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Kingdom list from your side.
19:44:47 Dec 12th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

HavocCarnage34Sir Anticloningclonevenomzismyname188
LGCLegacy24Mr. Smokey Mcpot188
AbydosAbydos23Dark Lord Finwe176
PHIPhi Factor23Mr. Mavich The Hypocrite167
DBDark Blood24Ms. Quietone159
ZeonZeon21Mr. Messiah153
MusicMusic14Sir Spoon103
HCHoly Cows22Mr. Might The God of Cows100
PKSPeacekeepers15Sir Grim Darkhammer82
HellG O D L I K E17Mr. Furion76
PredsPredators16Sir Darkmarsbar73
shinnyLight Blood 9Mr. Surviver71
FFFreedom Fighter11Lord Scientist66
GAULThe Gauls23Mr. Arch Shade63
SiNSafty In neighbors14Prince Sprout59
JumpJumpers14Mr. Sitting Duck40
BoWBrotherhood of the Wolf15Duke Drakos38
Kingdoms in Mantrax
AgentAgent Smith16Mr. Agent Johnson157
TrioThe Musketeers25Mr. Hanky Panky153
LDKThe Great Duchy of Lithuania 15Mr. Akademinis111
AoAArmy of Anubis20Mr. Anonymous96
FAThe Freelance Alliance12Mr. Fox91
DRDark Riders13Lord Bruennor84
HEEHoly Ecclesian Empire13Mr. Rameth60
EEternity9Ms. Selkirka56
frfreedom12Mr. Vengence51
RPRogue Phoenix8Mr. Phoenix Fire51
DSYDestiny6Mr. Skiepe The Great49
DaciiThe Dacians9Mr. The Gladiator40
HolyHoly6Duke Salamon38
a hreAssassins8Mr. What36
ARRSEARRSE7Mr. Fatcakes32
Sin XKingdom Of Sin Cross9Mr. Goofy32
BMBlood Moon2Ms. Death Angel24
RDRRussian Democratic Republic4Mr. Genghis Khan22
URUnited Realms6Lady Fiona Israel18
HELLHell on Earth4Mr. Peace War And Suffering13
SBLSpartans Blood Lust4Mr. Fraser11
downThe downloads5Mr. Kilobyte10
ULCUnited Lyrian Confederacy1Mr. Jasnik6
BEARBEARMACHINES3Mr. Stealthmachines2
ACAssassins Creed3Mr. Plague2
godguardians of destiney7Mr. Thunder Guardian1
DragonBlack Dragon Empire5Mr. Fire Line1
VampyrVampyr Legion3Mr. Vampyr Legion1
DarkThe Dark Brotherhood5Sage Trynton0
SCSkeleton Crew5Mr. Returner0
NHNibelheim6Sir Ironbeard0

19:58:35 Dec 12th 07 - Sir Revenge:

IMG TAG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Agent Agent Smith 16 Mr. Agent Johnson 101
Trio The Musketeers 25 Mr. Hanky Panky 100
LDK The Great Duchy of Lithuania 15 Mr. Akademinis 72
AoA Army of Anubis 20 Mr. Anonymous 62
FA The Freelance Alliance 12 Mr. Fox 60
DR Dark Riders 13 Lord Bruennor 54
HEE Holy Ecclesian Empire 13 Mr. Rameth 39
E Eternity 9 Ms. Selkirka 36
fr freedom 12 Mr. Vengence 33
RP Rogue Phoenix 8 Mr. Phoenix Fire 33
DSY Destiny 6 Mr. Skiepe The Great 31
ARRSE ARRSE 7 Mr. Fatcakes 28
Dacii The Dacians 9 Mr. The Gladiator 26
HYPHY HYPHY 7 Mr. Hyphy 24
a hre Assassins 8 Mr. What 23
Holy Holy 5 Duke Salamon 22
Sin X Kingdom Of Sin Cross 9 Mr. Goofy 20
BM Blood Moon 2 Ms. Death Angel 15
RDR Russian Democratic Republic 4 Mr. Genghis Khan 14
UR United Realms 6 Lady Fiona Israel 11
HELL Hell on Earth 4 Mr. Peace War And Suffering 8
SBL Spartans Blood Lust 4 Mr. Fraser 7
down The downloads 5 Mr. Kilobyte 6
ULC United Lyrian Confederacy 1 Mr. Jasnik 4
BEAR BEARMACHINES 3 Mr. Stealthmachines 1
AC Assassins Creed 3 Mr. Plague 1
Vampyr Vampyr Legion 3 Mr. Vampyr Legion 1
god guardians of destiney 7 Mr. Thunder Guardian 1
Dragon Black Dragon Empire 5 Mr. Fire Line 1
Dark The Dark Brotherhood 5 Sage Trynton 0
SC Skeleton Crew 5 Mr. Returner 0
NH Nibelheim 6 Sir Ironbeard 0
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Havoc Carnage 34 Sir Anticloningclonevenomzismyname 121
LGC Legacy 24 Mr. Smokey Mcpot 121
Abydos Abydos 23 Dark Lord Finwe 113
PHI Phi Factor 23 Mr. Mavich The Hypocrite 107
DB Dark Blood 24 Ms. Quietone 102
Zeon Zeon 21 Mr. Messiah 98
Music Music 14 Sir Spoon 66
HC Holy Cows 22 Mr. Might The God of Cows 64
PKS Peacekeepers 16 Sir Grim Darkhammer 55
Hell G O D L I K E 17 Mr. Furion 49
Preds Predators 16 Sir Darkmarsbar 47
shinny Light Blood 9 Mr. Surviver 45
GAUL The Gauls 23 Mr. Arch Shade 42
FF Freedom Fighter 11 Lord Scientist 42
SiN Safty In neighbors 14 Prince Sprout 39
Jump Jumpers 14 Mr. Sitting Duck 26
BoW Brotherhood of the Wolf 15 Duke Drakos 25

21:39:06 Dec 12th 07 - Lord of The Morning:

... what the heck is this for?

21:56:22 Dec 12th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Just seeing the lists from different kingdoms.

21:58:49 Dec 12th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

while we're at it, why not post screenshots of each of our cores here?

21:59:27 Dec 12th 07 - Sir Iwasfrozen VI:

can we give directions ?

21:59:29 Dec 12th 07 - Mr. Plague:

sure lets do it i'll go last

22:11:13 Dec 12th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Darn you Epyon! I was trying to trick everyone to do that!

22:26:00 Dec 12th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

So... I actually have this list in game... Correct me if I'm wrong... But it would be so bad if anyone else could see the list I see... I mean... My kingdom have 100% and the kigndoms below and above me have different % according to my own...  You could just use mathematics...

"Oh GOD! The ones above us have 110%!!! I wonder what procent we have on their list!!"

"Yea!! Would be great to know, hopefully someone will post their lists on the forums so we know!  What if we are above them on their list!!!"

"Aha! That would be so kewl! That way we have a biger chance, oh if there only were a way we could trick them to show us their kigndomlists..."

00:42:01 Dec 13th 07 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

oh amn thats a brillaint idea efrandor! thanks for coming back with your brilliance!

01:41:05 Dec 13th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

It wasn't a idea, it was...   a vision.

Jesus says; Everyones kingdomlists are equal, for we are all equal in the eyes of God himself, 100% to all kingdoms and happy hour all night!

01:42:03 Dec 13th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:


01:44:48 Dec 13th 07 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

haha ef!

01:57:56 Dec 13th 07 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

I think that's called abusing beliefs to control the masses Effie... Why didn't I think of that! :P

23:34:34 Jan 20th 08 - Mr. Arvious III:


img tag kingdom name members leader %p
kingdoms in nirvana
silk silicon knights 29 mr. jones 100
aoa army of anubis 4 mr. anonymous 54
de dorian empire 3 sir evans 16
rev revolution 6 mr. nakki 1
kingdoms in fantasia
abydos abydos 23 dark lord finwe 774
zeon zeon 32 mr. messiah 509
lgc legacy 22 mr. roxbury 453
havoc carnage 32 mr. clone xxx 424
db dark blood 24 ms. quietone 416
phi phi factor 22 mr. mavich the hypocrite 342
pks peacekeepers 20 sir grim darkhammer 206
bow brotherhood of the wolf 15 duke drakos 110
ff freedom fighter 7 lord scientist 91
sin safty in neighbors 3 prince sprout 1
hc holy cows 4 mr. naarkenea tlithareth 0
kingdoms in mantrax
trio the musketeers 21 fire lord nova 426
holy holy 21 duke salamon 298
dr dark riders 18 lord bruennor 283
agent agent smith 8 mr. agent johnson 81
e eternity 13 ms. selkirka 54
hee holy ecclesian empire 9 mr. rameth 54
dacii the dacians 7 mr. the gladiator 32
arrse arrse 7 mr. fatcakes 8
smite heavens vengeance 2 mr. creater 2
kingdoms in zetamania
fu flamers united 17 lord weirdgrivi the epyon 274
gaul the gauls 28 mr. arch shade the dark 162
dl drug lords 14 mr. blunts 112
ac assassins creed 7 mr. plague 59
blah blahcentennial men 2 mr. blah blah the brutal 37
hell g o d l i k e 9 mr. furion 18
nek north east kingdom 4 mr. lolzor 17
ozz ozz 3 mr. gnisis mininus 13
dark the slaanesh 6 sir lexas vineraven 10
zugzug the horde 10 mr. star fox 3
down the downloads 1 mr. kilobyte 0
sc skeleton crew 4 mr. returner 0
dragon black dragon empire 5 mr. dark cloud 0
ftl fruit of the loom 3 mr. melon 0
lio ownage kingdom 2 mr. intrusion 0
sky shadowed skies 2 mr. darquen 0
kingdoms in starta
fa the freelance alliance 14 mr. niveko 74
obk order of the black knights 17 mr. lelouch 61
kh kingdom hearts 8 mr. sorra 31
jump jumpers 6 mr. sitting duck 11
redeem r e d e m p t i o n 1 mr. redeemed asmuth 0
kingdoms in valhalla
ce cease to exist 17 mr. cao cao 75
preds predators 21 sir mars 65
sof soldiers of faith 18 mr. roar 58
koc knights of camelot 17 mr. rolan 31
new new player 10 mr. starks 22
sparta sparta 13 mr. ctopha 18
hell demonic uprising 10 mr. bruiant 18
ipf internal primates forever 7 mr. chimaira 14
wot no idea 3 mr. kanthor 7
oz oz 7 ms. annihilation 6
dol dragonknights of legend 3 mr. draco 4
ph power hungry 8 sir necromonger 4
lol lords of laughter 4 mr. killa 0
sfry socialist federal republic of yugoslavia 4 mr. lenardy 0
spoc spartans of creet 1 mr. mospheria 0
kingdoms in armageddon
fs fire starters 24 mr. americanfire 43
wolf knights of the white wolf 20 general wolfenstien 34
rose rebelsofscorchedearth 2 mr. burninglegion 3
god guardians of destiney 4 mr. thnder guardian 0
bear bearmachines 2 mr. argusg 0
gods the gods empire 4 mr. dan god 0
knn the knights that say ne 2 mr. gnor 0
blessg bless goblins 1 mr. deepdigger 0
kingdoms in talents
df dark fires 19 mr. fire nova 17
ldk the great duchy of lithuania 15 mr. ldk 12
aa the ancient anglia 10 mr. cartor curs 6
dark pentagram 15 mr. restart 3
rdr russian democratic republic 7 mr. leonid brezhnev 2
bp border patrol 12 mr. army 2
pg plague 2 mr. zorkhana 1
rize bring me the horizon 2 mr. theron 1
di divine inferno 3 mr. zucox 1
lords the lords of the underworld 2 mr. underworld 1
unreal legend 1 mr. yoink 0
goons the goonies 3 mr. barj 0
imp the imperium 2 mr. marine 0
harem harem of the night 1 mr. whippet 0
gnr gondor 6 mr. drug addict 0
dw discworld 1 mr. defensive hes back 0
kingdoms in midgard
cdoc myrr 12 mr. star 2
des destinyy 21 mr. the warrior ones called skiepe 2
oos outcast of society 3 mr. dracula 0
da dead angel 3 mr. mcguyver 0
mm gunmen 5 mr. bourne 0
sk sknights 1 mr. supersoulja 0
thl the last alliance 4 mr. farimor 0
aot absence of torches 3 mr. elegost 0

%p = total power, compared to your own kingdom.

note that this list include kingdoms from all worlds, including the new player worlds.

return to kingdom page.
total execute time: 0.19 seconds.

23:45:31 Jan 20th 08 - Lord of The Dawn:

stupidity is clearly limitless.

23:54:03 Jan 20th 08 - Mr. Arvious III:

What are you talking about?

00:23:56 Jan 21st 08 - Mr. Fire Nova:

I feel some number countdowns coming on!!

00:58:57 Jan 21st 08 - Duke Luta Mor:

So many worlds!

02:24:28 Jan 21st 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

He must be in Silicon Knights!

03:16:12 Jan 21st 08 - Mr. Random:

Kingdoms in Fantasia




Dark Lord Finwe





Mr. Messiah





Mr. Roxbury



Dark Blood


Ms. Quietone





Mr. Clone XXX



Phi Factor


Mr. Mavich The Hypocrite



Flamers United


Lord Wierdgrivi The Epyon





Sir Grim Darkhammer



Brotherhood of the Wolf


Duke Drakos



Freedom Fighter


Lord Scientist



Safty In neighbors


Prince Sprout



Holy Cows


Mr. Naarkenea Tlithareth



16:30:30 Jan 21st 08 - Sir Revenge:


Dont be silly  ;)

22:12:03 Jan 21st 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

PKS, BoW, and FF just got owned...... We all knew PKS would be anyways :D

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