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ADMIN, put some effort into it
23:47:05 Dec 1st 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

VU was a ripoff from Utopia from the start. A social game, add a kingdom, and then a map where you could move stuff around. Take the best thing from Utopia (the kingdoms) and add a new dimension to it (the map) and you have a great concept.

VU always was, and still is a great concept. Its just a shame that nothing has happened with the game over all these years. The game has been static at a couple hundred active players for so long, and yet no effort whatsoever is made to expand upon the game. Make it bigger, better, more popular, interesting, more challenging. Add something to it. Bring in new blood. Hell, do something.

Listen to the players about whats wrong with the game. When something does go wrong, like this era on Fantasia.. dont just pretend like everything is fine.. restart the era and admit you screwed up by making the map tiny and placing all kingdoms within a few clicks of eachother.

Spend a week improving the game. Pay some graphics guy a lil money to come up with some fresh new graphics and ideas. Dont ignore the loyal playerbase. Start playing the game, competitively.

In another game called Astro Empires.. the admins have about 10.000 players.. and the amazing thing they accomplished is that theyre actually making money. hundreds of players are paying 2-3 euros a month for small advantages in the game.. and that game is basically just a big database with a forum and a few planets.. it can be done.

Put some effort into VU. Improve the game, make it exciting to play. Adapt it so that a thousand people can enjoy it, not just a couple hundred.

Its worth the effort.

23:53:42 Dec 1st 08 - Mr. Snoppiora:

Maybe its not his goal with this whole thing.

Give the guy a rest, if you so likely want the game to change it from him?

00:12:59 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Wilber:

Rox knows what he's talking about.

Zeta will surely do something.

00:17:56 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

So why not create a wishlist? and then those that can do something might do it if Zeta is prepared to discuss options for their time and input.

00:21:35 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Snoppiora:

nah, rox aint knowing what hes talking about. He's talking on behalf of those who quit earlier since there was no improvements into the game. (Including me)

00:31:28 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Kegstand Mcfarland:

Ya I play Astro Empires also, it is fun in it's own way but at the same time it lacks alot too. One huge difference between the two is that in AE you can get bumrushed by anyone at anytime if you happen to work or have a family it can be hard to keep things in order, not only that but you can't merge forces which would help a ton for the less active. You also have to be exact in timing attacks and the travel times can be somewhat daunting to a non basementized person :) However it does have alot of draw being that it is a browser based version of EVE more or less.

On the other side of the coin I agree 100% that there could be some things done to VU that would make it much more appealing. There are also a ton of things that can be done in the marketing area that would help to bring in cash to the owner of this game. The hard part is implementing said things so they are cheap yet don't overpower the paying customer so much that it scares the free peeps away.

I am sure there are several things that veterans can name that would help to create an easier system of play as I being 2 era's old can already come up with a huge list of things that would help. To name a very few..To help with your costs and profits you may implement a race which only paying customers gain use of. Keep the fee small for ease of access yet not overpowered so that it dwarfs the free races.

You could implement several ideas like this which would be well worth the effort. Updated graffics would help totally to entice new players to stop in. Wouldn't even have to be too intensive but maybe a small makoever to start and work your way to the point where you come up with facelifts for the races randomly each era etc. Tons and tons more stuff...

Anyhoo a bit longwinded sorry. Just trying to help!

00:35:50 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Samulis The Magnificent:

Snoppiora is right, Zeta (a.k.a. Mr. Zetterberg) is not exactly trying to rip off people. To him, the game appears to be a hobby. Notice how little he posts in the forums? That is because each day he is over-flooded with complaints and suggestions just like yours! I have already said the same thing elsewhere, he has a life too! He probabily has a family to feed and spend time with. Not all of us can spend our lives next to the computer.

00:40:53 Dec 2nd 08 - Master Cloutier:

Wait is he selling this. I would love to buy it. lol

00:42:49 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

     Not all of us vets are gone, the ones who truly see the potential of this game are still here hoping that one day Zeta will make it what we all know it can be. 

We've made lists, we've made petitions, we've done everything within our power to get him to change things around in a way that will make the game better.  It's up to Zeta now to take VU and decide whether or not he wants it to thrive, or die. 

We've voiced our opinions in the form of thousands of forums posts and PM's to the admin, and that's all we can do, it's up to him. 

I hope he chooses soon, because if I'm waiting for nothing, and if VU is never going to change, then I'd rather know now so I can move onto a different game., but I want to hear it from his mouth.  I'm tired of assuming that it will get better, if it's going to happen, tell us.  If not, tell us, we need to know.

00:53:05 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Manwe:

kegstand, if you make it possible to pay fro extra stuff, it'll ruin the game. not trying to start an argumnt or something, but i've seen bunches of games ruined by that. no matter how small the advantage is, it will completely ruin it for the free players

00:57:59 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

Guys, guys.. this isnt a case of "do this to the game, or else". Im just pointing out that the game can be so much more with just a small ounce of effort put into it, and letting a bit of creativity run free. I know people who has spent a lot of money on BTs on this game.. and I mean a lot.. so its obvious that there is a certain cash flow. But thats not my point either, I dont care if the admin makes money or not.. Im just mentioning the things that can be done better.

And I doubt zeta is selling the game, a guy in my KD offered to buy 50% but zeta just ignored him =P

01:08:20 Dec 2nd 08 - Lord Primate Death:

Pimp is rich. Buy into it and add to it.

03:47:15 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

If i ever grow up to be rich, maybe i'd put some $$ into it for ya, but atm i'm 16 so... ya hopeless right now. ☺


03:58:40 Dec 2nd 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Yeah...great effort there Mr. O  XD

04:04:15 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Zump:

Right now people who don't pay have just almost just as much potential as people who do pay.  I hope it stays that way, because I hate those games where the people who pay gain a completely unfair advantage.

04:09:01 Dec 2nd 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

still lurking....

04:47:09 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Adrastos:

The thing is Zeta should want to increase this games size. Not only would more people buy BT's, but he would make quite a bit of cash throughb advertisement. Lets say 10k people played this game then he could raise the price of advertisements with ease and no one would complain.

05:30:36 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Mingan:

There have been offered already hundreds of ideas from all of the regular players over quite a long time. It is a lot to sort through to consider the good ideas, and I am guessing a lot of code to write to make small improvements in the game to see how those ideas might work. Of course, major improvements would be more considerable. Any improvements need to be examined and tested and re-examined.

It all takes time.

The beta stage of VU is evolving to be longer than other scenarios for whatever reasons. Funding? Programmers? Who knows? So, what, you want to complain that the Administrators are not working fast enough for you?

Go and write your own game and see if you can get one this good.

05:40:18 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

Yeah, I do want to complain to the admin that he's not doing things fast enough.  You are obviously a new player to this game who doesn't quite get it yet.  This game needs change.  It's not like all these Ideas have just been in the past week.  For over 4 years I have been playing this.  In that time, he took out walls, nerfed dwarfs and magic and changed the map.  Does that sound like a large work load to you?  He has a forum for suggestions however anything he ever implements is of his own ideas, it's like he doesn't even read them.  Time?  It's been a VERY LONG TIME, things need to change.

05:47:19 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Kegstand Mcfarland:

I dunno Manwe, it has done nothing to the game of AE, nor for Duels, Warstorm, Archlord, Cabal, Requiem...

For the most part paying gets you just a teeny bit more then non paying players and doesn't screw up anything if it is implemented correctly. Not only that but if things are done correctly there really aren't many people who can't spare a couple bucks for something they like doing. 1 less shot or mixed drink at yer local pub, 1 pack o smokes, 1 box o twinkies..etc.

Not trying to start anything either but if this happens to be the guys main form of work well theres a ton of things he could do to make it a bit more lucrative :) If it isn't well theres a ton of things that could be done to allow it to be.

05:47:26 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Justin:

Ya he has caused a lot of great players to lose passion for this game. He reduces teh map sizes its pathetic. I mean the random kd locations is a joke. The maps are so small, worlds that say have room have none and you end up in a fuking war zone with no room to settle at all on the entire map.  There is a lot more that im sure the Vets can name.

05:53:58 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Mingan:

I don't know how much work it is. I am not a code writer and don't care to be one.

 I do think it is a little curious that VU Administration has put forth the effort to provide this scenario, basically free of charge, and people complain about it like they own it.

I don't have to "get it" to see what you are saying. You are quite obvious in your charges against the Administrators. Architect, you do realize this game is not about you?

If you want faster work then you can come up with the money, or the code yourself. 

I actually like this game the way it is.

05:59:56 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

I do realize the game is not about me, I also realize that I have helped to support this game monetarily so that he can make these improvements.  I've divied up my personal money and expected to see some improvements, anyone who has donated would most likely feel the same way.  According to your thinking there, I should be seeing faster work, yet I'm seeing no work at all...  Now where am I wrong there in my logic?  Did I interpret what you said incorrectly?

06:01:49 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Chaoslegion:

If the admin ever acually read these forums


i highly suggest that he does not , i know myself and many others would pay$$ for advances in the game


ive been playing this for like 15 eras and well a change would be nice

06:02:40 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Justin:

Mingan ZeTa put the suggestions forum in the game. This is one of the more serious important suggestions of the game so NUB get over yourself.

06:44:40 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Fitesalot:

  What admin needs to do (aside from a few small and begged for improvements) is put a little time into advertising, hell everyone does it now. I'll bet you could get quite a few people to come sign up just by complaining about the faults of "Utopia" on their forums and putting a link to Vu. tho I'm sure it would get taken down in a hurry

   If we started pimping out Vu a little more we could get more people, more people=more incentive for zeta to change stuff. I don't know about you guys, but I totally stumbled across this game by accident when I was on a crappy computer (couldn't handle good-graphic games).
   We could make a wikipedia page, and include some decent information  about the gameplay. We could sp@m forums.... ok well not sp@m, but pimp it out in any forums that are accepting of general talk about games(so the post wouldn't just be removed immediately).
  A little marketing goes a long way.

06:49:33 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Mingan:

You guys are funny. The game is fine the way it is.

You play it for 4 years and you grow tired of it. That's wholly understandable. You are so familiar with it, the interest you once had has now worn off. You're bored after having gotten your four year degree in the field on VU.


Remember, the times when you, yourself thought this game was fun and interesting? Remember back when it was all new to you? You craved the game, and you had to have more of it.That's where I am now. I like this game.

You can be critical of the game, and critical of me too. It may not matter to the Administrators one way, or the other.I am taking a contrary point of view, and the more it irritates the pompous veterans, like Justin for example, the more I like it. Put your opinions in a public forum, and I'll put in mine.

The first games had about 190 players on one world. Now there's about 600 players and there are several worlds. There's the progress you all are pissing on right now. Please, maybe you old dogs should find a new game to grumble over and let the new kids enjoy this one. Seriously.



06:55:35 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

I can understand where you are coming from with that, but there is no reason that he shouldn't be interested in continuously improving the game to keep the vets at least a bit interested.  I'm not asking for a complete re-make.  I just want some improvements to make it a little more interesting again. 

And as far as still being interested, I think it's obvious that I still am, otherwise why would I be so interested in making it more interesting?

06:56:03 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Justin:

Lol 15 eras doesnt make me a Vet. But it does give me enough time to watch ZeTa destroy map sizes, get rid of great walls, warp dwarves and magic. Its ridiculous. His imporvements have consequences on many good things we have. already. And most those players are multis Mingan. There are more in this game then anyone can count. Technically there are only 200 players left and decreasing rapidly with each era because of what this came has come from. Simple advertising and sprucing up a little bit of codes and all that is nothing when it comes to bringing in more players who will provide more sponsoring for the game.

07:10:25 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Fitesalot:

  Mingan, just stop, I'm actually shocked that some of the vets have been this nice to you so far, they really should be tearing you a new @sshole, because you sound pretty ignorant. Step back and read some of your posts, they just aren't correct. 
    1. Many of the people you are flaming for being "pompous" are some of the nicer players in the Vu community, you're lucky that you don't have one of the flamers on you right now (Cobra, Revenge, etc).
   2. You don't totally understand what you're talking about yet, there are lots of multis, and even if there weren't, the change from 200 to 600 over the course of four years is far from impressive.
     Calm down please and listen to the people that have been playing longer (at least some).

07:28:58 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Evan:

>_> too bad we don't still have the flamers from my time. (i used to play during the early teen eras and came back this era) had whole threads just for flaming =D

and on another note, its true he could change things to keep the game interesting but think alil on his side in the sense.. maybe HES getting uninterested. I don't believe most of the people i used to play with even remember VU (im exagerating) yet even before all of them played ZeTa was typing away making the game. I'm sure it's different for most other people but i don't have that kind of attention span. lol

07:34:53 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Fitesalot:

 yer, well like I said, we could pimp out Vu some more, and get more players, which I would hope would motivate zeta some....

12:35:03 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Blast of Darkness:

but the problem isnt really new stuff, its old stuff, the old stuff that used to make the game better got took out. When I first joined (some time in january/february when i first got ill), the game was great. Then slowly admins just been sabotaging his own game, one by one the best things of the game slowly got took away, it doesn't even make sense. Half the things he took away only had like 3 complaints, and majority of people were tellin them to f*k off lol. Did anyone ever see the suggestion that got rid of B&D? Well I did, it had around 10-15 posts and half were against it rofl. I liked B&D, it was fun, even though I got completely slaughtered by it a few times, it's still fun, I mean if you can't hold you blocker up then your bound to loose your cities anyways. I don't even play anymore, too much activity needed now, the great walls and B&D were two of the things that helped to reduce activity, but now they've been took out I can't really be bothered. I did have a solution to the activity thing, and admin posted in it, but didnt go nowhere...

16:14:52 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. New Guy:

I have to agree that the game could do with some updates. Maybe not even updates, old things brought back in would be an improvement also. Great Walls, debugged and brought back in, B&D brought back in it was great as it was, why it got taken out I have no idea. Some new ideas that have been suggested are good, not even big ones most of the time. Just small things that would make the game more interesting. Hell, if money is an issue then people would pay to advertise here, more peope I guess if more people play the game. If that means investing a bit of money into the game to start with to make it more interesting before money starts flowing back in again, then it would be worth it.

Also, if Zeta if losing interest in the game then why doesn't he let a Vet take over at least part of VU, as in co. administrators. Maybe that way more suggestions that have a lot of support will be implemented. There are various ideas that everyone will have about this, mine being among them, but the bottom line is the admin needs to listen to the players more and spend more time actually implementing the things that people want, rather than the things that five people wanted and fifty people flamed the hell out of.

18:59:07 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Wilber:

Sir Mingan


12/2/2008 6:49:33 AM

You guys are funny. The game is fine the way it is.

You play it for 4 years and you grow tired of it. That's wholly understandable. You are so familiar with it, the interest you once had has now worn off. You're bored after having gotten your four year degree in the field on VU.


Remember, the times when you, yourself thought this game was fun and interesting? Remember back when it was all new to you? You craved the game, and you had to have more of it.That's where I am now. I like this game.

You can be critical of the game, and critical of me too. It may not matter to the Administrators one way, or the other.I am taking a contrary point of view, and the more it irritates the pompous veterans, like Justin for example, the more I like it. Put your opinions in a public forum, and I'll put in mine.

The first games had about 190 players on one world. Now there's about 600 players and there are several worlds. There's the progress you all are pissing on right now. Please, maybe you old dogs should find a new game to grumble over and let the new kids enjoy this one. Seriously.

*In walks Wilber*

You know what? Shut the hell up. You don't know what your talking about.
The game is not fine, the game is on a downward spiral. Slowly, albeit, but a spiral never the less. We who have played longer than you, we don't know everything. Hence why we cut you new guys abit of slack (obviously made by the lack of flames and lack of times you've been shot down), but when push comes to shove... we know more about the game mechanics and what would happen from new implements and such.

4 years to get from 190 players, to 600? Including a fair amount of multis?
Not exactly quick growing now is it? Whats more, alot of the players come in from word of mouth, cousins, friends, family etc.
The vets are the ones slowly leaving/becoming disenchanted.

We are grumbling for a reason. We like this game, hence why we want it to survive. The rate it is going at though, it will die.


I know zeta has a very busy lifestyle. Thats why i'd like to see someone buy into it, thus reducing the need for zeta to be online alot of time and giving him some capital to do whatever he lies with it! Although, i'd like to see a un-biased person buy into it :P

19:54:40 Dec 2nd 08 - Prince Mielo:

... how hard is it trying to stay on topic? ...

20:07:26 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. David:

Gotta agree with Roxbury and supporters. No need to repeat them all, so I'll keep it at that. I've been seriously considering leaving VU for a few Era's now and the only reason why I'm here is because I hope there will be some actual progress in the game the following Era.

Get some help and work on the game more then the 2 days in the weekend in between Era's. The game can be improved throughout the Era's too with updates becoming active the following Era (or throw open a 'test-map' where things are continuously changed, as long as people are aware of that risk when they choose that map) There might be some programming people around that can help you with the game if you ask for volunteers. Just get something done. VU has potential. Its a waste to let it bleed to death like this.

21:00:26 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

A few teaks in the way he handles certain elements of the game's marketing could turn it into an extra 100k a year without touching the code. I develop marketing solutions online..but the onus has to be on him. I would buy in if i felt he had enough of an affection for it to make it work. To begin with the advertising is wrong and voting is wrong too....he's loosing 500 a day just on that. That could pay a full time programmer or two to continue developing the game, in the way the story lines to FF did. I could turn a mill a year on thi privatly, but you can lead a horse to water, but cant make him drink.

21:03:17 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Arzun:

Prince Mielo


12/2/2008 2:54:40 PM
... how hard is it trying to stay on topic? ...

Omg you hipocrite! :P Era Theme topic ring any bells!? :)

On topic now...

This game obviously needs some improvements, but not an entire rehaul that would destroy it completely, just what rox is asking for is fine. In fact, if you erased everything in this thread except for roxs post, that is all you really need to make this game great. I would be more then willing to invest money into this game if there was potential for it to expand. I mean who knows where the money is going now.

21:21:42 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Here Here...

I mean honestly, whats actually keeping you guys here { Vets }
Im no Vet to be sure, Ive only played 8 eras
I was really thinking I coud pass 10 with ease
But guess what, I dont think I can now
Its just fail

This game is going nowhere fast
Especially when Zeta makes no big updates

21:52:18 Dec 2nd 08 - Sir Epyon The Convo Killer:

this isn't a "hey *beep* comes here and say why VU is so great" thread

srsly Zeta, put some effort into your game

21:56:13 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Vytautas Claus:

Update VU! :)

21:57:39 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Samulis The Magnificent:

Let me say this: I have played only 5 eras, but I still remember when I first joined. I didn't know anything.  This game was like a book to me, I read it, learned from it, and when it improvements, I go out and read it again.

You people don't understand somthing, you refuse to listen to me.

Zeta is human- Zeta has a life too.

You can't expect Zeta to do your every wish in 2 days, but listen, what about Arma? Has anyone noticed he REMOVED ARMA! DO YOU PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THIS?

Zeta IS changing the game, he is moving as fast as a 3 man team of developers can, and he is only 1 man!

Give Zeta some slack, you can't expect one person to do the work of 50 expert geeks. He is making updates huge each era, you just don't realize how hard he works for the game, you don't realize how much stress it is to run a game. Remember 'The Path to Darkness...' RP? The guy running it ran out of steam after 5 days. Zeta... he has been doing this for 4 years... The same routine, the same game... for 4 bloody years! I doubt any of you could spend 4 years of your life building, programing, drawing, drafting, cooking, reading, learning, searching for inspiration, reading forums, reading countless letters from people, reading e-mails, reciving money, mabye even working on top of that!

21:59:37 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Samulis The Magnificent:

If you guys don't like how the game is, then DO all the programing, send it to him, and ask him to test and install it. It's that simple, if you want to change it, become a programmer and do it!

Spend less time talking and fussing, and more time DOING.

You want a new map? Make a new map.

You want a update on pictures? Make a update on pictures.

You will then see how much work it is to be a programmer, countless codes, countless hours sitting drawing and drafting, dozens of questions from people.

22:18:32 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Arzun:

If zeta is doing this alone then that is his problem Samulis, with all the money some people are spending on Bonus Turns he could hire some proffesional help. But I doubt he is 100% alone, but if he is it wouldn't surprise me, seeing the ammount of effort put into this game. And for players to want updates on their game is normal, it is not our duty to update it for the admin, that is his, it is why he made this game in the first place. And spending 4 years building, programing, drawing, drafting, cooking, reading, learning, searching for inspiration, reading forums, reading countless letters from people, reading e-mails, reciving money, as you say? Well guess what, he hasnt either! Obviously from the lack of effort and improvements he has not been spending his entire life steaming over this game.

So shut your trap unless you know what you're talking about. And get your nose out of the admins ass.

22:18:42 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

Yeah, removing Arma must have been really difficult, you know with the highlighting and pushing of the delete button...  I can see where that would take 4 years to accomplish.

I took 3 terms of Computer Programming in College, decided I didn't want to pursue that so I went a different direction.  It's not all as hard as it seems, especially when your decent at it, and to make something like this work, I'd say he's pretty freaking decent.

The fact is that he decided to make this game and it took off.  Doing something like this requires a time commitment, he knows that, but he wants to reap all the benefits without sowing any of the seeds, it just doesn't work that way.  If he didn't care at all anymore the game wouldn't be running, meaning he has interest in keeping the game alive.  He just needs to spend more time on it.

Lastly you, with your truly massive amount of experience, simply can't see the faults in this game.  You have not got a single clue as to what this game used to be and you've not taken the time to see what it could be.  You're trying to speak into something that you, by your own admission, know VERY little about.  And opinion is an opinion and that's just fine, but trying to walk into a new area and pretend like you hold some kind of authority to change our minds is a miraculously stupid feat in itself.  Come back in another 15 eras and we'll see what you think then.

22:21:25 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

Well Zeta as I believe has his own special coding for the map, which idk if he would be willing to give out : ) but otherwise yes stop fussing and do it!

22:28:58 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Pie Maker:

Listen to the players about whats wrong with the game.

Now that is a good idea! 

Admin- I know you explained to us somewhere your difficulty when it comes to improving the game.  I think at this stage you need to take some risks though!  Listen to a new player, listen to a veteran and then take action on making an improvement for the game. 

22:29:29 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Arzun:

Actually I think all the maps other then the original were player made, if that is not the case then hte majority are player made...

22:31:13 Dec 2nd 08 - The Architect:

Except for the Mant, I believe they are all player made.

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