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The Dark Riders Empire
15:15:17 Feb 18th 17 - Mr. Justanius The Elf:

The Dark Riders Empire will be back. I am looking for many oldies who have gone missing. We are talking Qassim, Tyrgalon, Rumpnissen, Cyber Assasin and many more. I wanted to let any of our former 80 members know that we will be in fantasia next era if they are still playing. We have not been around for around 9 years. Come and join us if you are a part of the old guard or interested. I have decided to do this as Fantasia has become very repetitive with no new kingdoms or new faces. We have come to bring spice to the game. If your Slade or one of those other old noobs I have been looking for, hit me up and join up fool! If you can get me in contact with any of my old vices I may hold off on plundering before I take your cities next era. 


23:27:26 Feb 18th 17 - Lord Caedus:

Or join Albatross - fantasia was so repetitive that we started a new kingdom 5 era ago and started a trend. ;)

23:28:51 Feb 18th 17 - SFD (Duke Hybrid Sfd):

stfu Caedus this is DR thread not alba thread :P

08:14:41 Feb 21st 17 - Mr. Gwap:

Or the other way round, you could join just cause I think your cool. lol

08:22:18 Feb 21st 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

Just a thought, if Caedus joins DR, who leads Alba? 

Stewie? 😂😂

09:56:39 Feb 21st 17 - Stewie Griffin (Prince Kva God of Inspiration):

I'm co-leading The Dark Riders Empire with Justanius next era, and can confirm that we will have no room for players belonging to classless or dishonourable kingdoms. Hence, Albatrash players need not apply. 

18:50:14 Feb 21st 17 - Mr. Chilean:


20:24:12 Feb 21st 17 - Mr. Etrigan The Demon:

Nice speech. But if old players doesn't come back I've a bad feeling 'bout this kd.

20:26:25 Feb 21st 17 - Sir Justaniu Fontainius XXXI:

There is a lot of misinformation here. Caedus is not the leader of Albatross, hes just Lala's multi. Also we promise everyone, that we wont nap everyone and farm fill a blocker....ALL ERA. Specially if we are the only two kingdoms on the map. Its not like we all forgot the crator map.

21:34:08 Feb 21st 17 - Sir Justaniu Fontainius XXXI:

Also for the comment about newbies. We already have two who intend to play with us, except they are very promising in my opinion. If anyone else is interested send me a message in game we accept anyone who intends to learn. Also we promise not to teach u how to nap everyone. 

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