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Any special moments
19:44:54 Jun 5th 13 - Mr. Dragon Tamer:

This is a strategy game, all about using the right tactic, making the right choices, hitting the enemy where it hurts, making the best out of what you have. So I wanted to ask, are there any special moments in VU that are remembered among the people as great strategy, something someone or some kingdom did to get the win? 

Were there moments when one or two guys alone killed numerous enemies, destroyed entire kingdoms? Is there remembered only in the kingdom that the tactic was used, or is there some kind of Hall of Fame on forums where such battles and tactics can be shown and explained? 

Were there moments when a kingdom was about to fall, and then some guy manages to sneak armies around the enemy and hit them in the back? But I mean moments that are famous that many people actually know of? Not just the guy who did that...

Maybe someone found out about a tactic that the enemy will use and then made a trap for them? I keep hearing that now the game is just about who can make a larger army quicker and its all about brute force. Please correct me on this with examples.

19:55:19 Jun 5th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

*And cue the Binh moments

20:00:08 Jun 5th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Conspyre):

I remember Gladiator with his Dendarii KD beating kingdoms while being outnumbered about 5:1 (a guess, it's a long time ago).
Idk how well-known it is though, and Idk how remarkable it is either, since it wasn't on Fant. I think.

20:17:18 Jun 5th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Tactics, coordination and planning is a must for top kds, but you need brute force most of the time to make it all work in the end.

02:52:49 Jun 6th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh Bad Orc):

And activity. All plans go to ruin without the proper activity needed to execute it. Unless it's a "farming" tactic :D

04:17:48 Jun 6th 13 - Ms. Nicolepwn:

pls don't insult farming tactics thx.

07:26:28 Jun 6th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Lol :P yeah activity is important as well, donīt need to be on 24/7 tho but if your on when needed and regularly it will carryt you pretty far :)

08:09:26 Jun 6th 13 - Pure (Mr. Zergling):

Era of Agent Smith.

09:24:40 Jun 6th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

Oh I bet Lew remembers that one 'till the end of the days. :D

11:01:02 Jun 6th 13 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Alpha And Omega):

Some great strategy (and great moments) from my memory banks:

1) Crissxcross and Gladiator destroying Dark Blood.

2) TBL destroying Juicy.

3) Fate single-handedly destroying Revelation and Phi, two kingdoms totalling 190% Fate's power, in one of the enjoined maps era.

4) Trogdar Liech, Noa, Yarlin, Adakis and Path going Archon on any enemy kingdom they encouter - Trogdar and Adakis usually bellowing "Destroy... Annihalate... Obliterate.... Eliminate..." - and pulling it off easily.

5) Binh - discovering and implementing large number of advents with high XP strategy.

6) Raistlin feeding on kingdomates for the win multiple times and then claiming he won legitimately.

7) Dark Blood and Legacy employing psychological warfare to grind down the minds and resolve of its enemies on the forums by having renowned flamers like the Quiet One, Raistlin, Cobra, Wilberforce and Swifty post often, disparaging enemies and their tactics. Most of the time, it works against the weaker willed. However, when it backfires, it backfires spectacularly.

13:04:28 Jun 6th 13 - Zond (General of Chade And Tbl):

Special Moment i remember is when Me and Hanky land on fant and try to see whos better halfer. Legend then landed with us, as well as Ford (who did nothing and quit), then a friend of mine. We were fighting MAD and some other KD, also fighting Kingdom Hearts and destroyed them. 

We had formed a kd, and what turned into Hex. Was fun until Hanky went inactive. :)

Also remember when on a lower world (Nirvana i think) where i cast lots dragons and got Warlock so much exp he killed 2 kds that were fighting each other. Both got mad and flamed us. One is what is now mostly Valor players, the other i cant remember. was good times :D

Oh almost forgot the times of Elements.. dont need see more about that. 

01:31:34 Jun 7th 13 - SFD (Mr. Dfs):

the best momment i can remember is,
in my second or 3rd era, i had a good amount of swordies (as dwarf) and i found a guy on the map,i asked i think it was satan, in sol invictus io fi could go and attack him, he said he is farming i should leave it.
so i didnt, i went to him attacked him and he killed my army easy, he later ravaged the map to the point that Sol invictus and GOTF were shittin it off him alone so both KD made a CF/NAP with him i cant remember........ after all that, it turns out the guy i attacked was bling/pimp or whatever he is known as :S
and we all lived happily ever after (untyill the other worlds opend)

11:57:22 Jun 9th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

I remember ALMOST winning an era in Zetamania once... ONCE.

Thanks Zond thanks.

12:03:57 Jun 9th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

 I remember when RVL got getting kicked out of i think starta, by PKS and PHI. we snuck over to nirv, rebuilt and came back and totally wiped both of them out. was an awesome era

15:46:31 Jun 9th 13 - Princess Aisha:

One of the most memorable moment of my VU experience was when the worlds were joined all together in one giant map. I was playing with this great bunch of people in kingdom called Rebirth. Those were the times, when you had to worry about other worlds, had to make sure all sides of your kingdom core are secure, you had to put people for defense on all sides.

Rebirth was a strong kingdom then, on the world where we started, we quickly took over dominated and took over everything, and then we started moving to the east slowly, attacking one of the veteran kingdoms. I remember later they said we attacked them in the back while they were fighting someone else. But like I said, on joined worlds you had to watch all sides of your map, it was just that easy to die. We ran over the defenses of that kingdom, took their core really quickly.

As we wanted to keep moving east, I had been checking the maps, the highscore armies, what other kingdoms were doing. I noticed bunch of armies switching from one map to another, I remembered the army names and just kept checking by the hour. One kingdom (I cant remember the name) was not fighting anyone and I was concerned what they are doing, we knew where they were on the map, and I noticed their armies moving toward us. In the joined maps, you had to switch from map to map to reach the enemy on far away map.

That era I noticed their attack 2 rl days before they reached us. At the beginning I was just cautious and told one of our guys to stay and watch south. He build up guard towers so we can watch whats going on down south, while few others kept moving. After that I pretty much was sure whats going on, so I screamed at them all to turn back, and so they did, we stopped advancing east and went back to defend the core, we settled armories down south from our core.

On the dawn of the third day, we noticed many armies, groups of armies, 100k and 500k armies coming to attack us, they started to flame us on the forums how they surprised us. But they did not know that we were all waiting in the armories that we prepared for them. All their armies were kicked back or slaughtered. For me, that was maybe the most enjoyable era I have ever played in Visual Utopia.

16:16:20 Jun 9th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

i had alot of special moments with Ezatious

17:43:23 Jun 9th 13 - Zond (General of Chade And Tbl):

My special moments are those eras when i receive(d) 400+ messages and send the same or more out.  :) 

18:57:17 Jun 9th 13 - Azaruc (Mr. Azaruc The Brave):

The moment I became Duke through roleplaying.

And then later the moment I wanted to play again but my account was deleted for inactivity :( So now I'm Mr. Azaruc again ^^

19:33:16 Jun 9th 13 - Princess Aisha:

That moment when you realize that your message is being used as role model for others to follow regarding getting role play points. And realizing later that you are among the first people in VU to get Princess title only by using role play, later bunch of people bought the title, and now VU is full of such titles. But back then, it was fun to be among the very few that had the Princess title. 

  • 07:11:00 Sep 22nd 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

    I wrote this message to Duchess Jasmina last era in order to help her earn points

    You (8/1/2009 2:25:43 PM)
    Duchess Jasmina,  <---Opening(mandatory)
    I was busy inspecting the walls of my defensive fortress when a messenger handed me a message from you. It seemed that you wished to know about the situation of the kingdom of Hot Inactive Veterans within the realm of Fantasia, and I thought that I would be happy to tell you about everything. 
    Early on, we began our war with the kingdom of Foundation. Things immediately began going wrong with Demonic Shezmu lost his city guarding one of the valleys and enemy armies began flowing through. Cities were hit by small groups of raiders that laid siege before being fended off, but every wave of enemies grew stronger and more dangerous. Our only ally, the kingdom of Chocolate, was having internal problems and they were not sending aid to our front as we desperately needed. Weeks passed and cities began falling to the growing strength and numbers of the kingdom of Foundation until things seemed lost. Lord Binh did all that he could, but without enough soldiers to support him, fell as well and we began retreating southeast away from the fighting. My own forces continue to harass and punish the Foundation armies that continued flowing into our area until Lady Strawberry Mzzlkshake distracted me with messages of romance and love until she had breached my walls and took me prisoner for her own pleasure. 
    I was trapped within my own castle for days at her mercy, which was not bad now that I think about it, but still I wished to aid my own kingdom. Several prisoners and I made a daring escape and we hoisted the good Lady's undergarments upon the ramparts of the castle before racing southeast as well. 
    I am afraid that I am growing low on ink, so I will send you the rest with another messenger.
    Signed,            <---Closing(mandatory)
    Charley Deallus,
    King of Tasidian


    Now, if you just ignore all of the content of the message, you can read it if you really want, but you can notice the text I put in red.  

    The part marked "opening" is where you want to identify who you are writing to.  It can be anything from "My friend, Members of Hot Inactive Veterans, Prince Cidellus, Residents of the Asylum, etc" but you should identify who you are writing to.  

    The closing in includes(in my example) Signed, Charley Deallus, King of Tasidian.  It ends the letter.  It can include anything from "Signed, Sincerely, Good Luck, Best Wishes, Love, etc" but you need something.  Then you put your name and maybe even a title(Viceroy of Revelation, Director of the Asylum, Prince of Cidel, etc).

    If anyone has any questions, PLEASE message me or mention them here.  You do not have to copy everything I have shown, but it gives you a rough idea of the layout.

    Another Example

    Duchess Medusa (8/1/2009 2:38:05 PM)GOODBAD
    Dear friend Charley Deallus,
    I am happy to hear from you once again, it has been a while since we met last time... Our paths led us to different Kingdoms this time, I am currently in the might Kingdom of Rebirth in the realm of Valhalla. There was really no danger in this world, easily we took the entire world with a help of our allies and now we are advancing down south to the realm of Starta. The plan was to launch a surprise attack on the large Starta Alliance consisting of 3 Kingdoms with over seventy members with large armies. The plan was a failure because most of the Kingdom was really slow and nobody had armies to support me when I attacked. However, my Troll armies managed to take over 5 enemy cities and cripple at least five large enemy armies. But then enemy reinforcements came and I was surrounded from three sides, enemies attacked but using tactics, magic and raw force I managed to break every attack. It was then when the reinforcements came and now we have twenty large armies against them and the enemy is retreating fast leaving their income cities. I have fought hard to keep the enemy down and now my friends came and took all income cities and did not even liberate ones that were mine. So I must say that with a large disappointment in my Kingdom I am sending you this message... Hope you will do well against your enemies and that you will not have to deal with what I am dealing

    Your friend,
    Duchess Jasmina

20:28:33 Jun 9th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

General of Chade And Tbl


02:43:23 Jun 10th 13
My special moments are those eras when i receive(d) 400+ messages and send the same or more out.  :) 
I used to get 800-1000 messages every era. In era 26 I got about 1300.

21:12:22 Jun 9th 13 - Zond (General of Chade And Tbl):

me too. still have most. but the best were 400 + hence the + :P

23:31:01 Jun 9th 13 - Stormy (Lady Tassadar):

that special moment when the game's creator makes major updates....

oh wait, nvm, wrong game.

23:31:50 Jun 9th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

haha XD

16:48:11 Sep 11th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Wiping out a horde with 3 gaia

17:15:55 Sep 11th 17 - Mr. Bane:

Spawning on top of a mountain, or in a forest.

20:36:10 Sep 15th 17 - Stormy (Lord Chades Bff):

The era this one noob trash talked about killing me (I was the mage) and marched at me with 24k nazzies AND NO MAGES... needless to say rof was awesome

05:41:17 Nov 19th 17 - Mr. Kosss:

my most memorable had to be when i was with AOA  mantras age 2 i think? its the highest ive ever gotten on the board by miles 

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