hartonius
Member of: AntiFederation.

Guildmaster Drenthiniotje
Member of: Hematolagnia.

Mr. Chaos Legna
Member of: Hematolagnia.

Mr. Knightenwood Flame
Member of: Flame Lords Legion.

Mr. Roderian
Member of: Flame Lords Legion.

Mr. Hephaestus
Member of: Olympian Dieties .

Mr. Pan
Member of: Olympian Dieties .

Prince Toki Wartooth
Member of: Flame Lords Legion.

Mr. Selos
Member of: AntiFederation.

Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful
Member of: AntiFederation.

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Arthos V has won 106 battles, captured 102 cities and killed a total of 1797342 men and women.
  2. Sir Erythnul The Mournful has won 76 battles, captured 68 cities and killed a total of 904574 men and women.
  3. Khaos Lord Irule has won 40 battles, captured 57 cities and killed a total of 209200 men and women.
  4. Mr. Orange Wolf has won 57 battles, captured 55 cities and killed a total of 782788 men and women.
  5. Mr. Jackdaniels The Brewer has won 57 battles, captured 51 cities and killed a total of 575630 men and women.
  6. Prince Toki Wartooth has won 39 battles, captured 47 cities and killed a total of 972996 men and women.
  7. Mr. Zeus has won 55 battles, captured 46 cities and killed a total of 1169404 men and women.
  8. Mr. Chaos Legna has won 44 battles, captured 36 cities and killed a total of 1187473 men and women.
  9. Sir Sorra has won 25 battles, captured 35 cities and killed a total of 560259 men and women.
  10. Duke Drakos has won 16 battles, captured 31 cities and killed a total of 58793 men and women.

* Only battles fought against armies with more then 5000 OP/DP counts as win/loss.

03:55:17 Mar 27th 10 - Mr. Edd:

thats because mostly everyone from nirvana went to midgard

04:43:07 Mar 27th 10 - Sir Sorra:

Nirvana was a sucessful world this era.

05:05:05 Mar 27th 10 - Mr. Selos:

nirvana is super duper fun lol this rocks lol

05:28:33 Mar 27th 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

My timing sucks. If only we had another day :(

23:21:32 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Stamppot Boerenkool Met Worst:

Gimmeh my foodz!!!

why did this thread die???

23:23:25 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Cause there is no Boerenkool met worst :P yumyum :D
share me yourself :P

23:27:02 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Stamppot Boerenkool Met Worst:

NO!!! you allready toke enough of me OOP ! grrrrr

*hides himself from the hungry dutchie*

23:33:34 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Hmmm than I'll take Andijvie met worst.

23:36:06 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Stamppot Boerenkool Met Worst:

oehw thats a good idea... you need some piepers to make the stamppot complete? or do you have enough?

i am off to get some zuurkool and hemaworst so that i can make the best stamppot in the world! Sauerkraut mit würst und speck JAHWOL!

02:02:45 Mar 30th 10 - Mr. Selos:

well anti fed is off to another world ladies and gents

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