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Most Powerful Armies Most Powerful Cities

The Force Awakens
Sir Kobuskan

Ms. Bluelight The Warrior

Mr. Bling The Badass

Pirate Lewatha

Pirate Lewatha

People of Von Darkmor
Mr. Von Darkmor

Mr. Uwer

Sir Kobuskan

Mr. Fred The Terrorist

Cao Says Die
Pirate Lewatha

Gregor Clegane
Mr. Stannis The Mannis

Ms. Zelena

Most Powerful Groups Most Powerful Rulers

Mad and Dangerous
Sir Aloysius LXXXIII

Dark Lord Demandred

Lord Caedus

Mr. Von Darkmor

The Visual Utopia Empire
Mr. Death God

Perfectly Ordinary Order of Fellows
Dark Prince Stirlin

Mr. Fred The Terrorist
Mad and Dangerous

Sir Kobuskan
Mad and Dangerous

Pirate Lewatha

Sir Panic
Mad and Dangerous

Mr. Uwer
Mad and Dangerous

Sir Aloysius LXXXIII
Mad and Dangerous

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Fred The Terrorist has won 124 battles, captured 91 cities and killed a total of 2244721 men and women.
  2. God Hotline has won 61 battles, captured 58 cities and killed a total of 982418 men and women.
  3. Sir Panic has won 53 battles, captured 45 cities and killed a total of 1712832 men and women.
  4. Lord Water Bender has won 27 battles, captured 37 cities and killed a total of 376802 men and women.
  5. Sir Aloysius LXXXIII has won 40 battles, captured 30 cities and killed a total of 535541 men and women.
  6. Ms. Bluelight The Warrior has won 33 battles, captured 27 cities and killed a total of 1262673 men and women.

* Only battles fought against armies with more than 5000 OP/DP counts as win/loss.

The fifth era

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The fourth era
  1. The Beginning
  2. Era of Raistlin
  3. Era of Sezymon
  4. Era of Roxbury
  5. Era of Valium
  6. Era of Jeroen
  7. Era of Drunk
  8. Era of Rambo
  9. Second era of Rambo
  10. Third era of Rambo
  11. Fourth era of Rambo
  12. Second era of Sezymon
  13. Era of Jeker
  14. Era of Adelbert
  15. Era of Leo
  16. Era of Draiken
  17. Era of Saint Paul
  18. Era of Sparker
  19. Second Era of Sparker
  20. Era of Hansel
  21. Era of Juchi
  22. Era of Isabel
  23. Second era of Draiken
  24. Era of Ezatious
  25. Era of Virgin
  26. Era of Crissxcross
  27. Era of Amon Hen
  28. Era of Dark Orion
  29. Era of Asystole
  30. Era of Lenard
  31. Era of Grumpy old bastard
  32. Era of White Widow
  33. Era of Dark Blood
  34. Era of Bill Thomas Killman
  35. Era of Grumpy old Star
  36. Era of Elsin
  37. Era of Kobuskan
  38. Era of Messiah
  39. Era of Agent Smith
  40. Era of Dvsmasta
  41. Era of Magneto
  42. Era of Chipotle "Wolf" Snack Wrap
  43. Era of Chavez
  44. Era of Mzzery
  45. Era of Bluelight
  46. Era of Bogdan
  47. Era of Nova
The third era
  1. Beta 1
  2. Beta 2
  3. Beta 3
  4. Beta 4
The second era
  1. Beta 1 not saved.
  2. Beta 2
  3. Beta 3
  4. Beta 4
  5. Beta 5
  6. Beta 6
  7. Beta 7
  8. Beta 8
  9. Beta 9
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