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Wolf Pack Embassy II
01:14:27 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

First of all, Hi, and in case there used to be a Kingdom with this name, which is very likely, This Kingdom has nothing to do with any past Kingdoms, it is completely new and recruiting some people that would like to be part of this Clan...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wolf Pack is a Kingdom for those who wish to stay, everyone in this Kingdom will cooperate with his/her Kingdom-mates and we will all stand by eachother until the end. So if you are looking for a team of active and loyal players then send an application.

1) to be active and log on everyday unless you have a good reason not to.
2) to be loyal, if you leave without a good reason then you not only hurt your honor but you get hurt by the rest of us.
3) know how to have fun, its just a game and we are all playing so lets just have fun but show you are mature when it is necessary.


Dont apply here, the Wolf Pack is currently in Nirvana, so anyone there can apply, dont send a lame application though, atleast show that you do want to join.

01:17:40 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Yoshi:

uh your in starta.....

01:44:06 Sep 12th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Another wolf?? I think they are breeding....oh well good luck >_>

03:16:36 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

Yeah ;D the KD list when I started said Nirvana and I didnt bother to check, so my bad, everyone will notice though.

And yes Lord Charley, its Wolf mating season ;P


Lord Charley Deallus


9/11/2008 5:44:06 PM
Another wolf?? I think they are breeding....oh well good luck >_>

My Name before Kratos Wolf was, Another Wolf, cool coincidence that you said that ;D

But I dont plan to role-play an animal, just follow its way of living and fighting, when you whatch a video of a wolf pack hunting you can see how calm and organized they are.

Also: The Wolf part of my name is my char's Last Name... it will stay with my following characters as true Heirs to the throne ;)

03:47:20 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Sokine:

why dont u remake brotherhood of the wolf?

03:51:01 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

Wolf has nothing to do with Brotherhood of the wolf... they are a totally different KD which I was never part of, so if they wish to reform its their decision but I cannot remake or reclaim something I never had.

03:51:51 Sep 12th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

I thought it was remade......did it disband already?

03:55:45 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

I dont know, but anything about remaking and disbanding is always posted, so lets see what pops up.

04:01:58 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Soccerwithnotheme:

they were simply destroyed by DB then joined WoL

04:09:26 Sep 12th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

ok thanks for telling us, anyways lets not forget this is Wolf Pack embassy, not Wolf News Daily... if you want I can make you a thread for that, but lets keep mah embassy for recruitment and political purposes plz ;D

04:27:48 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Rubyian:

Your spelling has improved Dire..... Couldn't find more than 5 or 6 errors in there..... And no cussing! Thats a nice change..... Good luck on Starta ^^'

06:15:54 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Zamorak:


Hes going to start cussing and maekeing speelinh erors agian because you said that!

But mabye not i could be wrong.....

14:45:07 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Yoshi:

No hes not hes not like that.

Or is he? =O

17:05:54 Sep 12th 08 - Mr. Rubyian:

Yoshi >.< You were the one that did most of the cussing at me. My post was mostly a joke, me and Dire sorted it out in the end, I'll be nice.

You had the worst spelling and did some major sailor talk at me though, not Dire.

03:27:50 Sep 15th 08 - Sir Kratos Wolf:

Sailor talk?... lol, what about Mafia's "gangstah slanglish", you could only find one error in his messages, and that was the whole message itself >.>

05:12:18 Sep 15th 08 - Mr. Rubyian:

That guy annoyed me so bad >.< It was after we sorted the whole thing out that he finally decided to flame me. From the few parts of his posts that I could understand he sounded rather angry at me and rather loyal to SS.... I think he needed a tampon or something... And then just a little while after that he got scared and switched sides -.-

12:39:50 Sep 15th 08 - Duke Slade:

Wolf Kingdoms FTW!!!!

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