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The IIluminati (possible Embas
05:50:25 May 7th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

You've probablly noticed the new name. Well you guessed it IE just got disbanded by Arzun, he'll still be playing of course the only reason he disbanded it was because he didn't have enough time to keep being the leader(just so you know the KD that has Arzun in it probablly won't be attacked by IE). Anyways so were renaming it to The Illuminati, Daimyo will be our leader(so any questions go to him). Because of the crayziness and randomness of this  I decided to create a temporary board for all TE(yah I'm going to call it that from now on) people, because most people(including me) are actually pretty suprised. I'm not sure about what our enrollment will be or are NAP because Daimyo will be the leader. So yeah this isn't a embassy(but I guess it could double as one) its just something so that TE can regroup.

Also if your really want a NAP or want to join our KD and post it here don't totally think that we'll let you in just like that. Because this era our recruitment/NAP process will be a lot more strict.

No flamming
No going off Topic

07:54:06 May 7th 07 - Mr. Basch:

OMG where did Iluminati empire go? and did that no0b go to legacy? lol btw can i join? :D

08:00:32 May 7th 07 - Ms. Lewatha:

is it TE or TI? I'd guess it's TI because : The Illuminati


But you seem to keep saying TE

10:34:37 May 7th 07 - Sir Lanchong:

Greetings Sigheart ! Nice to see you again.

Ms Lewatha, in Illuminati dialect, E is similar to I. Sorry for the confusion.

11:04:40 May 7th 07 - Mr. Toxic:

So where is the new Kingdom? I can't see it on the list to join?

21:20:49 May 7th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

    yea....I'd like to rejoin, but I don't see it there.....

21:36:16 May 7th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Oh man this is a problem, Daimyo still hasn't gone on. We can't start our kingdom when all of our old IE members have joined some other KD. This is a big problem, I could make the KD by myself but it would feel like I stole Daimyos spot. I guess I could ask Arzun if I could. Or if he has any Vices in mind. I'll PM him and ask him if I can. If he answers yes I guess I could start the KD. at the end of Monday if Daimyo doesn't go on by then. Or if you have a bettter Idead please PM me.

22:14:12 May 7th 07 - Mr. Toxic:

Someone whould just start the era. I don't Chuck would mind as we're already losing some precious time and will be slightly behind the rest. We can still think of Chuck as our leader if that's is the position he is taking. I think he'd be an excellent leader.

22:31:49 May 7th 07 - Sir Kataki:

I would want to join... although I have already started...

22:35:55 May 7th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Alright I'm going to make Illuminati. PLease put down who you want to be the leader.
Also I'll be the Leader but Daimyo will be the real leader. Hopefully next era Daimyo will be on.

Also which do you like more

Illuminati Empire or The Illuminati

22:38:46 May 7th 07 - Mr. Furonn:

I haven't started yet so I can wait till Daimyo gets on but the KD should get made as soon as possible.

22:39:31 May 7th 07 - Mr. Toxic:

either or

22:39:53 May 7th 07 - Mr. Furonn:

How about "The Illuminati Empire"?

22:41:36 May 7th 07 - Mr. Toxic:

fine, lets get started, we're already a bit behind and have already lost a few members to other KDs

22:42:22 May 7th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Okay IE it is. So start voting I guess. Okay come one come all.

22:46:20 May 7th 07 - Mr. Furonn:

K I sent my application.

22:58:46 May 7th 07 - Lord Arzun:

Just a second, will resize it!


23:11:26 May 7th 07 - Lord Arzun:

23:40:41 May 7th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

    Nice job with the lord title by the way ;)

00:33:26 May 8th 07 - Lord Arzun:

Thanks :D

00:52:24 May 8th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

    damn....I really need to start roleplaying. If i can get the Duke title, that would be so awesome. Duke Atreides....just like how it should be.

01:48:34 May 9th 07 - Mr. Barny:

I would really like to rejoin as a vice, but apparently restarting 1 and a half hours after the era restarts is too late for fantasia. There is no way I can get into this kd, or Fantasia this era so I will wait till next era.

This game is so *beep*ing broken when it come to families.... I got totally *beep*ed for having a sibling. Now not only did I loose all my *beep* that era but I also can't play this game properly.

01:55:58 May 9th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Barny Stop whatevery your doing. If your in Mantrax join us Immediatlly.

01:58:26 May 9th 07 - Mr. Ignis The Lawn Mower:

Um...can't you just resign, join IE, and then restart?

01:59:27 May 9th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Yes thats what I was getting at Ignis. In fact I just Pmed him the same message.

09:34:57 May 9th 07 - Mr. Barny:

This is bull*beep*.... total bull*beep*....

I tried just doing what you guys said, and I got a list of only zetamania kd's to join.

I asked the admin, and he said to get back on fantasia I needed to join a kd BEFORE finishing the tutorial, so i deleted the last account and now I'm on the tutorial.

The funny thing is now when I click the kingdoms page, I'M STILL GETTING A LIST OF ZETAMANIA KINGDOMS!!!

What the hell? So since i got delted last era for having a family I can never play on Fantasia again? Try again next era? What the hell? I joined again one and a hlaf hours after the era restarted... ang got put on Mantrax! What am I supposed to do?

This is bull*beep*.... I guess I cant ever join IE cuz I have a sibling who plays this game. All the real multi accounters get away free, and people like me get *beep*ed over.

Since I got deleted last era now I can't play this game again... what the hell is up with this? I get advice from the admin that doesn't work, and I'm sure when I finaly do get back on Fantasia I'll just get deleted over and over again... this is messed up... the system is totally broken.

22:19:00 May 9th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Crap thats bad. Try resigning again and joining while in Tutorial.

00:27:51 May 10th 07 - Mr. Barny:

If you would read than you would see that I am on the tutorial, and it's not *beep*ing working.

00:30:59 May 10th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Don't know what to do Barny try PMing the Admins with a crazy amount of letters. That usually gets there attention.

00:33:52 May 10th 07 - Crazy Xuaron:

lol you should have kept your old account and just resigned aply'd to IE and than restart not making a new account!!

09:32:20 May 10th 07 - Ms. Lewatha:

the new illuminati pick is blurred :(

15:22:13 May 10th 07 - Demonic Shezmu:

i must agree with Lewatha...the new IE-banner is smudged and blurred...someone perhaps got the bmp-file and then saved it as a jpg in Windows Paint?! if so...i think any other (real) paint program should make it less smudged if you do bmp->jpg conversion

21:16:47 May 10th 07 - Lord Arzun:

I am sorry but I must disagree. That is the exact same pic as last era.

23:06:39 May 10th 07 - Mr. Barny:

Hey Xuaron, read what I said then comment. Has to be like the 5th time i've tried that.

20:42:38 May 13th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Well Barny you finally got on so it doesn't matter.

20:46:03 May 13th 07 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Maybe we could have got a more organised start...  I will most probably make my Kd next era or if not the one after, and all IE members will be welcomed

21:14:44 May 13th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Most people don't realize this but we got screwed over the moment we started, heck the fact were doing this good is a momentum to our awesomness. Next era our Organization will be much better. Mainly because our members won't be spread across the map.

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