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Number of Eras You Have Played
05:36:07 Nov 24th 09 - General Zondervan:

i want to know :) just trying to find out whos played the most eras and such.

look at that compared to their skill and so forth.

06:19:52 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Palp Lost His Marbles:

first era bunnies then LD -dwarf then Elf

second era KoA then KoH -Elf then Dwarf

Third era KoH- Halfling

Fourth era Crazy (now Dark)-  Troll


06:29:17 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

I think it's 6.5 now. Angels, then BoW, then BoW, then PHI, PHI, PHI, now BoW. Halfling all era's cept one troll two eras ago and dwarf first era.

06:50:09 Nov 24th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

dark troll,

mystical troll

dark orc, halfling, human,

crazy orc, troll, elf,elf

jellybeans elf

crazy elf, orc

dark. orc

i dunno about 6 eras.  I'd say the skill is in dishonourable play.  the longer you play the more you compromise.  hide in a big alliance and work together.  our biggest hardship is people coming after RYAN.  you'd think after a few eras he'd stop posting on the boards.  he he.  If you can stg right it helps. I'd say with a little luck it is your kingdom more than any individual skill.  keeping up to date with the era changes and choosing the right character doesn't hurt either.

06:54:12 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Confidential:

Since era 16...

06:59:24 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Stoned Polar Bear:

Well i started back in era 11 but i don't know how many era's i've played though.

07:00:39 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Barny:

I played a bit in the Era of Draiken and so forth, but I wasn't very active or very good. I was in some terrible kingdom with no communication and my ruler name was some keyboard-smash name.

I really got into VU in the Era of Isabel, which was Era 22. That's when I was familiar with game mechanics and joined a kingdom. I played a long time with The Illuminati Empire, then with whatever kingdom it merged into for an era. I spent like 3 or 4 eras in Legacy, then I went sort of inactive. I was a member or Revelation for an era, Abydos for an era, and kingdomless for quite some time in a few eras throughout the time I have played VU.

I have tried all of the races obviously. I played Dwarf quite a lot before it was made into a garbage race and when everyone played either Orc or Dwarf. The one race I have played the most by far has been Human.Good use of stone to gold has made it my favorite race by far. I was an idiot and picked Orc this era because I started the era late and without reading the race updates.

Usually, players dont become skilled by playing a lot of eras. It's what they do in those eras that makes them more experienced players. A player who just logs in to build mines, train troops for a blocker, and train troops to put in merges learns little and doesn't acquire the same kind of knowledge and tricks that someone who spends all era in constant warfare with cities changing hands every tick.

07:02:13 Nov 24th 09 - General Zondervan:

ha i was asking for the era you started to play or number you have, not race and and all :)

im seeing whos around still.

07:06:49 Nov 24th 09 - Pirate Suqah:

Played for about 20 era's, consistently.

07:10:30 Nov 24th 09 - General Zondervan:

very true barny. this comes into play all over and every era.

07:40:59 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

first era was one of the eras of rambo (fourth i think) it was era 10 and i beleive i palyed for legion of doom. ive taken some eras off between then but its been atleast 30+ eras

07:45:18 Nov 24th 09 - Sir Jangsta:

This is my 9th era. Stated later era 34. I think there was 2 weeks left that era. After that I was thrown on Fant to start my fun. :)

08:29:05 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

18 eras for me, had a really short break at one point.

08:53:11 Nov 24th 09 - Death Lord Draven:

about 25 or 26 era's.

09:02:44 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. William And His Pink Rhino:

Since era 16, but most era's inactive as a snail....

09:45:45 Nov 24th 09 - Sir Penguin The Filipino:

something about 18eras :)

09:56:34 Nov 24th 09 - Princess Aisha:

This is my 10th era, and still proud to be a n00bie :)

10:43:30 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

if you want to know who played the most eras then ask roxbury and Ez. They've been here before the beginning. :P  The Grand daddies of VU.

11:36:52 Nov 24th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

Fred and Swifty are also the grand daddies :)
although i like to think Ez as the grand mummy of vu as he has lots of womanly features

12:27:50 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear:

since era 35 :(
but my teacher was the best :D

13:22:08 Nov 24th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

This is my 27th era.

14:36:44 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

really karac?  I thought it was your first?

15:09:30 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol XD

15:36:54 Nov 24th 09 - General Zondervan:

Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear


05:27:50 Nov 24th 09
since era 35 :(
but my teacher was the best :D

15:54:53 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Adelbert:

Ez is the grandmummy lol xD

16:21:06 Nov 24th 09 - Pirate Suqah:

Augh is also a granddaddy :P

17:36:16 Nov 24th 09 - Master of Death:

I have been here since era 35. When I started then I thought 20k income was awesome(I was a huge n00b back then). Thank god my income is at 1 mill now :)

17:56:28 Nov 24th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Since Era 10.

17:57:46 Nov 24th 09 - Duchess Gelel:

20 :)

18:11:24 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Rijstwafel:

since era 30

18:15:27 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Taylor Swift:

1-2 eras

18:44:51 Nov 24th 09 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

It's era 43 now? Then I've been around for 30 era's. Only played some 21-22 of them, took a few long breaks, but I've been here since era 13.

19:08:39 Nov 24th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

I'm so old that I've already seen  numeral threads like this one. And I have not played most eras.

19:09:18 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear:

Master of Death


17:36:16 Nov 24th 09
I have been here since era 35. When I started then I thought 20k income was awesome(I was a huge n00b back then). Thank god my income is at 1 mill now :)
OMG me too :D
i rememba when i first hit over 27k income :P
i felt like the don >:D

19:14:47 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Wilover:

Since era 16, but missed a few.

Mr. Taylor Swift


17:15:27 Nov 24th 09 1-2 eras

Swiftys been around longer than ZeTa probably.

22:06:46 Nov 24th 09 - Mr. Arzun:

In the beginning, there was Swifty, and it was good.

22:15:13 Nov 24th 09 - Endless Despair:

since era 35

22:20:24 Nov 24th 09 - Lord Cygnus Lazarious II:

since era 27 here =P

00:52:19 Nov 25th 09 - Sir Binh The General:

1 era here, newest guy in town. Please teach me all your amazing tricks and secrets ;)

p.s. only message me if you got really amazing tricks and secrets. Things like "Ezatious is ghey" is not consider a secret.

01:03:30 Nov 25th 09 - Sir Brown Bear:

lol iv been around since era 20

01:23:04 Nov 25th 09 - Duke Pesty Bear:

i think since 18? i came like 2 after aidelberts win

04:31:31 Nov 25th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

who's aidelberts??

04:53:27 Nov 25th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Things like "Ezatious is ghey" is not consider a secret.

It is to Ez...... Shhhhhhhhh

11:52:13 Nov 25th 09 - Lord Thomaas:

since era 25

16:55:40 Nov 25th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

wow thomaas knows exactly when ez turned gay....

coincidence?... I think not O.o

08:31:52 Nov 26th 09 - General Zondervan:

lol some of you i never would have guessed how many ers ;)

09:47:14 Nov 26th 09 - Lord Thomaas:

lol mama! :P

22:49:57 Nov 26th 09 - Ms. Natalie Portman:

Hello. I'm usually in the movies but I wanted to do something else, was thinking about doing theatre, getting involved in a charity project or adopting a child from Zambia. But then my old pillowfriend Lewatha(ohh, remember that night in Antwerp? *giggles*) told me about this game so I decided to try it out.

More info about me can be found here.

Or here.

23:06:33 Nov 26th 09 - Lord Reddragon Ghost IV:

Since era 34. ^^

23:15:29 Nov 26th 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

KOA- Orc

No Pulse- Troll

No Pulse- Troll

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