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The Era of Juchi


A Summary written by Mr. John Wilkes in era 23. Not based on the novel by Edgar Allan Poe.

The era of Juchi saw a distinctive clash of two giant coalitions warring each other with their only goal being total destruction of their foe.
The winner of the former era of Hansel, Juchi, decided to go with a kingdom which was part of the KDs of the Legacy-Coalition, with its mighty, but Swedish king, Roxbury and its overall member-count of approximately 16. LGC started in center/south part of Fantasia.
The opposing forces were united under the banner of the well-known and mighty flag of the Kingdom of Narrse, which had overall 20 members fighting for it. Among them such honorable and well known ones as Patrick, Arien or Khan Kajigger. Narrse’ core was situated in the center part of the map. Narrse was allied to the powerful kingdom of Peroni Emporium (DE Massacron).

At the beginning of the era each side decided to focus on taking out the smaller kingdoms first while just skirmishing its arch enemies and later putting its focus on killing them. Soon fierce battles waged around the map, when Legacy took out Carnage and Red Hand-cities in the South-East while Narrse also managed to conquer several smaller kingdoms and thus expanded its territory significantly. Notably the Lgc-Players Deathace, Benjamin Syrsa, Swifty and Fizban along with the Narrse-Fighters, named Arien, Highway, Khan and De Massacron are worth mentioning in this context.
The second phase of the era began, when the Legacy decided to turn its attention to Narrse, starting a major offensive on their core in the center. Again and again, forces, led by the fearsome armies of Frederick, Quietone and Benjamin Syrsa, supported by their battle-mage Draiken, tried to push into the Narrse-area, but over and over again, they were fend off by the powerful Narrse-Defence-Force under the command of Highway, Spooky and Fred Astaire. In this tricky, almost WWI-Verdun-like situation it looked for a long time as if no one was gaining ground, until, slowly, Lgc managed to get the upper hand and finally drove out Narrse of what used to be their former core.
Narrse succeeded in rebuilding themselves and securing a strong and powerful defended position north-west of their former core by distracting Legacy’s efforts to pursuit them with powerful attacks aiming at the flanks of the Legacy-empire, which seriously harmed Legacy economics and which could only be stopped by risky, suicidal attacks of Schlupf_Guhl. Attacks by the Kingdoms of Red Hand (led by Krum) and Carnage helped worsen Legacy’s situation, who now had to deal with a great amount of enemies on Fantasia and who only slowly regained territory thanks to the forces of Elsin and Roxbury.
For a while, the pace of the war slowed down, but only to wage on, even more grim and fierce soon after that.
The almost unstoppable forces of one of the greatest fighters of this era, Benjamin Syrsa pounced on Narsse and penetrated their defense so bad, they would never recover from it. Along with other Legacy-members, he began to wipe out many Narrse-warriors in that area while the rest of Narrse apparently lost its will to fight, as the several remaining strong and good situated Narrse members didn’t continue to support their mates and fight Lgc. Subsequently Lgc turned to the other hostile Kds and hunted them down.

After the outcome of this great war had been clear, Draiken of Legacy casted the Armageddon-spell to end this era. Surprisingly, this era wasn’t won by Benjamin Syrsa, arguably the greatest fighter of it, but by Legacy’s Lady Isabel, a german maid and great dwarvish explorer, who was slightly disrespected by some Players for her peaceful art of playing:

Of the top 15 spots in the overall endscore, 14 were won by Legacy-Players with the remaining one being Rhade, a member of Bow. The best player of the fallen Narrse-empire was Lady Arien, who benefited from her wise decision not to support her brothers-in-arms and fight extensively.
There have been many other players who did very well during this era in many aspects of the game, who I was unable to mention, due to the limited size of this short summary, but who are worth remembering as good fighters and comrades, too. Nastrovje!

As a final remark, the Era of Juchi will remain in everyone’s mind as a thrilling and exciting era, whose outcome wasn’t clear for a long time and which was without any greater moments of dishonor, but full of great fights, shifty diplomacy and many turnarounds.

Rank Ruler Kingdom Race Score
1. Ms. Isabel Laundry Dwarf 2202597
2. Mr. Benjamin Syrsa Trilateral waste removal unit Troll 1515887
3. Mr. Nekiard Laundry Troll 1506513
4. Sir Drunken Incurable Love Troll 1477829
5. Mr. Hungry Horse Unrelenting Organisms Troll 1247437
6. Ms. Sassafrass Laundry Troll 1173446
7. General Penor Unrelenting Organisms Elf 986870
8. Mr. Foreplay Obsidian Halfling 887523
9. Mr. Spanky Obsidian Troll 868539
10. Mr. Frylock Aqua Teen Legacy Force Troll 862910
11. Mr. Master Shake Aqua Teen Legacy Force Troll 760243
12. Sir Frederick Trilateral waste removal unit Troll 713207
13. Mr. Incorruptible Politician Trilateral waste removal unit Troll 671671
14. Mr. Fabio Obsidian Troll 642654
15. Mr. Rhade United Empires of Fantasia Dwarf 585817
16. Mr. Ratamahata Knights of NI Dwarf 472613
17. Daimyo Dingo Evolution Troll 466487
18. Mr. Marijuana Incurable Love Elf 437487
19. Lord Drakos Brotherhood of the Wolf Elf 392771
20. Wolflord Karac Brotherhood of the Wolf Human 335301
21. Lord Cali Knights of NI Orc 289596
22. Mr. Fajardo Evolution Troll 288071
23. Ms. Topogigio Flames Troll 202369
24. Mr. Walker Brotherhood of the Wolf Troll 183709
25. Mr. Saya Incurable Love Dwarf 174596
26. Duchess Ginger Rogers Valar Elf 161066
27. Mr. White Corporate Human 148589
28. Lord Efrandor Heaven Human 135013
29. Sir Fafnir Flames Elf 127705
30. Mr. Fatcakes Corporate Troll 111644
31. Lord Corothius Evolution Elf 110666
32. Mr. Achilleus Yob Patrol Dwarf 104993
33. Mr. Crissxcross Yob Patrol Halfling 104054
34. Mr. Trockmock TheWikings Troll 91939
35. Mr. Blackwell Black Empire Human 85615
36. Sir Dark Mielo Black Empire Human 64440
37. Mr. Woopie Shiftness Dwarf 57520
38. Lady Spooky Corporate Elf 50718
39. Mr. Sfd Knights of NI Human 47880
40. Mr. Meatwad Aqua Teen Legacy Force Troll 34956
41. Mr. Fourteen Little Saints Human 16522
42. Mr. Trulls TheWikings Troll 16414
43. Duke Carrothian Valar Troll 14523
44. Sir Jonny Bacardi The Enlightend Freedom Fighters Orc 10795
45. Mr. Fudido Flames Dwarf 9157
46. Prince Fred Astaire Valar Halfling 3768
47. Mr. Ghaarok Freedom Fighters Orc 3183
48. High Lord Kland Red Hand Troll 2542
49. Dreadlord Valar Troll 1187
50. Mr. Drenthinio Shiftness Dwarf 388
51. Crazy Xuaron Shiftness Dwarf 364
52. Prince Togglo Heaven Halfling 136
53. Mr. Aloysius Rebirth United Empires of Fantasia Dwarf 55
54. Mr. Scientist Freedom Fighters Elf 52
55. Mr. Jose Clemente Orozco Troll 39
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