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Please come to Armageddon
01:01:00 Jul 1st 13 - Juicebox (Lord Uthgar Gardolfsson):

It was boring here last era. I want someone to actually war.

01:16:57 Jul 1st 13 - Mr. Ignis Pahgorim:

I joined :P

04:54:44 Jul 1st 13 - Exalted Salamon The Returned:

Kay :D meet you there

05:38:12 Jul 1st 13 - Juicebox (Lord Uthgar Gardolfsson):

Good! The competition is welcome. Welcome to Armageddon. Us Wolves (previously Blood and Sand) are the reigning champs on Armageddon; there wasn't much competition last era. Here's to hoping that changes. I wouldn't mind having to earn my right at the top. =)

08:52:17 Jul 15th 13 - Mr. The Hivemind:

The Borg are here now. Resistance is futile.

23:56:03 Nov 18th 13 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Eclipse):

Its weird, in a world that has been solved many moons ago, the voting for Arma ends up with so many negative votes. Why is that?
Who actually wanted this era to last longer?

There is a winner, nobody is not even close, we're just molesting the enemies now
If you all voted yes to arma it would end right away...


Armageddon has been cast in your world!

Currently 8 people want the age to end, 6 do not, and 0 people have not voted.

Kingdoms in Armageddon
Plague Bringer Jugulate9Mr. Oleim100
Black Dragons3Mr. Zatterton II13
Ragnarok6Mr. Ralya5
The Titans5Mr. Vivi3

12:24:49 Nov 22nd 13 - Teirdel (Saint Teirdel):

Any of the kingdoms from last era still around and if so how many people?

01:15:54 Nov 29th 13 - Mr. Sobek:

We left since last era (Plague Bringer Jugulate). We moved to Zetamania

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